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Just wanted to say Mazel Tov to my synagogue’s Asst. Rabbi and his wife (she’s a Brandeis alum as well…class of 90-something….), on the birth of their first child on Thursday Morning!!!!
It was a baby boy, so he doesn’t have a name yet…
But Mazel Tov to both of them!!!

Local News and notes

Today in Cuyahoga County Criminal Court, Biswanath Halder, otherwise known as the CWRU shooter (and member of the tin-foil brigades), pled not guilty to the 338 count indictment (which was handed down by a grand jury yesterday–story is here). Prosecutors are apparently seeking the death penalty in this case as well.

And there were some good letters to the editor in the Plain Dealer yesterday which takes Denny and his “progressive” following (an extremely small one at that) to task.

Speaking of “local”, I’m gonna stretch this to include school. Steven Silver (Brandeis c/o 2000 I think?) has a post titled: “Free Enterprise and Other Conservative Causes” [see Thursday 5/29/03–Blogspot is having issues] and in it he discusses what the college republicans at Brandeis were like when he was there. Well things have fortunately changed (for the better) at Brandeis, and hopefully sometime this weekend I want to expand on his post, and continue the story with what I’ve heard. Long story short, things have done a 180–for the better.

Gotta go cook dinner…

I need coffee…

It’s still early, and I got woken up at 7am….therefore I’m grumpy this morning.

Well, I heard back from the doctor who I had an interview with and got good and bad news. Good news is I have a job. Bad news is, I can’t start until July 1. So I have to find work for June. Time to call the temp agencies I guess…

Hmm…what else should I blog about now. Our so-called “allies” the cheese eating surrender monkeys have just received a smak-down from our President, when he said: “Not Clear France Concerned With US Security”. Am I suprised? No. France simply wants to spite the US at all costs. In return, I say screw France.

In a bit of funnier news….Hillary is getting yelled at not only from the right (or in her words the VRWC) but now the left is joining in with criticism. (Cue the Simpsons’ soundbite of Nelson saying: “ha ha”)

(Cue the soundbite again) for this story about a wanted perp found at a baseball game on a jumbotron….

Rush made a good point yesterday, about the evolution of “Reagan Conservatism” Now communism isn’t the main enemy, that role is been taken by extremist Islamofacist terrorism. Speaking of which, I think the Iranian people want regime change, so the time is right…

As for Rush…he’s posted his interview with VDH on his website. Talk about a must read!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday wasted dead tree space by running Maureen Dowd’s latest screed…but I didn’t need to bother fisking it, thanks to the girls at Right We Are who already took that task up!

I’ve gotta go make some calls right now, but I’ve got a plan for a later posting, which may either go up this evening or perhaps tomorrow (depending on if I’m allowed to use the computer—don’t ask…I’m in a dysfunctional house).

I’m gonna do one of my first ever neuro-bloggings, about the paper that was published in this week’s issue of Nature which the media is reporting as saying: “certain types of video game can sharply improve your visual perception.”. I’ve got a copy of the original article from Nature, and I plan on reading it, and I’ll see how accurate the mainstream media was in reporting it, and I’ll aslo share my opinions about it, and add in any details that the mainstream press left out.

Well off to call those temp agencies…

Advertising 101 (1a for Brandeis students)

I was at Wild Oats today doing some shopping, and there was a sign that stuck out like a sore thumb. Advertising for a sale, the sign read:

Gringo Chips and Gringo Salsa

Now, as any good hispanic/latino can tell you (as well as others), if you’re shopping for Mexican food, why would you buy something labled gringo??? I mean come on people!!!

Another reason not to support AI

Aside from their constant Israel bashing and ignorance of terrorism, AI has given people another reason to not support it: Group Says Iraq War Increased Rights Abuses

Operation Iraqi Freedom added to human misery worldwide because it increased rights violations, gave despots license to treat dissidents cruelly, and kept the world from debating human rights more vigorously, Amnesty International (search) said Wednesday.

Geez…I thought getting rid of Saddam was a boost to human rights. How’d this give despots power? I put ’em on edge, knowing they could be next.

said the worthy achievements of getting rid of Saddam Hussein and bringing freedom to Iraqi people have been tainted by the rise of violations it blames on the United States and its coalition partners

Thank you moonbats. What are said violations?

.This is a case of throwing the baby out with the Baath Party,” said William Schulz (search), executive director of Amnesty International.

That wasn’t funny at all. That’s a human rights violation.

