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Scattered Thoughts

Well, I’ve really got to get back to either: Writing papers or studying/reading endless amounts of neuroscience journal articles, but I need a break, so I’ll blog.

The reports from Israel are indicating that the terrorist bomber last night was a muslim from the UK and that he had an accomplice whose bomb failed to detonate (thank g-d) and who fled the scene (also from the UK). This may add an interesting dimension to things, especially now that the extremely flawed “Roadmap” (which will lead to nowhere) has been released. Bah. That’s all I have to say right now (I don’t have time to articulate my full response to it because of finals).

The story that the Mossad played a role in the rescue of PFC J. Lynch has appeared again, this time over at Arutz-7 (in print)

Again, here’s another example of a waste of judicial resources: Judge Rejects Suit Against Bush Over War . People, can’t you drop this already? Thursday night, 9PM EST, President Bush will be speaking on the USS Abraham Lincoln to announce that the main combat portion of Operation Iraqi Freedom is OVER. Over, done, finish, sof, gamur, fin, terminado…give it a rest!

Iraq is believed to be home to the cradle of civilization (between the Tigris and the Euphraties Rivers), as Abraham was originally from the city of Ur-Kassdim, and possibly the location of the tomb of Gilgamesh (the one from the Epic-but don’t start me on that book, I had a whole class on it). So it’s only fitting that from the home of the world’s first “civilization” comes the return of the world’s oldest profession: Prostitution–yes, it’s back in Iraq.

For a very good laugh today, you’ve gotta read Frank J’s “Career Day” post . Today’s Boondocks is actually very funny too (it’s not political either), and Doonesbury is also funny today too.

In the anti-idiotarian political humor category, Day By Day has done it again, producing another excellent strip! (Everyone should make it a daily read!!!)

Finally, a question for those of you out there….is it just me, or does NYT Columnist (and author) and Brandeis Alum (’75) Thomas Friedman’s piece editorial read a lot like Globe Columnist Jeff Jacoby’s piece (which came 3 days before Thomas’)?
[the first three paragraphs of Thomas’ piece at least].

Okay, must torture myself I mean study neuroscience stuff. Sigh….

Ben & Jerry

So we had the Ben & Jerry event here tonight at Brandeis and I thought it went really well. We had a decent size crowd (30-50 people some estimated) and there was good discussion between Ben (a student) and Jerry (a professor).

I’ll write up a more through analysis of the discussion later, when I have time. There were some great quotes from the debate that are worth sharing.

Speaking of Ben and Jerry, my sister told me that today was “free ice cream cone day” back at the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlor in Cleveland…..what a coincidence…

Tel Aviv Bombing–Update

Tonight, (at least) two innocent Israelis lost their lives (and we hope for no more), with 15 injured at the hands of a palestinian terrorist bomber.

Latest reports (subj. to change) indicate that this was a “joint” Fatah-Hamas act of terror. Don’t forget that Fatah is Terrorfat’s group.

From the reports currently coming out, the security guard on duty jumped the terrorist bomber preventing him from entering the bar, in which his act of murder could have been more deadly. Latest reports from Ha’aretz indicate that the security guard is in serious condition.

May all those who have been murdered be remembered for a blessing, you will not be forgotten, and may all those who were injured undergo a speedy and complete recovery.

Fisking #2

Since that last article was poorly written and gave little to fisk, I’m gonna tackle a letter to the editor and fisk it too.

I was highly disappointed by Rob Siegel’s ’04 article, ” Games resume with America at war,” in the April 8 issue of the Justice. By politicizing the war, through ribbons, flags and pro-war commentary, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), in my view, has warranted criticism.

This guy again, I took him to task over his last letter. Let me dig up the permalink somewhere later. (Sorry, I’m lazy now)

The athletes who have taken a stand against the war, including fellow American Steve Nash of the NBA, are simply using their first amendment rights to freedom of speech in honor of the noble value of peace on earth.

Sure, they can do their thing, and the crowd has every right to boo him. Free speech is a two way street. And we all want peace.

For Geno Auriemma to come out and say that he’d throw any player off the team who expressed dissenting views goes against every principle of the university of which he is an employee and supposed educator.

