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New Job

Well, tomorrow is the big day…I’m starting my new job!
I’m going to be working in a neuroscience lab down at Case Western! Yay!
I’ll share more details when I get home tomorrow…

Fisking Denny K.

So Denny K. held a press conference today, somewhere in Conneticut (Fairfield). Not even in his “home state”. He must be scared of the fact that VP Cheney is going to be in Ohio tonight (Akron to be exact) for a fundraiser. ($1,000 a plate to attend/$2,000 if you want a picture taken with the Veep)–or so the radio said.

But lets get back to Dennis Kucinich. and his “press conference

Former Cleveland, Ohio mayor Dennis Kucinich, one of nine people seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, promoted his peace platform Sunday in Connecticut

It should be noted that among other things, when Denny K. was mayor of Cleveland, the city defaulted financially. He’s also ranked as the 7th worst metropolitan American mayor in the 20th century. He sucked more than the Indians did at the time. No word as to if he was wearing his tin-foil hat at the press conference.

Speaking before more than 200 people at a forum at Sacred Heart University, the four-term Ohio congressman, said he would establish a “Department of Peace.”

(non-stop laughter)

An early and vocal opponent of the war in Iraq,

And he still is one, even though we won.

Kucinich said the department would have various function to prevent violence both domestic and internationally

(more laughter). Yes, I can see this department venturing into high crime areas of cities to disrupt violence. I can just picture South Central LA or Cabrini-Green in Chicago…and don’t even start me on the Int’l part.

He said the department would work with the United Nations and other countries before conflicts arise.

The UN is irrelevant. It’s a joke, a third-world debating club–and Denny is dense enough to think it still works.

The lawmaker said his underdog bid for the nomination is gaining momentum

Sure…I belive that

with endorsements and volunteers

like who? The communist party? ANSWER/WWP? The hard-leftists at Brandeis (many of whom are “Peace, Conflict and Coexistance studies program members)?

Kucinich has hired a professional campaign staff, and expects campaign finance reports, which are due July 15, to show that he has raised more than $1 million

That’s a whole lot ‘o wasted money there folks.

He dismissed the notion that he would run as an independent if he did not win the Democratic nod.

Which he most likely won’t win

I’m a Democrat. I’m attracting people to vote – disaffected Democrats, Greens, Libertarians,” he said.

By dissafected Dems he means the far, far leftists. And to the best of my knowledge, most libertarians tend to vote for the GOP; as Dems don’t represent limited gov’t.

The forum, sponsored by Cultural Creatives in Action, a Connecticut-based peace group, had the feel of a 1960s peace rally, although most of the crowd was middle-aged.

What kind of group is that? What kind of name?

He drew ovations as he lashed out at the Bush administration and an expanding military budget.

BOOOO!!!! HISSS!!!! (Throwing rotten food/Aramark items at the stage). Why the hell would we cut the military budget? We need to keep it growing (for obvious reasons).

He said Americans “are aware their needs are not being met.”

What “needs” are you refering to? We’re more secure now, thanks to our expanded military budget. And we don’t want your highter taxes or socialized medicine either.

[the rest of the Article just mentions the other 8 candidates]

As promised, some good news about Brandeis

Well it’s late now, and I was busier than I expected to be today, so I’ll only get to share one of the two good pieces of news coming out of Brandeis with you all. Brandeis has chosen three famous alums for this years alumni achievement awards.

First, there’s Osman Faruk Logoglu, Class of ’63, the ambassador of Turkey to the United States.

Second there’s Marta Kauffman, Brandeis Class of ’78, executive producer and co-creator of the Emmy Award-winning series “Friends” (more below)

and finally, there’s Roderick MacKinnon of Rockefeller University, Class of ’78, an esteemed neurobiologist (lab website)

Regarding Ms./Mrs. Kauffman’s award, there’s a “legend” at Brandeis that the campus’ student run coffee shop, Cholmondeley’s (better known as Chums), was the insipiration for “Central Perk” the coffee shop on the show.

Now here’s the fun/interesting part. Chums is located in the basement of Usen Castle, which currently serves as a dorm. I’ll save the Castle story for another time. (For those interested, here’s a brief summary).

Anyway, when Brandeis bought the land for its campus from Middlesex University (story). the castle served as a lab building, and the space where Chumly’s now sits is said to have been the “animal morgue” for dissections. Wierd yet neat, huh?


That’s the headline over at Drudge’s site however, I don’t think it’s fitting. The tenses are wrong. The “Golden State” is already in a state of financial disaster. subsequently, how can it be nearing one? Druge should’ve changed the headline to read: “California nears becoming even more fucked-up economically” Heh.
(pardon my language)

Bulldozer Driving Camp

(I’ve had a long day today, so I’m in one of those off-color humor moods, just to warn you)

So it appears that everyones favorite terrorist supporting group, the ISM is going to be having a Summer Camp…(hat tip to Internet Haganah–and happy 1 year BlogAnniversary to him!)