The White House and State Department responded that Amnesty has it backwards. Exposure of the brutality of Saddam’s regime is doing more to advance the cause of human rights than years of U.N. resolutions and previous Amnesty reports ever accomplished.

The administration added that freedom from tyranny is the fundamental human right from which all others eventually flow.

“The world is rejoicing in the fact that, thanks to the efforts of the coalition, millions of people previously imprisoned are now free,” White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said.

Wow! Even State is seing things clearly…you’re really wrong AI.

The administration added that Amnesty misses a key point in the war on terror — that terror groups, not nation states, pose the greatest threat to human rights. Finding and fighting terrorists where they hide is not always work that conforms neatly to the Geneva Convention.

While Amnesty charged that the Iraq war distracted from the discussion on how to improve human rights worldwide, it [Amnesty] did not offer any opinion on whether it was satisfied with Libya’s chairmanship of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Amnesty cites Libya as a regular violator of human rights — one that routinely imprisons dissidents and tortures prisoners.

More reasons to hate Amnesty….

Loony Lefty Time!

It’s that time again! To see what the loony hard-hard-lefties at Brandeis are up to….This latest installment comes courtesy of the group “Students for Peace in Israel and Palestine” (SPIP)–which basically translates to: students apologizing for pali terror and discriminating against Jooooos

However, today, an anti-idiotarian also took the time to call the loonies on their word and boy was it a good read. As such, I present to you the set of emails (first the SPIP email, then the responses). (Note: Names have been changed)

A writes:

I just want to let you know about Brit Tzedek v’Shalom’s “Call to Bring the Settlers Home”. At its essence, it is a call for the U.S. to spearhead an international effort to provide housing grants to settlers who wish to relocate to within Israel proper and thus vote against the occupation with their feet. There is polling data that indicates that as many as 80% of the settlers would avail themselves of this option.

This is something you’ll hear much more about when school starts up again. For now, please sign the petition and pass it on to your friends and families.

In response L. writes:

Just so that everyone knows that there is an alternative for telling Jews that they need to leave their homes in order to satisfy the whims and wills of terrorists and their various benefactors (Brit Tzedek v’Shalom and SPIP included apparently), I want to mention the plan of yet another peacenik who was, unfortunately, killed by an Arab some years back. Rabbi Meir Kahane argued once that Arabs should be given economic incentives to leave Israel, including Judea and Samaria (as it was becoming, to him, more and more clear that a mutual “peace” was unlikely given the irrational attitudes of Islamic terrorists against Jews.)

Cry foul all you want about calling Kahane a peacenik or even mentioning his name at all on a message board that finds itself so much at odds with his philosophy; the plan you are talking about differes from Kahane’s in only a couple of ways:

1.) Your plan calls for the “relocation” (read: all but forced removal) of Jews, rather than Arabs.
2.) Your plan gives in to the desires of terrorists who have demonstrated a willingness to kill innocent people, and who have stated repeatedly that there will be no peace until ISRAEL IS PUSHED INTO THE SEA, while Kahane’s plan gives into the desires of Jews, who from the foundation of the State of Israel have been motivated, in large part, by the hope of one thing: an eventual peace. (This perhaps deluded hope which has overcome rational thought is the only thing I can attribute to the recent betrayal of Ariel
Sharon, among other events in Israel’s short but war-plagued history… I only wish the Arabs would entertain similar delusions instead of the delusion that one day Israel will not exist, and all if its Jewish inhabitatns will be sent to their maker).

“A”, I have only two questions (since I’m supposed to e-mail you with questions):

Why, in your estimation, is your plan any better than Kahane’s? (For despite the flaws of Kahane’s plan, yours takes the cake in terms of its lack of justice and sensibility)

Why do you remain under the twisted notion that Hamas and the PLO, which have dedicated themselves to the destruction of Israel (and about whom the PA has dedicated itself to doing nothing), will be satisfied with the removal all Jews from Judea and Samaria?


There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. But what if someone lies about the statistics? According the the statistics that Brit Tzedek v’Shalom mentions in its longwinded support of the “relocation” (read: all but forced removal) of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria:

-68% of settlers will obey a democratic decision for withdrawal. 6% will resist such an order. 2% will resist “with all means.”
-59% view financial compensation as preferred over forced removal (without compensation)
-77% chose to live in the “settlements” because of quality of life.