[Note: Auriemma is the coach of UCONN’s champion women’s hoops team]. He has a right to express his opinion too and to request that his players act in a dignifed manner. But let us look at the real remarks:

“We’ve given people the right to disrespect what this country stands for,” Auriemma told The Courant after UConn’s victory over Notre Dame on Sunday at Gampel Pavilion.

“The flag is a symbol of what we stand for,” he added. “Anybody who does (what Smith has done), they have the right to do it, but to me it’s disrespectful and, as a coach, I would have that right not to have that person on the team. Then they can sue me and say, `You’re denying me my rights.’ “

Auriemma also told the newspaper that he would allow Smith to protest a possible war with Iraq or inequalities in the American system.

Anyone have any problems with what the coach said? He’s an employee of the university–so doesn’t he have a right to do that under “academic freedom”

The goal of a university is to foster a spirit of critical thinking

Is the Liberal definition of Critical thinking to bash all conservatives? to bash the US?

which is in no way unpatriotic, but rather challenges prevailing social norms and assumptions for the ultimate benefit of society

True, it’s not unpatriotic often, but what about social norms that work and that most people like? Huh? This sounds like a call for a communist revolution if you ask me.

It should engender constructive criticism of policies – such as the war against Iraq – which could be considered unjust.

Fair enough, we can be critical–but criticism can’t only be a one way street. There can be criticism against liberals (and liberal ideas) too. And the war isn’t unjust…can’t you people leave it alone already?

Auriemma, in my view, should be reprimanded for his comments and efforts to stifle independent inquiry and dissent among his players

No, he shouldn’t. He didn’t stiffle inquiry by his players–rather he jusrt said that he has expectations for htem when they are in uniform representing their school and team. They have a right to have any opinions that they want, he just wants them to put these aside as they go onto the basketball court–where the focus should be hoops.

As a university student, Siegel should be ashamed for subverting the very ideals and values which his parents are paying for him to learn

Woah! Calm down there buddy. I don’t know Siegel, but what if he likes the norms? How is he subverting these “ideals and values”?- is it because he doesn’t agree with you that he should be ashamed? That’s very petty argument to say the least. What about the “free exchange of ideas” that take place at a university–remember that thing???

allowing blind patriotism to blur his open-mindedness towards dissenting views and concern for the victims of U.S. foreign policy.

What blind patriotism? What if he’s got a grasp on his patriotism—and sees it clearly…huh? He may also very well be open minded, even though he doesn’t agree with you. All of your arguments seem to be working like a boomerang, being thrown out then just returning straight back at you.
And what if Siegel supports US foriegn policy? Huh? And who are the victims you speak of–the Anti-war movement? The people who died because we delayed in taking action?

Perhaps you (letter writer) should take off your blinders and realize that not everyone agrees with you, and that they have the same rights as you to express their opinions, thank you very much.

Time for a fisking

So I had my behavioral neuro final today…and one of the short ans. q’s really bugged me. It had to do with providing evidence to support and refute Chomsky’s idea of a “langage acquisition device”. Now the question wasn’t the hard part. The difficulty came in when I had to keep writing Chumpsky’s name appropriately. It took so much restraint to do so….but alas, I succeeded. All that effort put me in the mood to perform a full frontal fisking…and where better to get material from then the Justice? Note, this week’s issue has 2 police blotters (woo hooo!!)

So the lucky article to be fisked right now is….drumroll…..STEM THE TIDE: Help the liberal cause and vote “Dubya” out
(Note: after fisking this, I realized that this is a very poorly written article in general, so I’m sorry if the fisking is lacking somewhat)

What is so endearing about President George W. Bush is that quite literally anyone can make fun of him.

I don’t know? Any politician can be made fun of.

You don’t need any highfalutin educational foundation — no fancy book-learning. He is truly an equal-opportunity subject of ridicule. It is no secret he did cocaine, was an alcoholic and is not particularly bright. It’s almost too easy.

All polificians are equal subjects for ridicule. Clintoon/”slick willy”…GWB was stupid to do coke, but he learned his lesson at least and he’s straightened out his life, which I respect. Perhaps he can serve as an example to others, no?

