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Peace Now Fisking

It’s time for my first Fisking™ in a long time…and the lucky victims: Cleveland Members of “Americans For Peace Now”

The following letter is from the Feb. 1, 2003 version of the Cleveland Jewish News

The last 26 months have been brutally violent and financially wrenching for Israel

Right…go on…

Ariel Sharon subsequently has requested $12 billion in new military and economic assistance from the U.S. to help Israel grapple with its national trauma.

That’s true…I think it should come out of the PLO’s coffers but continue…..

Yet he is unwilling to stop the flow of money being lavished on Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza

WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! He should not have to stop money going to the Jews living in Yesha. They’re citizens just like the rest of the state.

We support the annual U.S. aid package to Israel as necessary for bolstering Israeli defenses and helping to nurture its economic development. We also recognize that Israel’s economy has taken a severe beating over the past few years. Further, Israel has been forced to spend more on security in order to respond to horrific terrorist attacks

Could these Peace Now people actually be starting a new trend….telling the facts??? But wait, what helped facilitate these attacks? The OSLO ACCORDS which you appeasers support and love.

For these reasons, Israel’s request for additional military aid should be granted. Its request for new economic aid in the form of loan guarantees should be granted, too.

Correct again…..I still say it should come from the PLO and Terrorfat’s swiss fund.

But the U.S. should condition these guarantees on Israel finally stopping settlement expansion, which could help create a political way out of the violence and boost Israel’s economy.

Why should Israel have to stop natural population growth? Why can’t Jews live on their biblical homeland? Why can’t they build and cultivate untouched, unused land??? How will your “stopping settlement expansion” help things at all? It won’t make any political inroads…it’s conceeding to terrorism–which is a big NO!! Also, by curbing natural expansion and growth, you’re reducing PROFITS and CAPITAL–and further hurting the econonomy! Let me guess…next you liberals want to raise taxes?

Specifically, before any of the loan guarantees are provided, Israel must be made to certify that: none of this money will be spent in the West Bank and Gaza;


absolute freeze will be placed immediately on all new settlement development, including “natural growth

NO! (What’s with the quotes around the words ‘natural growth’….don’t you understand the ways of nature?

all settlement sites in the West Bank recently established will be dismantled within 90 days of the first disbursement of new economic aid.

NO AGAIN! What’s so hard about this people! What if we demolish all illegal “palestinian” houses build in the last 90+ days? That’s a better idea. These houses, you want to destroy are legal—and I think what you want to do is what you call “ethnic cleansing”

Any current Israeli settlement expenditures, aside from those that are security related, should be deducted from the total amount of the loan guarantees

WRONG AGAIN! NOTHING SHOULD BE DEDUCTED! These “Settlements” are also a base of security. How long have you been in the Ostrich brigade you people?

Finally, 20% of the loan guarantees should be set aside and made available solely to fund construction inside the Green Line to help house settlers wishing to relocate to Israel.

News flash Peace Now people—people don’t want to live on the other side of the Green Line. Plus there is more open space in Yesha.

A recent Peace Now survey

I’m gonna pre-empt this next comment by simply pointing out the obvious BIAS in this “survey”. IMRA has successfully Fisked these “surveys” on multiple occasions.

the vast majority of settlers went to the territories for a better quality of life. Government spending on subsidies, tax benefits, and a network of bypass roads make it much cheaper for Israelis to live in the territories than to live in Israel proper.

A better quality of life! What’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t Israelis be entitled to that? And less taxes–even better! It’s an ideal oppertunity. And where is this “Israel Proper’ you speak of? I only know of one Israel–with borders from the Jordan to the Mediterranian, to Mt. Hermon in the north, and Eilat in the south. YESHA IS ISRAEL! And who are these “settlers”? These people are Israeli Jews.

Unless Israel finds a way to leave the West Bank and Gaza, Israel will find it impossible to maintain itself as both a Jewish and a democratic state

Sorry to rain on your parade; but us Jews aren’t leaving. We’ve been there since Joshua led the people into Israel and defeated the nations who were there. This is our homeland. Heaven forbid, if we left Yesha, we would be hurting ourselves as a Jewish state. We’d be surrendering Ma’arat HaMachpela, Kever Yosef, Kever Rachel, and according to Peace Now’s terms–we’d be giving up part of Yerushalaim and the Kotel. THAT’S UNACCEPTABLE. THAT WOULD HARM THE JEWISH NATURE OF THE STATE. Israel is also the only democratic state in the region–try again. Peace now idiotarians–once again, you lose.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Shul–where I’ll be praying for ISRAEL.