What, here, “indicates that as many as 80% of the settlers would avail themselves of this option [of accepting money in return for leaving their homes].” Judah seemed to pull that statistic out of the air. The number 80% doesn’t appear once in the report. The report merely indicates that almost 80% live in Judea and Samaria due to quality of life issues. That doesn’t meant that they’d be happy to leave! This report doesn’t, and any point, discuss a willingness of settlers to move to “Israel proper” (which the PA,
PLO and Hamas all agree is still a “settlement”) given any financial incentives whatsoever. This merely asserts that many Jews would move if they were forced to move by the government, and that many Jews view financial compensation as preferable to being forced.

The question is this: Will you take this money in return for moving, or am I going to have to come in there with guns and drag you out screaming? Not surprisingly, many Jews claimed that they would rather be dragged out screaming! I sure would rather be dragged out than willingly evacuate my home due to the twisted will of some leftist Islamic-radical sympathizer.

By the way, this just in: 80% of the members of Hamas would invite over Brit Tzedek v’Shalom for dinner. (my statistic is as valid as A’s, although mine is more believable)

Three contextual notes:

1) The idea refered to in the second of the three letters, about Kahane’s plan envisions Jordan as a pali state. Kahane also believed that Israeli arabs, who’ve been citizens since ’48 should be allowed and in many cases encouraged to stay in Israel. Finally, for his ideas, Kahane and his Israeli political party were labled as “racists” and have since been barred for running for the Kinesset. (but that’s a thorny issue). Note: I’m not a Kahanist, nor do I totally agree with his philosophies, I’m simply trying to explain them.

2) The stats criticized in the 3rd letter are unreliable stats anyway (see IMRA archives).

3) The SPIP wackos also support groups such as the ISM, which produces great “activists” like Rachel “corrugated” Corrie.


It’s Thursday! That means it’s Ann Coulter Day! This week Ann directly takes a swipe at the eco-wackos, and in the process takes a shot at the UN and takes a really good shot at France.

I must admit, while the content within Ann’s piece is good, I think this week’s aritcle is poorly written. Perhaps it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem to “flow” properly. Along those lines, it also seems like she’s jumping from subject to subject too much. But aside from my evaluation of her writing style, the shot she takes at the Cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Nightime Thoughts

As indicated earlier, the DSL connection here was down today, as such I didn’t get to blog when I wanted to (collective “awww”). I’m hoping to reverse that pattern tomorrow, but here at home, I can never be sure. Here’s my current thoughts:

I need to make some additions to my BlogRoll…I just have to stop being lazy and do it already. There are some good sites out there I’ve been meaning to add for some time, it’s just I keep forgetting or procrastinating to do so.

Need to go to the library to get some more books to read. Anyone got any suggestions? I like using the summer to read books I wasn’t able to read while swamped with work back at school. Ooh, that gives me an idea, perhaps I’ll blog on some of the books I’ve read.

I’m too tired to really blog much else right now….hopefully there’ll be more tomorrow (sorry to dissapoint anyone)

Back online

our DSL went out here today at home, and it turns out the problem was crossed wires and water damage (it’s a long wierd story). So a nice technician came out to the house and finally got things sorted out for us. Yay! So now I’m back online.

Flag Burning Ammendment

Yep folks, it’s that time again…according to the Plain Dealer, it’s that time when the idea of a Constitutional Ammendment against flag burning (desecration) is brought up in Congress. The last time this issue came up was back in 2000 and before that 1995 (only to fall four votes and three votes short of the needed number in the Senate both times).

A brief recap of the laws regarding flag burning/desecration. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Texas V. Johnson 491 U.S. 397 (1989) that basically the desecration of the US flag, if done without phyisically harming anyone, is protected free speech as covered by the First Ammendment. (I’ve linked to the text of the decision, should anyone with to read the whole thing). Basically the court said that flag burning was “expressive conduct” because it was an attempt to “convey a particularized message.”

Now I personally disagree with the SCOTUS ruling, as I think flag burning is offensive and degrading and is an insult to the nation. I believe that buring the flag dishonors what our nation stands for. I also believe that it is an insult to all those who have made sacrifices to protect the flag and what it stands for, in some cases paying the ultimate price. (that’s the “condensed” version of my beliefs).

The reason I bring this issue up is in reference to another case decided 6-3 earlier this year VIRGINIA v. BLACK et al 01-1107 (2003). In this case, the SCOTUS basically said that VA’s law, against cross burning was indeed constitutional, because the law can ban cross burnings (in this case KKK ones) that are intended to intimidate.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loate the KKK as much if not more than the next person, however, the SCOTUS has set up an interesting dilema for itself. It seems like the court somewhat contradicted itself saying that Flag burning is okay while cross burning isn’t. How come the Klan was able to march through Skokie, IL all those years back then?