This is all very entertaining, but it has not helped the liberal cause as a whole.

It hasn’t? Wasn’t most of the Left’s 2000 campaign just making fun of GWB?

in particular, campus liberals seem to be resorting to knee-jerk, superficial tactics when trying to get across their points regarding Bush.

Wait! Stop the presses! The liberal has come to see the flaws that the rest of us see! This could be a victory for common sense.

As in many other arenas of American political discourse, it has become a contest not of who is right, but of who is more loud, ostentatious and insulting to his adversary.

Huh? What do you mean? It’s the liberals who are loud, ostentatious and insulting….look at all the rallies you people held. Does this mean that you’re admitting that you’re wrong??

When arguments take on this nature, you see figures like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter emerge.

True, when you idiotarians run your mouths spewing who knows what, people are out there who seek to get to the truth. Figures such as the Dean of the EIB insitute for advanced conservative studies–Rush Limbaugh and the very good looking columnist Ann Coulter challenge your arguments with hard facts and proof in order to show the truth.

Campus liberals should not want to head in this direction.

Why? Because they’ll be proven wrong? They can’t handle the truth?

Ignorance is ignorance, regardless of whether it leans to the left or the right.

Wait–are you saying El Rushbo and Ann are ignorant? Shame on you. Okay, true, sometimes they do get a little malicious/extreme, but we’re smart enough to look through it. And why not name some prominant lefties who are ignorant (like ANSWER and folk)

More than ever, we need to temper our passion with knowledge.

That’s a good line. Seriously it is. But it sounds a lot like what Rush says.

agree with Harold Meyerson who wrote in The American Prospect that ” … obtaining Bush’s defeat is an urgent matter of national security — and national honor.”

What the hell? First off, Meyerson is writing in an idiotarian rag. And you’re complaining about ignorance?!?!?
GWB is anything but a threat to national security. We’re damn safer today then we were under Clinton–need proof, look at this piece written today by Monsoor Ijaz

Look what GWB (and the brave men and women of the armed forces) have done to Al-Queda, Saddam and his regime, look at all the terror attacks they’ve stopped. We’re now fighing a war on terror–taking out threats to the nation.

Now explain to me how President Bush is a threat to national security?

And to national honor? What are you talking about? He has very high approval ratings (70%+)!

Our country will not become a fairer, more open-minded place while we have our current president.

Idiotarian soundbite….just move on….

But this cause – getting him out of office – cannot become merely a showcase for our catchy slogans or our knowledge of the words he mispronounced or misused

FOUR MORE YEARS!!!! BUSH in 2004!!!!

Rallies are fun, chants are fun, and vitriolic, self-righteous indignation is fun. But none of these will fetch us a new president. We must educate ourselves.

Must stop laughing. Rallies are fun? Don’t you mean riots and marches with commies, anti-semites, biggots and pro-Saddam people (among others)?
Perhaps you idiotarians should look at the facts?

Like your beloved slogan “No Blood for Oil”–this war isn’t about oil! Educate yourselves about that. But if we do get oil from the war, I’m sure LC Victor wouldn’t mind some of it for his new SUV (I had to get that in somewhere).

For every rally we attend and for every placard we make, we should put an equal amount of time into learning why Bush’s economic plan failed 20 years ago

What’s wrong with Bush’s economic plan? The fact that it stimulates the economy, and makes society better–thus giving the liberals one less thing to complain about? You mean the economic plan which was put into place by President Reagan–which is the reason we had such a successful economy in the 90s? Need more proof that tax cuts work–look here

or exactly how he is trying to undermine environmental regulations

What are you talking about? I’m confused? Is this some complaint about the Kyoto protocol that was bad for our economy?

Large gatherings at which we further convince ourselves that Bush is Satan’s spawn will do little to convince the average American that he should vote for whichever Democratic candidate emerges from the primaries.

Hey–its’ starting to dawn on them! Progress is being made.