Another Smoking Gun

President Bush Obtains Another Smoking Gun Disclosing Iraqi-Based Non-Conventional Terror: “Abul Abbas Ordered Me to Spread Poison in the Sea of Galilee or in the National Water Carrier” – Semadar Peri

In mid-February 2001, Muhammad Farouk Abu Rub, a Palestinian intelligence officer, traveled to Iraq with two young men whom he recruited for a military camp in Iraq. The three were taken from the lobby of the Kasser Andalos Hotel in Baghdad by Bassam Abu Shakra, deputy head of the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), for an hour and a half car ride to the “Al Quds” military camp, where Palestinians are trained along with Iraqi soldiers.

The Baghdad-based PLF, headed by Abul Abbas, was responsible for hijacking the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985, and murdering American-Jewish passenger Leon Klinghoffer. Abul Abbas was recently in Cairo for Palestinian negotiations under the auspices of Egyptian intelligence, but when the U.S. sought his extradition from Egypt, he disappeared. (JCPA/Yediot Ahronot)

What are we waiting for??? Let’s get the bastards already!

Anti-Idiotarianism on C-Span

(courtest of LGF):

This Saturday, Feb. 1, 2003, at the CPAC annual conference:

3PM on C-Span.

“Islam: Religion of Peace?”



DANIEL PIPES–Middle East Forum

SERGE TRIFKOVIC–Author: “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam”


WorldNetDaily’s Press Release
LGF Article

It’s an Idiotarian’s nightmare!

Would anyone like to tape this for their nice Jewish friend? Please! 🙂

Blog Rollin’

If you notice on the left, I’ve started a BlogRoll, and have provided links to some of my frequent reads. All are anti-idiotarian (of course). Note: it is a work in progress.


I’m having my first cup of Coffee from my suite’s new coffee maker. Not a bad brew…

As promised last night, here are some quotes for O’reilly about the SOTU (intertwined with some commentary):

Here’s some No Spin data for you: According to a CBS [News] snap poll, 67 percent of Americans believe President Bush has made a convincing case against Saddam Hussein. That’s up 20 points and reflects the success of the State of the Union address.

There’s no question the president’s speech persuaded millions of Americans that military action is now justified in removing Saddam.

Great News! Now lets go take out Saddam already!

But the majority of Americans can be persuaded by logical arguments, and that’s what President Bush did last night. He was very logical.

It’s ashame that a large segment of those Americans that can’t be persuaded by logical arguments seem to go to Brandeis.

In 1998, Saddam Hussein had various weapons of destruction. In 2003, he won’t say what happened to those weapons. That’s it, that’s the logic. So Mr. Bush connects the dots and believes we can’t let this vicious dictator remain in power if he may have anthrax, smallpox, and other almost impossible to trace weapons.

The primary obligation of all Americans is to protect their families, and I don’t want Saddam Hussein to hand a suitcase full of anthrax to some terrorist, which is entirely possible, since he will not account for the anthrax he once had.

So if President Bush is going to remove Saddam Hussein from power, I’m going to support that because I have an obligation to protect my family. I think most Americans see it that way. They reject the argument of no smoking gun because the argument of Iraqi danger is more threatening. It’s simple as that.

That’s self explanitory.

Mr. Bush won big last night.


More SOTU Commentary

So apparently Ted Kennedy (D-MA) was ASLEEP during the SOTU. Now Sen. Kennedy isn’t a narcoleptic, so he has no right to fall asleep during such an important address.

Bill O’reilley has also indicated that President Bush delivered a crushing blow to the Democratic party….I’ll add the quotes tomorrow.

And from Rush Limbaugh:
“I thought it was an awesome speech. It transcended ‘this was a great speech’ to ‘this is a great man.’ I loved seeing the Democrats sitting on their hands at the exact wrong moments. They couldn’t have done anything right last night if they wanted to. He just has them boxed in, right where he wants them to be. I’d say, on balance: home run, grand slam.”

The Morning After

I’m still reveling over the State of the Union–it was great. President Bush totally yanked the rug out from under the Democrats…props to his speech writers.

VDH gives a good analysis of the SOTU today.

Today’s must reads include: from Israpunditthere’s a link to a great article at NRO:

The State of Denial: Arab journalists and intellectuals are apologists for terror
(Note There are lots of good pieces today at NRO)

Today at Brandeis is the “Day of Dialogue” about going to war against Iraq. In layman’s terms, it’s an idiotarian “peace-rally”.