My problem is with the fact that many see the desecration of the US flag as intimidation and a sign of mal intent–and following the VA v. Black ruling, such speech should be banned. I think that this recent ruling curbs free expression, which is troublesome (note: I still loathe the KKK and I condemn what they do). It’s as someone wrote in the latest issue of Concord Bridge (Brandeis’ only conservative-libertarian publication–shameless plug) wrote a piece on this ruling

Now in my eyes, going along with the courts’ latest ruling, I think that Flag desecration should be outlawed as it is an example of “hate speech” and intimidation in the eyes of many. As such, right now, I’m leaning towards the belief that the ammendment should pass (note: I may waver though).

What do you think?

Good News

My interview with the researcher/professor down at CWRU went well today! Yay! I think I’ve found summer employment! Hooray!
(I still plan on posting more “regular content” later)

Brief Blogging

My whole family got “grounded” from the computer and TV today, for no other reason than my mom said so. (that’s how things work in these parts — as for reasons, I dunno).

I’d originally wanted to write more about memorial day, and two articles which appeared in today’s Plain Dealer, alas, I don’t have time to right now, so I hope to do it tomorrow. I can summarize one of ’em by saying that it was an article where theologans (sp?) discussed whether Op. Iraqi Freedom was “just” or “unjust”. One of those interviewed, has a son who attends Brandeis with me (and I’m ideological and mortal enemies with this moonbat socialist and anti-war groupie), and the guy came out saying that it was a just war. I guess it’s sweet revenge in a twisted way.

Speaking of the anti-war crowd, here’s what they seem to be up to…(note: it’s from the AP; not DU or IndyMedia)

So just a few articles to link to tonight:

First off, for those of you SUV drivers out there (e.g. LC Victor), here’s a piece that will help you beat down the Ariana Huff-and-puffington crowd.

Second, Fmr. Pres Clinton is out on the speaking circut (again), and the headline of this article: “Clinton Sees Distorted Media”. The first line: “Former President Bill Clinton says this country’s media culture tends to distort the true political record”….I’ll let you reach your own conclusions on that one.

From the same article, another Clinton quote: “Similarly, he criticized himself for a lack of oversight that led to 18 deaths of U.S. servicemen when a helicopter was downed in Somalia in 1993”. I think lack of oversight is a major understatement. From denying the Pentagon’s request for backup troops, APCs, etc. he really gave those guys a cf to deal with.

Now back to the war on terror…

Fortunately, we’ve nabbed another Al-Qadea member here in the US and not a minute too soon if I may say so myself. US News & World Report also has a good piece out this week on the CIA and the WoT

Finally, a bit of humor, An all-inclusive Memorial Day celebration
The highlight of which is:
Marching closely behind, throwing candy to kids, and occasionally “accidentally” bayoneting Moore’s frumpy potato sack of a butt, are representatives from all branches of the service
Go read the rest…

A Poem

This poem is an Israeli one, written in Hebrew by Natan Alterman. It’s read in Israel on Israel’s memorial day, but I think the message that it sends is relevant to us here in the US too (just change the references from Israel to the US)

“A State is not handed to a people on a silver salver”
Chaim Weizmann, first President of Israel
The Earth grows still.
The lurid sky slowly pales
Over smoking borders.
Heartsick, but still lving, a people stand by
To greet the uniqueness
of the miracle.

Readied, they wait beneath the moon,
Wrapped in awesome joy, before the light.
— Then, soon,
A girl and boy step forward,
And slowly walk before the waiting nation;

In work garb and heavy-shod
They climb
In stillness.
Wearing yet the dress of battle, the grime
Of aching day and fire-filled night

Unwashed, weary unto death, not knowing rest,
But wearing youth like dewdrops in their hair,
— Silently the two approach
And stand.
Are they of the quick or of the dead?

Through wondering tears, the people stare.
“Who are you, the silent two?”
And they reply: “We are the silver salver
Upon which the Jewish State was served to you.”

And spekaing, fall in shadow at the nation’s feet.
Let the rest in Israel’s chronicles be told.