Given the fact that the Democratic party has done much to lose its identity and credibility over the past few years

By moving way to far from the center to the extreme left….and apppointing people like Komendant Pelosi…

it is vital that every left-leaning college student can explain why everyone but the elite would be better served by a Kerry/Lieberman/other generic Democratic candidate than by a Bush.

Are you sure they would be? I don’t think so!

I do not mean to over-generalize here; there are plenty of liberal college students who know exactly what they are talking about and understand that visceral and superficial shows of hatred for Bush are not enough. At the same time, however, we would be well-suited to collectively strive to understand – and lead others to understand – that the reasons we hate our president run deeper than a few hilariously inept quotes and a checkered past.

Hate is such a strong word, why not use a more polite term? (as you idiotarians would say).. You do realize that you people have lost most of your credibility already….your “Bush=Hitler” signs didn’t help at all….

This devolution to name-calling and superficial arguments is a trap I have fallen into on many occasions myself, but educating ourselves is the only true recourse for those of us who view the Bush administration as a catastrophe.

Oh no! They’re onto one of our VRWC plans! What should we do? And what is this ‘catastrophe’ you speak of? Is it like the Iraq “quagmire”?

Nalbert Tero ’04 had it right when he wrote a letter to the Justice complaining about the Brandeis activist community’s reaction to the war, which included ” face painting and dancing.” He wrote, ” Effective resistance, to this war and the Bush administration’s warlike goals in general, can only come from a major effort on the part of the activist community to gain the support of the general population.”

You people don’t realize that you’ve lost the respect of most of the general population–do you/ Wake up and meet reality!

Tero is right; nothing will change as long as campus liberals decide that the best course of action is simply to preach to the converted, take the easy way out and focus on the wrong things.

VRWC members–we should take note of this for our psy-ops division. We must encourage them to continue on their idiotarian ways.

With an election a mere 19 months away, now is the time for true mobilization. It should be in the form of education and effective, opinion-swaying activism from all those who do not wish to be subjected to another four years of ” Dubya.”

Don’t mess with Texas (or a Texan President)! I want 4 more years of President Bush. You people still don’t realize you don’t have the upper hand in “education” anymore, do you? The anti-war movement, and it’s failures have cost you people credibility. 18 Months + FOUR MORE YEARS! Yeah!

Jaws Vs. Gordie–Round 3

This week’s issue of the Justice is out, and they ran my letter in which I again give Gordie a beat-down with my ClueBat.
Here’s the letter I wrote in response to his baseless idiotarian drivel. (I’ll link to the latter later)

Time to go take an exam….

But I must say rhe Justice has a lot of Fiskable material this week (wink, wink)

Today we remember….so that we may never forget

Today we remember one of the most horrific events in the history of mankind. The slaughter of 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime.
We remember all those innocent individuals who lost their lives during the Holocaust–simply for being Jewish.
We remember the one million kids who never got to grow up and have a future.
We remember those who (thank G-d) survived the horrible experience, who saw evil first hand, and are fortunately with us today.
We remember the vibrant Jewish communities and societies which were destroyed by the Nazis.
We remember those heroes who rose up and fought against the Nazi regime, in many cases risking and/or sacrificing their own lives so that others could be saved, such as the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto.

We vow to remember the horror which befell mankind so that it may never happen again. Never Again!

My Grandmother (G-d bless her), lived in Romania when WWII broke out. Grandma and a few other female relatives were deported by the Nazis to camps in the Ukraine. Grandma was frequently moved from camp to camp, while being treated beyond horribly by the Nazis. It is a miracle that Grandma survived, and something that we are all thankful to G-d for. Other members of the family were not so lucky, and today we remember them.

Grandpa happened to have travelled with his father on a buisness trip with my great grandfather (z”l) in Japan, when the Nazis took over Romania. My grandfather’s family were taken by the Nazis, never to be heard from again. I thank G-d that Grandpa was able to avoid the Nazis, however, the loss of his family has forever scarred him.

