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It’s raining outside and as such it’s very yucky…..I just finished reading an uber-boring 13 page neuro article, and now I’m stuck procrastinating. I have to choose courses for next fall (already), but I don’t know what to take. Everything that sounds interesting seems to be taught be the hate-Americal iberal professsors ….then tonnight I have to go to the Senate meeting to get UWS chartered…..even more fun….sigh…..back to work

The problems of the Democratic Party

One of the reasons I changed political parties:

From American RealPolitik

Today, three decades later, after a Clintonian interregnum which papered over ideological differences, American liberalism is in the process of dividing again, into the Dick Gephardt liberals and the Dominique de Villepin left… (who) …hate George W. Bush so much they can barely bring themselves to hope America wins the war to which, in their view, the president has illegitimately committed the nation. They hate Don Rumsfeld so much they can’t bear to see his military strategy vindicated. They hate John Ashcroft so much they relish the thought of his Justice Department flubbing the war on terrorism. They hate conservatives with a passion that seems to burn brighter than their love of America, and so, like M. de Villepin, they can barely bring themselves to call for an American victory.

Bill Kristol

I’d suggest reading it all

Saturday Night

Yeah, I”m in this saturday night….boring, I know. I’m just getting some work done…and taking in some basketball (or perhaps some college hockey–BU vs. UNH is on)

So one of my friends went to the “anti-war” rally todayl she said that in the crowd there wern’t to many wierdos (she must have been in the wrong part of the crowd). She said that there were a lot of WWII vets there, and there were a lot of little kid (With their own signs). She also said tha the pro-America demonstraters were simply responded to with a 2-finger peace sign (how lame).

I’m not a big fan ot taking little kids to these types of events. I don’t think that they’re at all aware of what they’re marching against, and I believe that they’re being misled by their ‘rents. As for the WWII vets, I take my hat off to them for their prior service to this nation. However, I don’t know why they are protesting this war…true, they have seen the evils of war first hand, but do they want us to suffer another Pearl Harbor? I believe that their prior experiences have clouded their ideas, but I still would like to thank ’em for serving our nation.

I also hate how so many in the “Anti-war” crowd say that they support our troops. It seems like such a lie.These people have no respect for people in uniform (unlike us anti-idiotarians), they want to CUT DEFENSE SPENDING (a la Bill Clinton), ban ROTC programs from college campuses (e.g. Harvard), etc. It’s a catchy media byte I think. Thinking about some of these leftists (like the columbia professor) make me angry…..and I just came across this quote in today’s Boston Globe, which makes me hate intellectuals even more:

dozens of South Boston residents turned up in the streets on Thursday to wave flags in support of the war. And some antiwar activists said this week that they still sense a divide between the city’s intellectual elite and its working-class population.

”We’re more upper-class,” said Dan Kantoff of Brighton, an activist with the group Food Not Bombs. ”The more educated you are, the more you’re going to see, the more you’re going to be aware of what’s going on.”

Talk about elitist arrogance……I can’t say anything else about it…

Speaking of angry, here’s another rant (you’ll have to forgive me, but the last topic changed my mood)…all those criticizing that the “war is going so slow”…you should all shut up. It’s only been 10 days…Gulf War I included 40 some days of bombing then a few days of a ground war. Our troops are making damn good progress towards Baghdad. We could siege if if we wanted to, but we would rather avoid more US casualties and innocent Iraqi casualties. That’s why it looks like we’re waiting for the 4th Infantry to arrive on shore and get onto land. Apparently this is a very technologically advanced division, which means it’s also potentially very lethal (to the enemy). We’ve also just created “Bush Airport” in Northern Iraq, so we have C-130s flying in with equipment and troops.