Viva Maxim Magazine

I just got this month’s issue of Maxim in the mail…and what a great issue! A full section on FRANCE BASHING!!!! Hooray! And a section on mental disorders (sorry, it’s the neuroscience bias), plus all the other great stuff that’s in Maxim on a monthly basis! Hooray!!!!!

Stupid Syrians

As many know, I’m anything but a fan of the Syrian gov’t dictatorship. I was and still hope that Bashaar Al-Assad gets the through, ass-kicking that he deserves from either Israel, the US (and allies) or both in the near future. With that being said, I’d like to present the latest edition of Stupid Syrians!

From the AP Wire: Syrian President Doubts Al Qaeda Exists

How much Hashish did the optomologist turned dictator (a.k.a. Assad) smoke before this interview? Let’s try to find out!

Syrian President Bashar Assad (search) said in an interview published Sunday that he doubts the existence of Al Qaeda

What the fuck? No, Al-queda isn’t like the tooth-fairy you tin foil hat fool. Come on, even Dowd, Moore, Fisk, Ivins acknowledge that Al-Qaeda exists.

“Is there really an entity called Al Qaeda? Was it in Afghanistan? Does it exist now?” Assad asked, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anba.

The answer is “yes” to all three. I think this doc smoked too much “medical hashish“…perhaps his vision is poor.

Usama bin Laden, the Saudi-born Islamic extremist who heads Al Qaeda, “cannot talk on the phone or use the Internet, but he can direct communications to the four corners of the world?” Assad said. “This is illogical.”

No it isn’t you shmuck. You’ve probably never heard of the NSA. UBL puts his voice on a tape and somehow gets it delivered to Al-Jazeera…that’s how he communicates. Or he uses human “carrier pigeons” to carry messages.

America is happy with Syria and the Arab countries when Israel is happy with them,” [said assad]

Um…no. That’s why the US used to be happy with Iraq? (Whom Israel has never been happy with). And there’s good reason to hate your fuckin’ terrorist state.

“Israel is a state that occupies our land and we are required to take its interests into account? What logic is that? We say America is the effective power, our relationship should be direct with it.”

WahWahWah…I hear little Bashar crying. The syrians started attacking Israel in ’67 and seized the Golan Heights, which your daddy used to shell innocent Israelis, to launch terror raids and to divert water from the J-E-W-S. Occupied your land, bullshit. And America doesn’t want to deal with you Saddam supporting teze

Threatening sanctions, U.S. officials accused Syria of harboring terrorists and fleeing members of Iraq’s ousted regime, possessing weapons of mass destruction and providing Iraq with military equipment. Syria denied the accusations.

Ever heard of Hizbullah–that’s a terror group, hosted by Syria. Iraqi leaders were found in Syria….so stop your lying you kusemekiym

Assad also told Al-Anba that Syrian forces will remain in Lebanon until a comprehensive peace settlement with Israel is reached, rebuffing recent U.S. calls for a Syrian troop withdrawal from the country.

Ha ha ha…that’s a funny one Assad. You get to occupy all of Lebanon and rule it as a puppet state…and you blame Israel for everything else.

Assad said Syria viewed Lebanon as an independent state and that Syrian troops were needed to confront potential Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Syria.

Oh man, my bullshit meter is about to break. Lebanon is a Syrian puppet state. Here’s an analogy Lebanon is to Syria as Abu Mazen is to Terrorfat. Syria has no buisness being in Lebanon, in fact, there’s a good chance Israel would have a treaty with the Lebanese if Syria would withdraw it’s troops and its HIzbullah militants from there.

Back home…

I’m back in Cleveland now, after visiting my grandparents. We came back this evening, so I got to enjoy the day with my gradparents (For those unfamiliar with Ohio geography, Youngstown is only about an hour drive from Cleveland). Watched some FNC with the family (yes, I was going through withdrawl w/o the Fair and Balanced Coverage of Fox News…) and was well fed by grandma.

I have a lead on a possible job for the summer, so I’m a bit excited, however, it is only a lead, so I’m still cautious, and I don’t wanna jinx it. It’s a neuroscience lab job, and the lab director is a Brandeis alum…which could be good or bad.

Anyway, I haven’t thought of much to blog about tonight yet.

Emperor Misha did a post about my alma matter (Yeah Shaker! GO RAIDERS!). Go read it! Ogbu is right in his study’s findings.

Hmm….not much else to say now. I’m dissapointed that the Israeli cabinet “Accepted” the roachmap….but I think the Israelis have a trump card up their sleeves.