These are just two of the many stories from the Holocaust. Today we once again remember the tragedy of the holocaust, and we vow that it may never happen again.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Yad Vashem, the National Holocaust Memorial of Israel

Random thoughts

For the Brandeis crowd: Tomorrow night, 8:30PM–Ben & Jerry debate Operation Iraqi Freedom: What have we learned?–Shapiro Campus Ctr. Atrium
(Ben is from Berkley, need I say more; Jerry is a professor and was anti-vietnam, but pro-war against Saddam). It promises to be good.

While we’re making fun of the anti-war crowd, I think they should have to pay for shutting down post offices with their dumb rice project. Couldn’t this food have gone to feed the hungry (either here or in Iraq)?

And speaking of white powder–this has definitely raised some red flags. It is very disturbing.

PM Sharon had a good line today: Jewish security through strength

Now on to the “Wierd side” of things: 4-foot alligator found walking in Queens park Uh…can anyone explain this to me, please?

must motivate self to work….must get motivated

Sunny Day

It’s a beautiful day today in Waltham…..too bad I’m over my head in work (sigh).

Now that I”m back at school–I get to watch Fox News Channel again! Hooray!

Holy Cow! They’ve just cut in on FNC and they’re showing a big brush fire in Mentor, OH along Lake Erie!?!?!?! That’s 30 minutes from my house! What is going on!?!? (No, the lake isn’t on fire, in contrast to the Cuyahoga River Catching on fire. (Hence the term “Mistake on the lake”)

Today on Fox News they reported that it may have been a Mossad source that helped locate Pfc Jessica Lynch, which led to the Spec Ops raid to recover her. Here’s an earlier story on it. Ha’aretz has this on their ticker right now too (saying Congressman Lantos was told about it today)…but I’m still somewhat skeptical of the report. It could be true, I’m just not sure if it’s been confirmed.

Speaking of good news about the military–Matt of Stars & Stripes (Link on sidebar) just found out that his brother, an Army Ranger, has returned back to the US after being deployed (likely to Iraq). Go visit his site and leave a message for his brother, a true American hero.

In a follow-up to an earlier posting, ABC has decided to relocate the forum for the dem. primary debate.

And it looks like we’re moving out troops out of Saudi Arabia–good, it’s about time to do so. Now after moving and with Iraqi oil (rather than Saudi Oil), perhaps we can start to put our foot down on those terror supporters.

OKay, I”ve really gotta work…..

This can’t be true…

The high temps here in the Boston area today are actually supposed to be….drumroll please…in the 70s
(note: two weeks ago we had snow here).

That means, I get to actually wear non-winter clothes here for the first time in who knows how long….

Off to class….

Won’t they shut up already

Via OxBlog:

FROM THE STALINSTS WHO BROUGHT YOU SUCH HITS AS “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” AND “NOT IN MY NAME” comes the newest smash-hit: “Stop Bush’s New Aggression Against Cuba”! That’s right, A.N.S.W.E.R. is back, and here’s what they have to say:

We in the U.S. progressive and anti-war movement recognize our obligation to expose and organize against the Bush administration’s plans to overthrow the government of Cuba. Under the rubric of the “war against terrorism” the Bush administration has aggressively embarked on a campaign to carry out the overturn of governments that seek to maintain independent control over their own land and resources. At stake in Cuba are the considerable social and economic gains of the people made in spite of overwhelming opposition from the government representing the most powerful country in the world….

The trial of the 75 Cuban individuals arrested in March uncovered the directing role of the U.S. Interests Section in guiding, financing, and organizing subversive actions against the Cuban government. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has funneled some $20 million in support to anti-government organizations in Cuba as a part of this counter-revolutionary campaign…. The Bush administration’s goal is to carry out regime change and replace the Cuban government with a puppet regime. It is a testament to the popular support of the Cuban government and its ability to stand up and confront U.S. aggression that the people of Cuba have successfully repelled overt and covert attempts to recolonize their country….

As a fact of international law, which recognizes the rights of states to defend their sovereignty, Cuba is exercising its legal right and responsibility to defend and protect its people against foreign government subversion, terrorism, and other forms of U.S. aggression.

They actually manage to condemn the dissidents that Castro has rounded up and imprisoned. I guess it shouldn’t be amazing — they are, after all, proud and unreprentant Stalinists. But still. The mind boggles.