Nevertheless, the anti-idiotarians of the campus (College Republicans, Concord-Bridge Magazine and maybe ZaHav) are supossed to have tables there, so I think I’ll stop by and support the anti-idiotarians. Thank goodness for these groups.

But it’s now time to get ready for this afternoons classes.


State of the Union is over….and some democrat is blabbing on in a “response”—something about increasing taxes…he can bite me. I LOVED THE STATE OF THE UNION! It was great! Yes for Tax Cuts! Yes for non-Socialist health care! Yes for the War On Terror! Yes for ending divident taxation! Yes for less reliance on foriegn energy sources (read as Saudi Arabia). Bush has also yanked the AIDS issue from out-under the Democrats…score!

Great Quotes from the address (from VodkaPundit who had “live coverage”)

“We will bring to the Iraqi people food, medicine, supplies, and freedom.”

“We will prevail.”

“If this [Saddam’s Regime] is not evil, then ‘evil’ has no meaning.”

“Trusting in the sanity [?] and restraint of Saddam is Hussein is not a policy and it is not an option.”

“The United States supports their [Iran] aspiration to live in freedom.”

“The course of this nation does not depend on the decisions of others.” (Take that France, Germany)

“We except this responsibility” to defend our citizens and the hopes of mankind.

Prelude to the State of the Union

In israel the Likudnicks are partying again, after Sharon’s inspiring VICTORY speech. The Labor Party’s location….empty (except for the reporters and camera-men broadcasting from there.

Turning to the domestic front President Bush has released some “trial baloons” to the media about the STATE OF THE UNION!!!!
Can these lines rival the momentum that the “Axis of Evil” comment made–you decide?

“Today, the gravest danger in the war on terror…the gravest danger facing America and the world… is outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear, chemical and biological weapons,” Bush says in one passage. “These regimes could use such weapons for blackmail, terror and mass murder. They could also give or sell those weapons to their terrorist allies, who would use them without the least hesitation.” (CNN)

(Note:Read “regimes” as Iraq, Iran, Syria)

Bush Speech: ‘The dictator of Iraq is not disarming. To the contrary, he is deceiving’ (Drudge Report)

Mitzna Concedes

The title says it all. I’m watching the concession speech (while attempting to get some work done) and Mitznah is trying to “rally” the Labor troops…Meanwhile, on split screen, they have former PM Barak sitting there, devoid of reaction. They just showed Peres, who looks beyond shell-shocked. Mitznah is promising not to join/be part of a national unity gov’t. That’s a BIG mistake by Labor. In my opinion, that will not play well with most of the Israeli public.

Now Barak is delivering some commentary. One priceless quote: “Arafat is a terrorist”.

And for today’s entertainment, Norway’s Air Force dropped its first bomb in 60 years!

Arik Rosh Memshelet Yisrael–Arik Prime Minister of Israel

Well, the polls are closed, so now its safe to say that Sharon has been re-elected as Prime Minister of Israel. The Israeli Network is showing Arutz 10’s broadcast of the election covverage, and they’re talking with people over at Labor—what a mundane scene. A few people are holding up signs, but otherwise, there just seems to be awe amongst the attendees.

Contrast this with the photos from the Likud HQ, where people are dancing, celebrating, kissing and displaying posters of Sharon, singing…and just celebrating. (What else would you expect them to be doing?)

Fox News was also showing some scenes of the victory celebrations from the Likud HQ in Tel Aviv.

Now it’s time for the waiting game….to see how many mandates each party gets, and then we’ll see how Sharon builds a coalition.

Israeli Elections–Part I and More Great Quotes

The polls in Israel are about to close as I type this…and from the reports I’ve been reading, there aren’t that many people voting this year. That Israeli Network is broadcasting live, and they just showed a great shot of the Azrieli Towers (Tel Aviv) on which there is a scoreboard like clock counting down the minutes in the election (The polls close at 10PM Israel Time–3PM EST). They’ve just showed Likud campaign HQ in Tel Aviv, and they’re going nutz with joy. Now they’re showing Labor’s HQ, and it’s quite a contrast. This is likely gonna be Labor’s biggest upset since being voted out of power for the first time in 1977.

I’m anxious to see the results of the Israeli elections, and I’ll likely be blogging more about ’em.