Well, off to the new LC chatroom…

On the road

I’m in Youngstown, OH right now, at my grandparents house. I’m connected to the web via what seems like a snails pace 56k modem. As such, I can’t blog much, but I just felt like blogging from the road. It’s good to see the grandparents, they’re doing well all things considered (thank G-d), especially my favorite veteran, Grandpa. (US Army Air Force, WWII–Honorable discharge–Tech Sgt.).
Grandma had chicken soup waiting for us (wooohoo!) It was amazing as usual. And my grandparents also have cable here, so I got to see Fox News for the first time in two weeks…I was undergoing withdrawl…

I’ll blog later today (Sunday) once I get back to Cleveland, and I’ll include some memorial day musings.

Off to bed…

What are the Loony Lefties Up To?

So I’ve been stuck cleaning my room here (note: a mess that I didn’t even make, as my ‘rents made it as I was away at school–but I’m still responsible). I’ve got the radio on and Rush is currently on (it’s the best thing on now–local radio sux). El Rushbo, is hammering away at Tom “Puff” Dashle (D-SD), on the tax cut (somewhat like an audio fisking at times), so he gave me an idea…let’s see what Brandeis’ loony leftists are up to now!

The latest emails are about the (lying, anti-Israel) NYT journalist Chris Hedges, who (rightfully) got booed off the stage at Rockford Colleges commencement for giving an offensive anti-war speech.

So first from the “Students for a Just Society list” we have the following comments:

This is the text of the graduation speech given at Rockford College in Illinois by Chris Hedges of the New York Times. He was booed off the stage because he said all the same things we were saying before the war. Seems people still don’t want to hear it, eh?

You know what, you’re right! People didn’t and still don’t want to hear your anti-American propaganda and BS arguments (many of which are fabrications). For example, the argument one that UN sanctions killed Iraqi children…which was DEBUNKED by Iraqi doctors. Didn’t you fools learn when Professor Cohen shot down Ben Brandzel ’03 at “Ben and Jerry”? You should’ve been parying attention. Oh and a “PS” the war in Iraq…it’s over.

Then from Gordie’s “concerned” list….

Imagine being in the audience at this kind of commencement address

Okay, I’m imagining….and I think I’d be booing like my peers. But wait, isn’t this what you “progressives” constantly do?

Shall we nominate Hedges for an honorary degree here?

NO! NO! NO! Our school motto is “truth unto it’s innermost parts” this NYT liar is a contradiction of that term. Plus his vehimently Anti-Israel rhetoric is not representative of Brandeis. (And that’s being polite).

Those were Gordy’s “words of enlightenment” and then came the forwarded email text:

It’s a great speech, one of the best I’ve read recently. Even tho he was apparently treated badly by many students and parents, it gives us hope that not all in the media are lapdogs for Bush. Some of us will persevere

This guy needs to get out ot his ivory tower. It was a bad speech, full of lies and falsehoods, and derrogatory statements. The latter reason is why it angered so many students and parents.

No, not all in the media are “lapdogs for Bush”….where’d you come up with that idea? Ever read the NYT? LA Times? Globe? ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN? They’re anything but “lapdogs” for Bush (or any other conservatives) in fact they’re the opposite. Open up your eyes (and ears maybe).

So let’s look at the text of the speech and find what could’ve angered people: Keep in mind, this was supposed to be a commencement address.

For we are embarking on an occupation that, if history is any guide, will be as damaging to our souls as it will be to our prestige, power, and security.

Not an occupaation. This strengthens our country and our security.

But this will come later as our empire expands and in all this we become pariahs, tyrants to others weaker than ourselves

We’re not empire building you yutz, and we were going after the ones who made us targets (trans. Terrorists). .

Isolation always impairs judgment and we are very isolated now. We have forfeited the good will, the empathy the world felt for us after

Um, Coalition of the Willing had 60+ countries…how is that Isolation? We haven’t forefitted the good will either, crackhead.

We have folded in on ourselves, we have severely weakened the delicate international coalitions and alliances that are vital in maintaining and promoting peace

I think that’s the way that the “liberal elites” say: “UN”—which deserved to crash and burn already.

we are part now of a dubious troika in the war against terror with Vladimir Putin and Ariel Sharon, two leaders who do not shrink in Palestine or Chechnya from carrying out acts of gratuitous and senseless acts of violence. We have become the company we keep.