I dare these ANSWER fools to hold their rally for Castro in South Florida. I just dare ’em to.

Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?

Back in Boston

I’m back here at school…and I should be writing my paper, but I’m currently lacking the motivation to do so.

FIrst off, my apologies for any links to other blogs that may not work properly (damn Blogger and permalinks).

So today is Saddam’s 66th birthday (should he still be alive). I don’t even want to speculate about how he may celebrate.

In other bad news, this story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer basically shows the bind I’ll be in this summer. Sigh. Anyone got a job for me? Please? I’ll send a copy of my resume if needed.

So Arafat has a new puppet–named Abu Mazen. Is anyone actually suprised by this? Here’s the LGF response

Speaking of silly Arabs: Syrian Spokeswoman: Hizbullah Is Not A Terrorist Organization Does Baghdad Bob have a twin in this spokesman? Hizbullah is a terror group you idiot; responsible for the murder of 200+ US Marines.

Oh boy! A double episode of the Simpsons! Woohoo! Perhaps that’ll brighten my day (I’m just having an “off day” today)….

Back to Boston…

…I go (well, tomorrow at least). But I’ve still gotta get my bags packed (something which I’ve procrastinated on doing).

Well, I go online saturday night, and wow…there’s an explosion of news.

We have VDH being interviewed by the Naval Inistitute Note:in a shocking development, we find out that VDH is a registered Democrat! But alas, all hope is not lost, as he is an anti-idiotarian to the fullest regard, and a conservative democrat–who also voted for GWB in 2000. We still love VDH!!!

On saturday, the first even “Garofalo Awards” were announced! You have to read it to believe it…no word yet on Garofalo living up to the promise she made O’reilly.

Turning to the topic of Iraq, the news is really starting to come out.

First off, let’s deal with France. Fuck France (pardon my language), but that’s my current opinion, especially if the following report is true: France briefed Iraq on war

Second, while I’m on a roll, according to the Telegraph:The Proof Saddam worked with UBL. Take that Gordie Fellman for your assinine remarks in the Justice. [Text of documents]

Here’s another reason to love GWB, he’s in the Baghdad Bob Fanclub:

In describing the war from his perspective, Mr. Bush combined acknowledgments of doubts and pressures with accounts of dramatic moments and humor, including his fascination with the relentlessly upbeat accounts of heroic Iraqi resistance provided by the information minister, Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf.

“He’s my man; he was great,” said a laughing Mr. Bush. “Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic.”

(from Tim Blair quoting the NYT)

Finally, a comic for today

I’ve gotta go pack….

Affirmative Action

This just arrived in my Email (from the Brandeis administration):

You are cordially invited on Wednesday, April 30 beginning at 5:00 p.m. in
the Shapiro Campus Center Theater to hear Professor Anita Hill, professor
of law, social policy, and women’s studies at the Heller School for Social
Policy and Management, speak on “Promise of the Equal Protection Clause:
From Plessy to the Michigan Affirmative Action Cases.”

I smell a hint of liberal bias….does anyone else? Especially a pro-Affirm action position….

(For those who don’t remember, Hill was the woman who alleged sexual harrasment by now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas back when he was nominated for the court.)

(Note: Brandeis did sign an Amicus brief supprorting Michigan’s policies)

Democratic Party Idiocy

Note: the following is not a swipe at rank-and-file democrats, rather at the leaders of the Democratic party.

According to Drudge:


Even funnier is that Sharpton and Mosely-Braun will likely be there. What irony.

But seriously, this is an EXTREMELY DUMB move by the Democrats, and it will be spun against them significantly in the media, (or as these Dems like to call it the VRWC). Must I elaborate?

Now, to GOOD AND INTELLEGENT NEWS )which comes from wherelse but Fox):

President Soon Will Declare End to Iraq War You hear that NYT? WE WON!!!!
Let’s start getting the parade for the troops ready!!!!

Bush to Spend Night on Aircraft Carrier
Now that’s just cool. Talk about a president who loves and supports the military….spending the night on a carrier with the sailors, pilots and crew. Wow! That’s the kind of leadership the CINC should demonstrate.