If the terror supporters are gonna be having a summer camp, why doesn’t someone establish a summer camp for anti-idiotarians to learn how to drive bulldozers? Heh…

El Beisbol

Okay, time to mention America’s pastime–Baseball.

The Cleveland Indians have had their bats asleep as of late. Today, the team finally finally snapped a streak of 7 games without a home run!

This month Maxim conducted an interview with pitchers who are members of the 3,000+ Strike-out club I suggest reading it.

Speaking of pitchers who rack up the K’s, I’m thinking that Pedro Martinez is destined to join that exclusive club. Speaking of Pedro, SillyGlobe has an interesting article on the Globe’s coverage of Pedro. Apparently, on the days after Martinez pitches, the Globe “Se Habla Espanol”…you’ve gotta read this one

With regards to the Red Sox, their 25-8 win over the Marlins on Friday was literally record breaking. WKIKYA has it all covered

Oh, and last but not least: YANKEES SUCK!

Some thoughts

it’s late…and i didn’t do too much today, therefore, not much to blog about.

The Rabbi gave a really good sermon today, about Israel and the fallacy of the idea of the “hudna”…many in the blogsphere would be familiar with the territory he covered.

I realized that I’ve been badmouthing my school a lot recently. I should say that despite all the bashing I do of it, there are many things which I do indeed like about it. I mainly use my blog as a place to vent my frustrations, which is why there’s been such a one-sided approach. So starting tomorrow (Sunday), I plan on posting more often about things which I do indeed like about school or good news from the University. It’s only fair that I do so.
(Note: This will not prevent me from continuing to bash Aramark–like just about every other Brandeis student)

The latest issue of Maxim Magazine arrived yesterday (woohoo!) If you want to know why I’m subscribed to the magazine, all I can tell you is that it’s a joke that dates back to HS when I was in USY. But this issue has lots of good articles (yes, I actually read the content of Maxim). That gives me another idea for a post (It’ll be next).

Finally, for those who’ve emailed me recently, my appologies as I’m behind on my email.

Funny Search Results

The following searches have brought people to my blog:

1) Uris / Zionist propaganda (Yahoo)
2) Nambla Zionists (yahoo) (wtf???)
3) Question of time before they bomb Iran’s neuclear plant (google)
4) byrd bobblehead reading (google)
5) IDF “action Figure” (google)
6) circadian rythm images (yahoo)
7) “leon uris” homophobe
8) barbie doll wearhouse (yahoo)
9) al-queda myth(google)
10) cards hillary weasels (google)

My comments: result #2–what the hell were you searching for??!?!?! Same goes for #7!
Search #6–cool search, anyone want more babbling about circadian rhythms/biology (it’s neuroscience)
Search #4–does it come with a KKK-hat/cone/mask? Heh
Search #5–I gotta get me one of those

Use An Apache to get Tibi off Knesset rostrum

If you’ve ever watched CSPAN or at least seen it while channel surfing, I think that it’s safe to say that you’ll agree that the events going on in the House and Senate are rather, for lack of a better word, lame. Usually, all that happens are different Congressmen/Senators get up to speak, and on occasion give an entertaining rant, but otherwise, it’s rather dull. Even with the “Dems Declaring Political War in the House” things won’t get much more exciting.

Now lets contrast the proceedings in the House/Senate with those of the Israeli Kinesset. (the Israeli Parliment). Now that’s where there fun is at. The place is wild! Sometimes it feels like you’re watching a talk show a la Jerry Springer, et. al. The MKs yell at each other (out of turn) and curse and scream and it’s just really funny. It’s even funny if you don’t understand Hebrew.

So apprently, this past week, MK Ahmend Tibi, a former Terrorfat advisor, and an Israel hater (don’t ask why he’s in the gov’t, it’s a long story, and he should’ve been disqualified from running under Israeli law, but that’s another story). So Tibi as usual was One of the MKs, NissimZeev, from the religious-Sefardic “Shas” party sad “Use Apache to get Tibi off Knesset rostrum”

How great is that? No? Just imagine someone saying something like that in the US Congress/Senate….it would never happen, but in the Knesset, you never know what to expect.

News from the Dem. Primary

It’s official, Denny is running to win the nomination for the US Presidency….I doubt he has much of a chance to win it, and he’d stand no chance in a national race.

Among his many problems, within the Dem party, Denny and Dean are fighting for the same base of wacky far-left supporters. And in the first round of the battle, it looks like Dean won, 43.87% to 23.93% in the MoveOn primary.

But the major irony of the poll, the Jewish candidate (Lieberman) beat out the anti-semite (Al) 1.92% to 0.53% heh.

Good News From Israel

Kol HaKavod to the Israeli Special Olympics soccer team for winning the Gold Medal!

Brandeis Ignores 14th Ammendment

I’m not a supporter of affirmative action, though it (likely) did help me get into school (even though I had high test scores and a good GPA from a top HS), but as I mentioned a while ago, Brandeis filed an amicus brief with the SCOTUS to support Michigan. This was wrong for two reasons: First, they supported affirm. action. Second, they alligned themselves with Michigan, which as a resident of the state of Ohio, I must oppose on principle alone (Michigan Sux! GO BUCKEYES).