WOAH! Hold on there! Where is this “Palestine” you speak of? There is no such land. Nor are Israel’s raids against terrorists “gratutious and senseless acts of violence”!?!? What’s blowing up a bus with men, women and children on it called? Or killing a 10 month old baby with a sniper rifle as she sits in her father’s arms (Shalhevet Pas)? That’s not senseless? You Robert Fisk sycophant.

The censure and perhaps the rage of much of the world, certainly one-fifth of the world’s population which is Muslim, most of whom I’ll remind you are not Arab, is upon us.

No, only the radical Islamofacists. Remember all the happy Iraqis that we saw when we liberated ’em?

And this rage in a world where almost 50 percent of the planet struggles on less than two dollars a day will see us targeted.

Under tyrants, communism and socialism–not under capitalism.

Terrorism will become a way of life, and when we are attacked we will, like our allies Putin and Sharon, lash out with greater fury.

Ya know why? Cause it’s us or them…and we’re gonna kick their asses and show ’em American Justice.

just because we have the capacity to wage war it does not give us the right to wage war

We have the right to protect ourselves and our allies.

The real injustices, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land

Bullshit. (Gives the guy the finger). Somebody fetch B.C.–this guy is getting annoying.

the brutal and corrupt dictatorships we fund in the Middle East, will mean that we will not rid the extremists who hate us with bombs

Okay, no more cash to Egypt, Lebanon, Fraudi Arabia…sounds good to me….oh, same goes for the PLO. We’ll rid the extremists by any means necessary.

We have blundered into a nation we know little about and are caught between bitter rivalries and competing ethnic groups and leaders we do not understand

Outside of Foggy Bottom we understand it. Hence the reason why we have the INC.

We are trying to transplant a modern system of politics invented in Europe characterized, among other things, by the division of earth into independent secular states based on national citizenship in a land where the belief in a secular civil government is an alien creed. Iraq was a cesspool for the British when they occupied it in 1917; it will be a cesspool for us as well

Times have changed since the British occupation. Oh, and the system of politics has worked in Israel….that was once a land under British rule. You’re really striking out here you howling moonbat.

Christian Evangelical groups who are being allowed to follow on the heels of our occupying troops to try and
teach Muslims about Jesus.

What about you “human shields” and others in ANSWER who supported Saddamy?

Hedges stops speaking because of a disturbance in the audience

Wasn’t me…. don’t look here…

The occupation of the oil fields

To prevent saddam from bombing ’em and an enviromental disaster and protecting the funds that’ll be used to rebuild Iraq.

The looting of Baghdad, or let me say the looting of Baghdad with the exception of the oil ministry and theinterior ministry — the only two ministries we bothered protecting — is self immolation

Like the looting of the art museum that the NYT fudge numbers on? Did Jason Blair write that story? Oh, and it was an inside job too. Also, what’s wrong with looting Saddam’s palaces, the stuff belongs to the people.

As someone who knows Iraq, speaks Arabic, and spent seven years in the Middle East,

Go inflate your ego you moonbat.

It was Israel who created Hezbollah and was Hezbollah that pushed Israel out of Southern Lebanon.

Wrong again: Iran and Syria created Hezbollah, and still supply it. The Israelies withdrew b/c of a peace accord and UN resolution (and int’l pressure). You ignoramus.

And if you watch closely what is happening in Iraq, if you can see it through the abysmal coverage, you can see it in
the lashing out of the terrorist death squads

Lashing out of the terror death squads? You mean the ones we’ve captured or killed?

We will pay for this, but what saddens me most is that those who will by and large pay the highest price are poor kids from Mississippi or Alabama orTexas who could not get a decent job or health insurance and joined the army because it was all we offered them

You’re implying southern youth are too stupid or inept to get jobs, aren’t you? Huh? That’s a bunch a BS. You elitiest New Yorker…saying all there good for is the army? Huh? What if they chose to serve their country as proud Americans? (I know he doesn’t like that line)

Following our defeat in Vietnam we became a better nation

How? Carter took office? Only when Ronaldus Maximus came into the White House did we become a better nation (cause we won the Cold War)!!!

We were humbled, even humiliated. We asked questions about ourselves we had not asked before.

Like why the hell were we fighting a war that we wern’t allowed to win? We had such strict ROE that it handicapped us. But we ultimately won the war.

We were forced to confront our own capacity for a atrocity — for evil

You mean as humans? No, we confronted it after WWII.

War, we have come to believe, is a spectator sport

Um, only if war is football. It’s not a sport and we loathe it as much as you do, but we believe that there are times when we water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants. (Quoting Jefferson).