The 101st Airborne (heroes of D-Day, battle of the Bulge…) is also now in the country, and it’s flying missions and slicing n’ dicing the “Republican Guard” . It’s flying missions and taking out tanks, artillary and communications, softening these terrorist thugs for a rout by the US in the ground war. We’re also building up our resources, so then we’ll see some more “shock and awe”….just be patient, and the media should know better….wars are usually time consuming (w/ the exception of the Six Day War in ’67)….and since we actually value human life (on both sides) we’re taking the extra measure to ensure fewer casualties. Baghdad Delenda Est…and G-d bless and protect our troops

Reagarding the War on Terror, this FBI bulletin is sort of eerie, as a wanted (suspected female Al-queda operative) studied Neuroscience here at Brandeis….too close to home if you ask me…

Okay, that’s a lot of typing….I’m off to find a bite to eat….

Next Up: Syria

What have I always said? Don’t mess with RUMMY!
As Rummy said today:

WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld warned Syria on Friday to stop sending military equipment to Iraqi forces, a charge that Mideast nation called “absolutely unfounded.”

Rumsfeld said he had “information that shipments of military supplies have been crossing the border from Syria into Iraq, including night vision goggles.”

“We consider such trafficking as hostile acts and will hold the Syrian government accountable for such shipments,” he told a Pentagon press conference. [more]

Hey Assad–the game is over—-you’re next!


The following is a Public Service Announcement:

There is a fifth column, anti-war, peace, anti-Israel, anti-Bush, anti-America march/rally tomorrow (Sat) in downtown Boston (Boston Commons to be exact).

I will not be attending this rally (as a pro-American, pro-Israel counter -demonstrator) as it is my Sabbath. However if any true patriots are planning to attend, don’t forget to pack your ClueBats! You’ll definitely need ’em!

Update: Don’t forget some good pro-American protest gear! Check out Protest Warrior and Below The Fold’s store

New Poll Data

Fox News has some new polling data that’ll make idiotarians and knee jerk liberals everywhere begin to cry: Some sample results:

78 percent of Americans support (66 percent “strongly” support) taking action to disarm Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power and 18 percent oppose. Earlier this month support for action was at 71 percent (54 percent “strongly” supported) with 20 percent opposed

President Bush’s job approval rating is up to 66% from 60% last week; and the dissaproval dropped from 32% to 24%

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has a 71% job approval raitng!

and 63% have an unfavorable opinion of pro-Saddam anti-war protesters; with only 23% favorable and 14% not sure

I like all these good poll results…however, I must admit, since when are polls taken about the SECDEF’s job approval? I think Rummy deserved higher than 71%, but that’s just personal opinion….

Al-Queda/Saddam Link

Breaking news from Drudge:

Al-Queda Forces fighting with Iraqis

Near Basra, Iraq: British military interrogators claim captured Iraqi soldiers have told them that al-Qaeda terrorists are fighting on the side of Saddam Hussein’s forces against allied troops near Basra.

At least a dozen members of Osama bin Laden’s network are in the town of Az Zubayr where they are coordinating grenade and gun attacks on coalition positions, according to the Iraqi prisoners of war.

It was believed that last night (Thursday) British forces were preparing a military strike on the base where the al-Qaeda unit was understood to be holed up.

A senior British military source inside Iraq said: “The information we have received from PoWs today is that an al-Qaeda cell may be operating in Az Zubayr. There are possibly around a dozen of them and that is obviously a matter of concern to us.”

If terrorists are found, it would be the first proof of a direct link between Saddam’s regime and Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 11 September attacks on New York and Washington.

The connection would give credibility to the argument that Tony Blair used to justify war against Saddam – a “nightmare scenario” in which he might eventually pass weapons of mass destruction to terrorists.

If this is true, I want to go laugh at Gordie

Coult it be

On the Left Coast the anti-war pro-Saddam communist protesters are gonna have to pay up for their vandalism and waste of money that working people earn:

Good news from the People’s Republk of San Fransisco:

A San Francisco supervisor said Wednesday that the district attorney’s office may issue fines against the organizers of last week’s anti-war protests that resulted in over 2,000 arrests and millions of dollars being paid for police overtime and for other city services.

Supervisor Tony Hall said the city was “fed up” with mass ‘direct action’ demonstrations like the ones last week that brought business to a near halt in downtown San Francisco.

“I think there is no question about it, people on all sides of the war are really fed up with people coming into our city and using the good nature of St. Francis against us,” Hall said. “They are causing up to $900,000 a day costs — in arrests, stopping business, breaking windows, stopping seniors from crossing the street — it doesn’t fly anymore.”

