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Forcast: Possible Light blogging

My blogging may be light today (Sunday), because I’m going to be setting up for the annual “Activities Fair” here at Brandeis. Then for the next 2.5 hours I’m going to be tabling for Brandeis’ Pro-America club United We Stand

Following that I’ll be free, but likely doing some school work (reading). Then in the evening/early night I’ll be on the annual Boston Harbor Cruise!
After that, I’ll probably be bouncing between a few post-Orientation parties….after all, there’s no class on Monday!

So there’s a good change that blogging will be light today….

Great Letter in the Globe

This letter was in today’s Boston Globe, I need not add any comments

THE ROYALS are coming to Boston, that is the royal Democratic conventioneers are coming and the city’s cabbies are being instructed how to bow and scrape. The whole idea sounds oddly elitist to me. It is OK to offend daily commuters, but let the Democrats come to town and suddenly it is chic to be polite? I do not know about you and the convention planners, but I was taught good manners are not something you bring out for special occasions.

It is a real shame that cab drivers have not been instructed to treat you and me with the same civility they are supposed to show conventioneers who will be here for a week.

How could I almost forget

The Bronx Infidels (Yankees) have come up to Boston this weekend for a 3 game series against the Red Sox. Oh boy…I can only imagine what Fenway will be like.

Oh, and Sunday Brandeis is holding a Sox-Yankees rivalry event in the atrium of the new campus center on a big projection screen….there’s gonna be free food there too…so perhaps I’ll have to wander over.

It’s Football Time

It’s that time of year again, time for the College Football season to kick off! Seeming that Brandeis won’t be fielding a football team (again), I’m going to continue rooting for my home state favorite, the National Champion, Ohio State Buckeyes!!!

I’m gonna be watching tomorrow night’s game against Washington here…rooting big time for the Buckeyes (and Jim Tressel)


I think the CA Democrats may need some help

Anyone want to help out the CA Democrats? After all they were totally serious in saying this

Unhappy with the mock poll results, the chairman of the California Democratic Party, former state Sen. Art Torres said yesterday that “Taco Bell should stick to making tacos, not rigging elections.”

Wow….they really, really need some help.
(via the Angry Clam)

Morning Blogging

Woke up early this AM and couldn’t go back to sleep for some reason…I dunno why.

If I didn’t mention it previously, classes started yesterday. I’m going to try out a 9am Neurogenetics course this morning.
Then from 12:10PM-1PM I’ve got “Revival of Modern Hebrew“, followed by a 1:40-3:00PM “Cellular Neuroscience” course.

(click the links to get a course description–if you’re curious).

Not too much in the news to blog about yet this morning…it’s still early…

I’m gonna go get ready for class. Back off to the science complex I go!

Gotta get me a deck of these

From Ha’aretz:

Shin Bet using playing cards to distribute pictures of wanted Palestinians, emulating U.S. army hunt for wanted Iraqis

Where can I buy myself one of these decks? Is Arafat the Ace of Spades?

ISM Tool Mourns Hamas Terrorist

Go see this post over at LGF

My favorite excerpt from the letter:

“I bet you didn’t know that all of Hamas doesn’t support suicide bombings”

Can you be any more ignorant?

They shoot they Score

Another Hamas member bites the dust….but this time it wasn’t a strike on a car….

22:32 Hamas man killed in IAF missile strike in Gaza was behind Qassam rocket attacks on Israeli targets
22:28 Palestinians identify Hamas militant killed in IAF strike in Gaza as Hamdi Kabach, member of group`s military wing
22:26 Witnesses: IAF warplane kills Hamas militant in Gaza with missile hit on donkey cart

This story is still breaking….

Ann Coulter Day

I know, I haven’t highlighted Coulter’s column in a while, but frankly, many of ’em haven’t been that great recently. This week’s however, has some priceless quotes in it which deserve to be highlighted. So without further ado, this week’s column is: Liberal arguments: Still a quagmire

“…the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Motto: “Where mediocre students pay exorbitant sums to say they went to Harvard”).

“But liberals are indignant for every day that we haven’t turned a barbaric land into Vermont”

“Liberals simply refuse to consider thoughts that would interfere with their lemming-like groupthink. They hold their hands over their ears like little children who don’t want to listen to mother.”

” Amid her sneering, PMS-induced anger toward the Bush administration, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd…”

There are two other quotes by Coulter I’d have to challenge though:

uncovering mass graves, canisters of poison gases

Which canistars are being refered to?