So here’s some the official press release from the school about the ruling and the statement of principles.

So the school paper (the Justice) also has an article about the decision:
Justices wave Brandeis admissions ahead.

So a few things stick out: First, the headline, shows that Brandeis has engaged in affirmative action. No suprises there. There are some quotes from various administators at the school. (You know, those people who only seem to exist in newspaper articles/press releases–the question is, do they even exist?).

The Dean/Director of enrolment is quoted as saying: “The next barrier to overcome is to actually get (minority) students here,” Whitfield said, adding that minority students who were granted admission were more likely to accept the offer if the University had a “critical mass” of other members of their races”

(Note: to any outsiders, a majority of the student body at Brandeis is Jewish, so they’re also looking for students of other religions)

So then they quote a student who just graduated this year, who I remember as being one of the hard lefties at school. I won’t give her name, but here’s what she said: (I’ve added some comments in Iralics)

Brandeis administrators have shown an admirable commitment to that goal, but they could still do more….

“If the University chose tomorrow to double, triple, quadruple the number of students of color admitted, it could. If the University chose to make diversification of staff, students and facility the number one priority of its already ambitious capital campaign … it could,” she wrote in an e-mail. (No, I doubt that. The capital campaign is to raise money for the school, since we’re somehow in the hole, despite all the money we shell out for tuition, and how we get gouged by Aramark–‘nother story)

She urged such measures as developing a public plan with numerical goals for minority populations among students and faculty And those are called QUOTAS! Which go against the purpose of Brandeis! and regular community meetings on diversity. Eh, those have been tried, but most students are apathetic about it. They usually ignore the race of their peers…

She also called on the University to consider expanding budgets (despite the fact that the school is in the red financially, or so they say) for the Transitional Year Program, which serves students who need a year of extra preparation before college; mainly minority students and the Student Services Support Program, a federally funded service for disabled, low-income and first-generation students. It doesn’t really cover disabled students, it only covers the last two

I’m a minority student, and I know that Brandeis does do special things for minorities. There are special announcements, events, oppertunities, etc. (and of course, extra school-spam).

But the comment about numbers bothered me. Brandeis was founded in 1948 by the American Jewish Committee (or Community) to serve as a school where students (mainly but not exclusivly Jewish) who were being closed out of other universities b/c of quotas (religious, racial). Brandeis was established in light of quotas. So now to come along and say that the school should make quotas….that’s absurd.

And with that I’ll end my rant.

It’s Ann Coulter Day!!!

It’s Thursday, meaning that it’s the day when Ann Coulter’s latest column comes out!This week, Ann (as usual) skewers communists and liberals! Hooray!

Speaking of Ann, John Hawkings of RWN scored an interview with Ann!

Ann also appeared on “The View” this morning, and Right We Are has a transcript. Go read how Ann shot down the hosts of the view.
(Hell, they deserved it after the treatment they gave Drudge)

Oh, and be sure to read Ann’s new book

Israeli News Roundup (and comments

All from the uber-left post-Zionist Ha’aretz

From the ticker:

00:38 Office of VP Cheney says he received $2,000 gift from Arafat, whom Bush administration has sought to sideline Send the fucking cash back! Or better yet, donate it to a charity for Jews

21:54 IAF Chief Halutz tells graduating IAF pilots: No one is more moral than us in using force against enemy
Nothing could be more true.

The headlines:
Army decides to close file on death of U.S. peace activist Rachel Corrie .
Good….I still nominate the bulldozer for the nobel peace prize

Diplomats: EU pressing France to add Hamas political wing to terror list
I’m begining to hate France even more now….

It’s back!

Hey! Blogger is finally working again! Woohoo! Though there was a lot of good stuff I’d wanted to blog on yesterday….(grumble)

Political Googling

Had two really funny google searches in my referral logs:

“cards hillary weasels” (um, go visit Newsmax for that), “joe lieberman bobblehead” (interesting…), Dennis Kucinich Nutcase (so true)

Blix Continues to Mumble

Hanzy Blix–please shut your mouth…your idiocy and ignorance continues to amaze me.

From Drudge: UN Arms Inspector Blix Criticizes U.S. Over Iraq

Even though Hans is due to retire next monday, it isn’t soon enough. Let’s look at some quotes:

“I’m simply saying that the longer we are in this situation without finding anything, the more we have to ask ourselves is it conceivable that they did destroy in ’91,” Blix told Reuters Television after the event.

Saddam said the weapons were destroyed in 1991 when a U.S.-led international coalition ousted his army from Kuwait. Blix has said that inspectors made their last significant finds in 1994.

Hans is omitting the 1998 discoveries. He should read Richard Butler’s book “The Greatest Threat” or Kenneth Pollocks’ “The Threatening Storm”