I came across an interesting piece by Bill O’reilly today. I don’t always agree with Mr. O’reilly, but this time his “Talking Points Memo” was right on the mark. It’s titled Un-American Statements in a Time of War. Let me give some quotes from it:

In a two-page advertisement in The New York Times today, a group calling itself, “Not In Our Name” criticizes the war on terror and the impending action against Saddam Hussein.

When I read that, I couldn’t believe it. This guy is comparing the slaughter of American civilians on 9/11 to the first Gulf War, where Saddam Hussein was defeated after invading Kuwait, and to the removal of Manuel Noriega, who had turned the country of Panama into a drug distribution cartel

The Not In Our Name group apparently sees America as the brutal oppressor. And I think this opinion is un-American in time of war.

Now, the usual left wing suspects signed the ad. People like Ramsey Clark, Jesse Jackson, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Al Sharpton and Congressman Jim McDermott. On the show biz side, Susan Sarandon but not her partner Tim Robbins, signed it, as did Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, Joan and John Cusack and Sandy Duncan, of all people.

The ad states that America has no moral right to remove terrorists, because we ourselves our terrorists. This is dishonest, disgusting and un-American, period.

UPDATE:As I go to post this, the elections are now officially over in Israel. I’ll post a link to the results when they become available.


From the latest issue of the Justice (Brandeis’s official school newspaper), comes this letter:

Letter: Key link missed in article

To the Editor:

This is in regards to the article “Students rally against war,” printed d on Jan. 21.

This article might have been more informative had it mentioned that the chief group organizing the event was Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (A.N.S.W.E.R.) Michael Kelly ‘s column ( and on the march and the significant split in the U.S. liberal movement fills in the missing details: “The marches in Washington and San Francisco were chiefly sponsored, as was last October ‘s anti-war march in Washington, by a group the (New York) Times chose to call in its only passing reference ‘the activist group International Answer. ‘ International ANSWER is a front group for the Communist Workers World Party. The Workers World Party is, literally, a Stalinist organization. It rose out of a split within the old Socialist Workers Party over the Soviet Union ‘s 1956 invasion of Hungary — the breakaway Workers World Party was all for the invasion.”

“International ANSWER today unquestioningly supports any despotic regime that lays any claim to socialism, or simply to anti-Americanism. It supported the butchers of Beijing after the slaughter of Tiananmen Square. It supports Saddam Hussein and his Baathist torture-state. It supports the last official Stalinist state, North Korea, in the mass starvation of its citizens. It supported Slobodan Milosevic after the massacre at Srebrenica. It supports the mullahs of Iran, and the narco-gangsters of Colombia and the bus-bombers of Hamas,” Kelly wrote.

Is this the type of group that Brandeis students wish to work with today? I realize that the Brandeis contingent was very small. However, even one person associated with my alma mater, who would join with a group like A.N.S.W.E.R. causes me grave concern. I certainly hope that the Justice ‘s reporters will dig a little harder to tell your readers more about these events.

— Barry H. Bloch ’82

Kudos to Mr. Bloch! Thank you for helping illustrate the school motto of “Truth unto its inner most parts”

Fun Stuff

Last night was the first Lacrosse practice of the season….good stuff (despite the fact that most
of us are out of shape).

Today looks like a day full of busy-work for me, so perhaps I’ll post here every so often to procrastinate
take a break from my work.

I also hope to start compiling/adding a list of links on the left-hand side of my blog. I’ll share my list of daily reads, news sources, etc.

Hopefully the Free Press has arrived on campus (from the printer)…be sure to pick up a copy! And read page 3–it’s all my work!

Don’t forget–STATE OF THE UNION–TONIGHT 9PM! I’m psyched for it! I’m thinking that major tax cuts are gonna be unveiled!

Israeli Elections

Today Israelis go to the polls to elect the 16th Kinesset.
Sharon will remain Prime Minister, and his Likud Party is expected to earn around 30 seats (out of 120 total)
What will be more interesting though is to see how he gathers the 61-seat coalition he needs to govern.
The Labor party, under Mitzna has shot itself in the foot…big time. For the first time in Israel’s history, they
run the risk of not being the 1st or 2nd place party (Note: Labor had the most mandates from ’48-’77).

And in other news…I’d like to share my sentiments about France…a country that’s best described by the French word Merde

This evening President Bush will be delivering the State of the Union (hooray!) More on that later.
But for your viewing entertainment, here are instructions on how to make the State of the Union more interesting

Last but not least, everyone should see the rude nature of the idiotarian anti-war protesters. How dare they deface a 9-11 memorial! Shame on whomever did this! Shame on you!