Turn tail and abandon Iraq to the mullahs and the Syrians

You must mean Iran rather than Syria. There is a difference Ann…

But otherwise, it’s an entertaining column…

It’s fisking time

STEM THE TIDE: Do not use the word ‘Evil’ to simplify the world to good vs. evil

We have all heard a lot about evil since Sept. 11, 2001. From “the evil one” to the “Axis of Evil” to the “fall of an evil regime in Iraq,” George W. Bush seems to have somewhat of a preoccupation with the word.

No he doesn’t. He knows its meaning, and he’s making sure the American people understand it. Just as the USSR was an evil empire

It might appear to be mere harmless rhetoric at first glance, but this language is actually quite problematic.

You’re wrong. Just as the left whined about the use of the term “evil empire” by President Reagan…well we saw who was right in the end in that one.

In the hours and days immediately following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 – when New York City and Washington were still ablaze and the shock had yet to lift from the public’s eyes – the use of the word “evil” was understandable. The inability to express something fully (in this case the cause of the horrors of the day), makes it necessary to reduce it to the simplest possible terms.

What other word was there to use other than evil? What we saw on Sept. 11th was pure unadulterated evil. Nothing else. We saw pure evil. There was no need to reduce it or think of any other words.

But at the present time – when cooler heads are able to prevail – the term is troublesome because it offers an easy escape route from a deeper understanding of the complexities of conflict, war and hatred.

Are you minoring in Peace, Conflict and Coexistance studies? Cause you sure as hell sound like it. There’s nothing complex about this. The Islamofacists want to destroy us in their quest to establish a Caliphate so Sha’ria can be the law of the land.

To say something is evil is to unconditionally imply that there is a corresponding good.

There is. That would be called Freedom (and its embodied by the USA)

Immediately the age-old “good versus evil” conflict is set up, and there is no longer any need for reason or critical thinking.

Oh yes, let’s reason with Islamofacists……how stupid are you?

And no one puts options forth beyond simply destroying the evil.

No, academics do (lord knows we’ve all heard their BS), as do many other leftist organizations. But we’ve learned from history that evil if left unchecked grows, so we have to defeat evil for the greater good.

So when Bush calls Al Qaeda, Osama, Saddam or North Korea evil, he is forcing us down to the simplest level possible.

But he’s telling the truth. What other word would you choose? Ever heard of KISS?

This binary distillation of all human action and emotion into two overriding categories may be pleasing to the masses, but it ignores a myriad of geopolitical and socioeconomic factors that lead to actions we see as “evil.”

It is pleasing to the masses, and it doesn’t ignore all sorts of other stuff. Stop making the whole “root cause” excuse.

This simplification is unacceptable because it will never lead to an end of conflict–which is what everybody’s goal should be.

When we subdue them and show ’em that they can’t win–it will. Otherwise, the battle will continue. But we will emerge victorious. We shall prevail!

If we skewer Osama bin Laden on a patriot missile on Monday

That’s not likely to happen. Patriots are defensive missiles rather than offensive ones.

he will be replaced by a successor by the end of the week.

So another, weaker islamofacist comes up. But this is a major blow to Al-queda, and it deprives them of a shit load of funding and logistics. It’s a major score for us.

We can do all the killing we want, but until we strive to understand what leads to such hatred in the world, all we are doing is getting ourselves involved in a sick, ultra-violent game of international Whack-A-Mole.

Translation: “Cycle of Violence”. We’ve gotta destroy those and the states that give rise to such terror, and should we need to play this whack-a-mole game…we’ve got the Army and the Marines!

I am not proposing a radical relativism in which there is no such thing as a good or bad action.

You sound like you are…are you a PAX student>

I try my best, however, to draw the line at dubbing things “evil” because to do so is to reduce modern life to a video game or action movie.

There is evil in this world, open your eyes. Look outside the Brandeis bubble.

Osama bin Laden – through his insanely misguided and possibly psychotic worldview – thinks he is doing what is best for the world. Calling him evil and leaving it at that does a disservice to everyone who truly desires a lasting peace.

But we don’t stop at that. Not only do we call him evil, we go after his (and his followers) evil carcasses. That’ll give rise to lasting peace.

None of this means we should be any less vigilant in defending ourselves from those who wish to harm us. And this does not mean we should stop trying to capture Osama bin Laden.

More vigilance! Let’s go kick terrorist ass!