“I also think the organizers of these protests that result in cost to the city, they should be asked to pick up part of these costs just like anybody else who needs a permit to (stage a) parade or demonstrate for what they want. They (the anti-war protesters) should do the same thing.”

Read the rest of the article

Next up: Syria?

Courtesy of Ha’aretz

Syrian President Bashar Assad was quoted in the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir Thursday as hinting that Syria expects to be the next target of coalition forces

As long as the state of Israel exists, Assad was quoted as saying, Syria remains threatened. He also said there’s no chance that U.S. President George W. Bush’s road map would put an end to the Palestinian intifada.

Good news! The Roadmap won’t work, and Syria is the next target

Downs and Ups

So WPI cancelled our lacrosse game against them for the THIRD time! Argh! Then to make things all the more frustrating, the athletic dept. won’t give us field time to host games here either! This isn’t fair! I think we should call the WPI game a forefit and give ourselves our first win. (we’re only in our second year of having a team)

Now from the downs to the ups…’s Thursday, meaning it’s ANN COULTER DAY hooray! She really takes it to the NY Times this week (even better than she usually does!).

Speaking of thursday, this also means it should be Jeff Jacoby day! However, he wasn’t in the Globe last week (very depressing, no?) Perhaps he was on vacation or something like that..Update: Jacoby is in today’s paper! It’s an excellent piece as well! It’s titled: America The Liberator

Finally, another “up” for the day, 1,000 US paratroopers have landed in N. Iraq and have siezed an airport…which means they’ll be able to bring in heavy weaponry meaning we’ll soon have a northern front. Cheers to the Armed Services!

Arm Chair General Time

So, unlike the liberals at the NYT and on CNN/MSNBC, I actually think we’re making some damn good progress in the Iraq war.
Latest reports say that the Iraqi “Republican Guards” are have left their cities and are heading to the south of the country. What’s this mean?
They’re open and vunerable for attack from the air! My suggestion one nice MOAB….good bye terrorist thugs…. if they’re too close to US troops for a MOAB, perhaps a Daisy cutter?

Update: Iraqi column outside Basra Wrecked — good start, no?

From an Iraqi Faculty Member

Here at Brandeis we’re honored to have Professor Kanan Makiya (NEJS), who is a leading Iraqi dissident and intellectual, and author of the Democratic Principles Working Group report for the State Department’s Future of Iraq Project. He’s keeping a “war diary” over at The New Republic, and it’s a very interesting read. Here’s an excerpt from his most recent entry:

The bombs have begun to fall on Baghdad. Iraqi soldiers have shot their officers and are giving themselves up to the Americans and the British in droves. Others, as in Nasiriyah and Umm Qasr, are fighting back, and civilians have already come under fire. Yet I find myself dismissing contemptuously all the e-mails and phone calls I get from antiwar friends who think they are commiserating with me because “their” country is bombing “mine.” To be sure, I am worried. Like every other Iraqi I know, I have friends and relatives in Baghdad. I am nauseous with anxiety for their safety. But still those bombs are music to my ears. They are like bells tolling for liberation in a country that has been turned into a gigantic concentration camp. One is not supposed to say such things in the kind of liberal, pacifist, and deeply anti-American circles of academia, in which I normally live and work. The truth is jarring even to my own ears.

If you want to understand the perceptual chasm that separates how Iraqis view this second Gulf war from how the rest of the Arab-Muslim world views it–or from how these antiwar elites here in Cambridge or, dare I say, in Turtle Bay or Paris or Berlin view it–then you must begin with the war that has already been waged on the people of Iraq by their own regime. Then you will know, horribly, how the explosion of a JDAM can sound beautiful. For Iraqis, the absence of this new American-led war is not the presence of peace.

I highly recommend reading it in its entirety

Take this You Anti-semetic Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

According to a recent USA Today poll, 64% of Americans have an unfavorable view of the French. And 54% agreed that France is “stabbing the U.S. in the back.”
(courtesy of Pave France)

In the School Paper Again

The latest issue of the Justice is online!