And last, but not least: Congrats to these 18 sailors who became fathers while deployed–and are just now meeting their kids. Congrats to them, their wives, and the rest of their families. And a giant thank you to all the sailors who helped support and defend this great nation, and welcome home!!!!

Now I’ve gotta go make dinner….

Oooh….Ted Turner is jealous

According to Drudge, Billionaire Ted Turner just called Rupert Murdoch a “warmongerer”…this is the same Turner who has pledged $1 Billion to the third world debating club UN.

Turner went on to say that: “too few people owned too many media organizations”….Yeah Ted…didn’t you ever learn that people is glass houses should not to throw stones? After all, Tim Blair has found out you own all the following (Note: where does Blair find the time to get this info?)

Even Amish Tech Support has taken Turner to task

I think Turner is just jealous of Fox News Channel’s success (in ratings and it’s good looking women) and CNN’s recent nose-dive among other things; not to mention that his $1 Billion donation is going to an irrelevant body.

In other media news: (via Emperor Misha)–there is to be no more free drivel from Robert Fisk via the Independent’s website. Let me pretend to cry/care…ok, done. Could this mean that the Independent is using a…Capitalist…*gasp*…ideal, making the column’s “pay per spew”? Quite possibly.

Last but not least, the Media Research Center has put out it’s reportcard on Op. Iraqi Freedom coverage. The only “A” went to Britt Hume of FNC (who got a B+ overall)…the worst? ABC and Peter Jennings, nu?

Okay….I’m heading out to apply for Jobs…..

Post-Passover Blog

So Passover has come and gone for another year…it didn’t seem that long this year, I guess the Matzah didn’t get to me (too badly), which must be a good thing if you think about it. It’s nice to be able to eat chametz once again! Hooray!

Let me start by getting some formalities out of the way: I again was unable to celebrate Ann Coulter Day until late this evening because of the holiday. However, why was this Ann Coulter Day different from all other Ann Coulter days? Because of the news L.C. Victor has shared with us from the Wash Times, that there’s gonna be an Ann Coulter Doll! (all the conservatives rejoice)!

As it is also thursday, Jeff Jacoby takes out his mighty pen, and slays the idiotarians in the Boston Globe

But wait! If you thought all that was exciting…hold onto your seats, because guess who was in (my) state today….none other, than his excellency, The President of the USA: George W. Bush (cue soundbite of great fanfare + hail to the chief )!!!!.Hooray for the President! My only regret was that he didn’t come to Cleveland, so I had to bask in his greatness from further away.

President Bush first went to Canton, where he spelled out his case for TAX CUTS to stimulate the economy. I like that idea–tax cuts have worked in the past too. As you may know, one of the two Senate Republicans blocking passage of the President’s Tax Plan is Sen. Voinovich of OH, so perhaps addressing this issue in OH was to put pressure on Voinovitch (Note: I’ll be blogging about Voinovitch in a seperate entry in the near future–as he’s got a few other issues)

Then the CINC traveled to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton and from there (after greeting the troops!) Hooray for the President! Hooray for the troops! We love the troops! President Bush then went to Lima, OH–to a tank manufacturing plant, where they make such great vehicles such as the Abrams tanks. to speak about tanks, the military, and the economy. Cheers to the men and women of the Lima Tank factory who help assemble these awesome fighting vehicles, which lead our brave, heroic troops to liberate Iraq so swiftly and decisivly

Again, I’m behind on the news of the blogsphere….sigh….but I have come across one funny comic (though the author of the comic-strip is extremely liberal and anti-war, it’s funny to those of us who don’t share his misguided perceptions):
boondocks rap

My alma matter (high school) was apparently featured on 48 Hours Wed. night, featuring a very sad story about a girl who was murdered in 1999 while she was walking to school by a crazed stalker. Tje girl was Penny Chang, and she was litterally gunned down in broad daylight, about 100-200 meters from the police department. The story is very sad, and much more complex than what I typed out (the stalker knew the victim and was among other things, a former college roomate of her older brother–both of whom went to my HS). Here’s a blurb from the local paper on the CBS story, and here’s some old postingsfrom a local news channel about the murder (from ’99). The murderer is currently serving 23 years-to-life (he wasn’t eligible for the death penalty). It was a very sad and shocking event to hit our suburb, as we live in a very safe area, and this was one of only 2 or 3 murders over the course of the last 10 years. I didn’t know the girl personally, but I had often passed her in the halls of the school (a common occurence in my old school of 1600+ kids) and it had a very chilling effect on us all.