What it does mean, however, is that we should retreat from the naiveté of thinking that anything could ever possibly be as simple as “good versus evil.”

No we shouldn’t. In this case there are no shades of gray. It’s black and white.

If we define evil as “a force that defies all that is right and just”- and this seems like a definition most would accept as is or with some small modification – then evil quite simply does not exist in the real world.

Take off your liberal blinders–evil does exist in the world. It’s in front of our faces. Communism is evil, so is Islamofacism.

Where is this force? It is a fairy tale, best used to unite and rile the public or to remove ourselves from the responsibility of tracing the roots of conflict. Once you call someone evil, you immediately divest yourself from any obligation to understand what led to his or her current disposition. Why bother when he or she is simply evil?

Blah blah blah, you are a clueless Liberal pax student. I should’ve known.

It is a fine line to walk in arguing against using the term to describe those who would seem to have most earned it. It is important to realize that this is more than semantics, however, because until the day comes when we realize our enemies are more than simply “evil,” their numbers will not decrease no matter how many cruise missiles we toss their way.

We know they’re more that evil. Duh! But we also know their mentality. Unless we defeat them sizeably, they’ll still have hope and will continue in their evil ways. But till then, we’ve got to kick some terrorist ass!

New Justice is Out

The latest edition of the school paper The Justice is out (although not yet online). Not much real “news” per say in the paper, mainly because the year has yet to start.

But of course, some of the editorial board went to work, and as usual, there’s one editorial worthy of a fisking. So expect one later on.

Terrorist Sympathizers coming to OHIO

[via LGF]:

The “peace loving” Terror supporting and enabling group the ISM is planning on moving their conference from NJ to the hollowed ground of Ohio State University (Go BUCKS!!!).

The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article on this.

Now here’s a brief intro to the ISM (from the paper):

The group’s mission statement “rejects any form of hatred or discrimination against any group.” But it adds, in part, “It is not our place to dictate the strategies or tactics adopted by the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation.”

Now as anyone with even an iota of Clue knows, the ISM is very pro-terrorist and defends them. The ISM is also the former home of Rachel “Pancake” Corrie. (Three cheers to the bulldozer!!!) For more info on ’em check out the new blog “ISM Central

The group also says that it’s not “anti-semetic”–that’s Bullshit to the nth degree. They protect anti-semetic terrorist swine.

What is even MORE dissapointing is that the Ohio State Hillel isn’t taking action against the ISM SOBs.

Joseph Kohane, executive director of the Hillel Foundation at OSU, said Hillel supports the right of all student groups to hold public forums.

“Any group that’s registered as a student group has the right of self-expression,” Kohane said. “We don’t agree with their position about the conflict in the Middle East. Our students who are committed activists will exercise their freedom to respond.”

IMHO, The Hillel at the school should condemn such a group holding a conference. And major props in advance to those who are gonna respond to the terror loving SOBs. More power to all you pro-Israel activists (note: some of these people are personal friends of mine)

Despite the Hillel’s waffling, I have more faith that the OSU Chabad will be out there demonstrating FOR ISRAEL

As an Ohio resident (and taxpayer), I’m mighty pissed off at the University for hosting this conference–cause my tax dollars are gonna be spent subsidizing this anti-Israel and anti-American event.

I encourage all people, even non-Ohio residents, to write to the state Governor Bob Taft (R) and tell him the truth about the ISM–and tell him how Ohio shouldn’t be hosting these bastards.

Please spread this message widely!

BIAS in Academia

So on today’s orientation schedule are teach ins, which give new students a “taste” of what Brandeis profs have to offer. The topics available span a variety of areas, from the “science of happiness” to “Instant Messanging and Beyond” to “Newspapers and Analytical Thinking”. Granted, many of the political ones have the traditional lefty bias, but one stands out in particular, one by the individual who is my faculty nemisis.

It’s time to wind down war

We wil examine the unusual reasons why most people believe war is a permanent part of the human condition, and will also examine how it is possible that this is a transitional time in history when war may begin to be phased out of human behavior

Now if that doesn’t scream out academic bias, then I dunno what does. This teach in should be called “Asshatedness 101”.

Come On Good News….

Developing Story from Ha’aretz: Bomb explodes near home of Hezbollah official in eastern Lebanon

Update: Apparently there were no terrorist casualties…..darn

Welcome Back

So today is when everyone else returns to campus (meaning more of my friends come back). This also means that the Clue-Quotient here at Brandeis will increase. He he. I’m off to go see some friends.