United We Stand gets mentioned in the paper; and I’m quoted (I’m not sure about any pictures of us being printed)

In the letters section, the Justice Editorial board is given a lesson in why you shouldn’t make false accustations about Israel (great work Zahav! Show the idiotarians some Clue!)

Finally,I take Gordie Fellman to task over his false accusations in the last issue of the Justice. (For those not at Brandeis, “gordie” is an uber-liberal, anti-American, anti-Israel communist supporter—many of us don’t like him)

Comments are welcome

Does this mean that they’ve surrendered yet?,,2-2003131896,00.html

Sun hits the chicken ship


COWARDLY French sailors are enjoying a holiday on the Thames — while our brave boys and girls risk their lives to topple Saddam.
Crew of the coastal patrol vessel FS Flamant are unashamedly flying a Tricolour while moored in central London.
So The Sun steamed into action yesterday by blitzing them with white feathers — the coward’s symbol.
We hired a 38ft yacht for our daring assault on the 150ft ship, which is moored next to Tower Bridge.

First, we hoisted up the Red Ensign flag as we left St Katharine’s dock.
Then we circled the ship and shouted to the crew: “We have le feather blanc for you grands poulets.”
We sounded our horn and then moved into position.
As the rattled French seamen looked on in amazement, we bombarded them with the feathers — which showered their deck.
Sailors ran for a hose and sounded the ship’s booming horn to warn us off.
A senior officer wagged his finger and shouted “No, no”.
Then the wet blankets rang the police and asked them to deal with us.
One amused officer told us: “We’ve had a complaint about you from the French warship. Take this as a friendly warning.
They’re very edgy about all this.” [/quote]

Human Shield Idiots

Sounds like some of the so called “Human Shields” may have slowly begun to come to their senses:

I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam Hussein

Here’s a key quote:

Anyone with half a brain must see that Saddam has to be taken out. It is extraordinarily ironic that the anti-war protesters are marching to defend a government which stops its people exercising that freedom.

WIerdest thing is, I went to synagogue when I was younger with someone who has the same name……could it be? I’d hope not…..

What a day

Interesting day today….went to Biostats, learned about probability of dice rolling…came back and slept…ate, went to Hebrew and argued about Iraq, then went to Systems Neuro class—where we watched a video of Brain Dissection. Even though the guy in the video was a monotone, it was quite cool.

And I’ve spent the past two hours trying to help Natanyah with some meshuga project…..damn you bill gates!

To make matters worse, WPI postponed our lacrosse game against ’em for the 2nd straight time….those bastards! However, it isn’t all bad;
as we’re gonna get to have practice outside (for the first time this semester) tomorrow instead…

Off to bed I go…

As usual, the Liberals are wrong

According to some new polling data from the Washington Post .

More than 70% of Americans currently back the president’s decision to go to war, unchanged from the start of the campaign. 71% percent-approve of the way he [Bush] is handling the situation in Iraq, up six percentage points from three days ago and higher than at any time in the past seven months. And Bush’s overall job approval rating was unchanged at 68%.

The survey found 95% of Republicans backing the war with Iraq, including 82% who said they “strongly support” the invasion. In contrast, about 60% of Democrats and political independents currently supported the war, with roughly 40% standing in opposition.

The survey found that the protests at home and abroad have done little to affect public opinion on the war-if anything, they have deepened support among those who already favored using military force against Iraq.

70% said the anti-war rallies have not changed their opinion on the conflict. 20% percent-said the protests have made them more likely to back the war, while 7% said it has increased their opposition to the conflict.

60% agreed that the demonstrations were a sign of a healthy democracy, while fewer than 40% said opponents should not demonstrate against the war because it was better for the country to appear united. Only one in six said such protests should not be permitted.

“I have a hard time seeing people protest the war,” said Ted Stahl, 40, a metalworker who lives in Jasper, Ga. “I don’t have problems with people having the right to voice opinions. But people live in the U.S., a great nation of freedom, and they mock our nation’s freedom and our government.”

Perhaps we should have some professors here at Brandeis read these numbers, abd this article, no?