The military and the press — remember in wartime the press is always part of the problem

Yes, the NYT and BBC, publishing lies and falsehoods about what happened was a problem.

turned war into a vast video arcade game

No, only in arcades.

Its very essence — death — is hidden from public view.

No. Fox News showed the names and pictures of the fallen American heroes. We realize death, and it’s ultimate costs.Take off your blinders.

Because we no longer understand war, we no longer understand that it can all go horribly wrong

Yeah we do. We still have blue-on-blue fire. We’ve seen things FUBARed. Case in point–Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down).

And at a time of soaring deficits

From overspending by the Federal gov’t. Let’s cut some expenditures. Let’s take away KKK Byrd and Teddy Kennedy’s pork first. And let’s have a TAX CUT to increase federal revenue.

and financial scandals and the very deterioration of our domestic fabric, war is a fine diversion

This ain’t wag the dog, nor does it have anything to do with Enron. That’s old news. Deterioration of domestic fabric? Huh? You mean the lack of morals in society these days? Or the hyper-PCness being preached?

(A man in the audience says: “Can I say a few words here?” Hedges: Yeah, when I finish.)

No! I say let the man speak and prove you to be the asshat that you are Hedges.

Once in war, the conflict obliterates the past and the future all is one heady intoxicating present. You feel every heartbeat in war, colors are brighter, your mind races ahead of itself.

Keep yapping…

(Confusion, microphone problems, etc.)

What? Did Frank J’s“BIll the Marine” enter?

We feel in wartime comradeship. (Boos)

No Comerade–we beat the USSR. We feeel brotherly bonds with other Americans, except you “anti-war” pro-dictator creeps.

We confuse this with friendship, with love. There are those who will insist that the comradeship of war is love — the exotic glow that makes us in war feel as one people, one entity, is real, but this is part of war’s intoxication.

This guy is spewing more BS then a sociology professor! he’s totally wrong. Ask a member of the Armed forces about their bonds with their fellow troops….they’ll set you straight.

Think back on the days after the attacks on 9-11. Suddenly we no longer felt alone; we connected with strangers, even with people we did not like

Mostly true, except for the last part. I didn’t feel connected with any Islamofacists.

We felt we belonged, that we were somehow wrapped in the embrace of the nation, the community; in short, we no longer felt alienated

We didn’t feel alienated before…most of us at least.

As this feeling dissipated in the weeks after the attack

No, it didn’t dissipate, rather true-patriotic Americans stayed close together and formed stronger bonds.

The danger of the external threat that comes when we have an enemy does not create friendship; it creates comradeship

NYET! When an external threat rears it’s damn ugly head, we become brothers and sisters, members of a family dedicated to protecting what’s ours and our siblings.

And those in wartime are deceived about what they are undergoing

Howling moonbat

Friends probe and question and challenge each other to make each of us more complete; with comradeship,
thekind that comes to us in patriotic fervor, there is a suppression of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-possession.

Friends trust their lives with their fellow friends, comrades don’t. In the armed forces people are friends…not “comerades”. And don’t debase patriotism…you can be proud of the USA, and be self-aware, knowledgable adn self-possesive.

In comradeship there are no demands on the self

Comerad–that is because Mother Russia does everything for you. True friendship and the bonds of brotherhood established in our fighting forces is on a totally higher level, because it demands a lot of oneself.

We ennoble self-sacrifice for the other, for the comrade;

We mourn their passing and the sacrifices they have made for the rest of us.

in short we begin to worship death

No we don’t! We just honor their memory and contributions.

For friends, dying is hard and bitter

It is too for soldiers. Just ask any war vet.

Friends do not, the way comrades do, love death and sacrifice. To friends, the
prospect of death is frightening

Damn you! No body loves death besides sick tyrannical dictators. Soldiers abhor death and sacrifice, but they do what they know they must do, so idiots like you can speak freely. To almost all, the prospect of death is frightening–were it not, it would be a sad day.

And this is why friendship or, let me say love, is the most potent enemy of war

Aww…the hell with you! Go back to the 60s (cause you wanna be there). We love America, we want to see it safe, so we sometimes have to go to war, for this country we love.

Are you implying that we should love those who hate us? Love an Islamofacist? What did you smoke today?

What kind of commencement address was that? What are the students gonna take from it? They missed an oppertunity to get a great speech.

(Boos cheers, shouts, fog horns and the like)

That’s more fitting I’d think….