I guess with that I’ll adjourn to bed…as tomorrow I’ll be heading out to submit job applications for this summer (and I’ll be writing a paper too).

Afternoon Thoughts

Sort of a continuation from last night/early this morning’s blogging….

L.C. Victor has answered the call for a Fisking of Huffington, and has perfomed amazingly! Cheers for L.C. Victor! This Fisking is a gem.

I found the link to Kamiya’s confession in Salon

For today’s “artistic education” requirement, I’d suggest looking over at this blog, and scroll through the posts about their poster prank efforts. (the pranks are quite good). Meanwhile, I think the French Oil poster mentioned here deserves an award.

Okay, that’s more than enough art for a while (I’m no artist anyway). But while on the topic of pranks, look at this gem from the Corner

Good news time. We stopped more Al-queda attacks while fighting Saddam. That means the war on terror is actually doing something right. I think the next step in winning it (besides taking care of Iran and Syria), is at home, to overhaul the state dept. like Gingrich suggests

More good news: The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations says that “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” is the most memorable and oft-cited phrase from this war! Hooray for the Simpsons! (and of course, Jonah Goldberg, who so often has used this phrase, heck, I even quoted him on it in a Free Press article)

So, I’m stuck at home till sunday, meaning no cable (thus meaning no Fox News). Noooo!!!! This means I miss out on great things such as this. Not fair!

Also from Stars N’ Stipes: the definition of Conservative–sounds good to me.

With the end of Passover approaching, I won’t be blogging after tonight until Thursday night at the earliest, but at that time, I’ll be able to resume a normal diet fortunately. (Thank goodness, my stomach isn’t happy with this matzah).

But for today’s “moment of Zen” (from the daily show), look at this RWN creation: the CNN Arafat Obit

Pesach Blogging

Didn’t get too much done today unfortunately, meaning, more for me to do tomorrow. I still think it should be unconstitutional to assign research papers over school vacations (it’s cruel and unfair punishment, no?)

Today’s achievement on my part, aside from reading neuroscience journal articles, was baking some passover cookies–which actually turned out quite good! I’ll find the recipe and link to it later.

What else is there to blog about besides the fact that it’s passover and I’m stuck in Cleveland where its cold and cloudy?

Well, there is the reveleation that the British MP, George Galloway, who was so vehimently anti-war–was actually getting money from Saddam.. And speaking of being in bed with Saddam, what about those Germans? The next major discovery will be to see if ANSWER/NOIN/UFPJ were also on the regime’s payrolls.

While we’re on the topic of anti-war folk, remember the useful idiots for saddam I mean “human shields”. Turns out not all of ’em were “peace activists” after all–the CIA exploited this movement to its advantage Way to go CIA! And to all of the real (non-CIA) “human shields”, who are probably p.o’ed by the fact that they were used by the CIA, all I can think of saying right now is “go home you wankers”. [hat tip to L.C. Victor]

Rounding out the anti-war category, we have Gary Kamiya of salon who has said some rather nasty things about his feelings towards the war (anyone have the URL to the article, I can’t find it). Adrinna Huffington has produced a piece of BS claiming “How the anti-war mov’t war right” (anyone care to fisk this, if it has not been fisked already?)

And for a nice changed of pace, from the Weekly Standard: The Redistribution of Honor

While on the topic of Iraq, Professor Makiya is reporting favorable news in the establishment of a new democratic Iraqi gov’t (Note: he is there as a participant, not just an observer)

James Baker has a good piece in the WSJ on why tax-cuts are better than a balanced budget. Former CIA Director Woolsey also has a good piece (re: War On Terror) in the WSJ

I think it’s time for me to go to bed….goodnight