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Election 2004: Is this news?

Drudge is reporting: Dean Attacks Bush on Defense, Foreign Policy

How is this news? This isn’t anything new…it sounds like the same-old recycled thing we’ve been hearing over and over again. An aside: Dean is clueless on defense and foreign policy.

While I’m on the topic of Dean, it looks like he’s calling on Jimmeh Carter for advice.

Meanwhile, it looks like Clark is turning to Hollywood to jumpstart his campaign

The Forward reports on how the Dem candidates are apparently ignoring Ohio. It’ll be a crucial state come 2004.

Going back to Dean…so apparently the man who claims that the Bush administration is too secretive, has apparently sealed his records as Governor. Eye On the Left has the whole round up
What is he hiding after all?

The list of most influential Jews

Via Steve Silver, the Jewish newspaper the Forward last week unveiled its annual Forward 50, or the 50 most influential American Jews.

Taking the top spot for the second year in a row was is a major player in the so called “Zionist Neo-con cabal”–Deputy SECDEF Paul Wolfowitz.

Going through the list, a few thoughts (besides the fact that I don’t recognize most of the names):

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)–I don’t think I’ve heard much of the guy
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)–he’s Jewish? I never knew that. He’s far too left though. Way too far to the left.
Fred Zeidman–never heard of him, but I like his committment to philanthropy.
Michael Lerner—yuck! Just hearing this man’s name makes me sick. He’s garbage. (He’s also big in the NOIN, UPFJ etc. crowd)

Rabbi (officer) Carlos Huerta (101st Airborne Division)– I’ve never heard of him until now either, but this man is a real Jewish (and American) Hero!
Rachel Fish–Bravo! She deserves honor for her anti-hate work!

Alan Dershowitz & Phyllis Chesler–their books are supposed to be good.
Daniel Pipes– *Grin* I can’t say enough about this man

Morton Klein–Good man; good organization (ZOA), all around good stuff
Malcolm Hoenlein & James Tisch–These two have done good work. I didn’t know who they were until now, I’ve only heard of their efforts.

Jon Stewart–I LOVE The Daily Show. It’s extremely quality TV.

There’s one other figure on the list, but I think he warrants a post of his own.

Now back to the studying I should be doing

Back in Boston

I’m back here in the Commonwealth of MA (otherwise affectionately known as the People’s Republic of Taxachussets), and back inside the little bubble known as Brandeis.

I’ve got lots of homework to do, and like most Americans, really want to catch some football. So it looks like I’m going to be juggling things around (as usual).

At the same time, I’ve found some stories that are definitely worth blogging on. With that being said, I guess I”ll be taking periodic “breaks” from my work to blog or procrastinate in other ways. All that aside, it’s time to go read…

Post-turkey thoughts

I’m back from my grandparents house…mmm….the turkey was so good.
As if thursday night’s dinner wasn’t enough, Grandma then proceeded to make Shabbos dinner….and she made her chicken soup! With Matzo Balls too! Yay Grandma! (as always)

Unfortunately, I’m in somewhat of a “rut’ right now, so I’m home for the night, and am just doing homework. I know, it’s very depressing…sigh…

Perhaps I’ll blog later this evening (if I get the chance), or normal blogging will resume tomorrow once I return to Waltham. There’s so much to blog about too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, their families and friends.

And a special greeting and “thank you” to the men and women of the US Armed Forces–we can not even begin to express how thankful we are for what you do

And I’m Home

Yes, I’m back here at my home (an East-side Cleveland suburb). Not a very eventfull day traveling. The Mass Pike to Logan was virtually empty, and the lines at Logan were shorter than usual. It was really strange.

Slept through my first flight.

I had a layover in Newark–nice airport. Fortunately, Continental provided free magazines for the taking at the gate I deplaned at, so I was able to get copies of the New Yorker, National Review and Weekly Standard. I also walked around the concourse a bit and visited the bookstores to help pass time. Lots of interesting books on the market right now…hopefully the local library will have them available (I need something to do over winter break).

So from Newark I flew home here to Cleveland. I then had to wait ~90 minutes with my mom in the airport for my sister’s flight to arrive. After that, my mom had apparently promised my sister that they’d go straight to this one clothing store to shop (and as an aside, I hate clothes shopping). Groan. Then at long last I got back here to my house, and my room. I got to throw together dinner for myself as well…haven’t done that in a long time.

So tomorrow I’m going to my grandparents (who live out of town) for Thanksgiving Day, and I’ll be spending the night there, and I probably won’t get back home to Cleveland until Friday. Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating the day like a lot of other Americans–Football and Turkey. Yeah Tryptophan! Yeah Football! Yay for grandma’s cooking!!!

Then Friday, I hope that I won’t be dragged off shopping with my mother. I hate shopping (save for certain types of shopping), but especially on the craziest day of the year. I’m also not an earlybird (i.e. I don’t line up at stores at 6am for super sales).

Oh, and I probably forgot to mention that somehow I hurt one of my eyes today (somehow), so besides the fact that I’m in a lot of pain, it’s my good eye that I hurt so I can barely see (and yet, I’m blogging, go figure).

I need to grab some more advil I think

Heading Home

I’m heading back home from school, so blogging will be light to non existant the rest of the day.

I’ll be traveling for most of the day (I’ve got to first get to Logan, then fly, layover, fly again. Then since my sister and I are arriving on flights that aren’t that far apart time wise (~1.5 hours), I’ll lilkely be stuck on the other side of Cleveland to kill time (it’s not worth it to drive me home than drive back out).

As such, blogging will be light until tomorrow evening at the earliest (unless I wake up early tomorrow morning and happen to be very bored).

But in case I don’t get a chance to blog:


Update: Got a bit of time to kill right now…but nothing too exciting to blog about. Oh well.

News On Campus

From the latest issue of the Justice

Front page story: A CAMPUS TORN: Pipes’ visit garners strong support amid controversy
[For more detail on the talk, see the Brandeis Vanguard]

Also on the front page: Flier incites campus outcry (yes, the person turned themselves in)

Asbestos in North Quad not a threat–an interesting story.

And of course: SJC strikes down gay marriage ban
(like you didn’t expect it?)

Then there’s this piece: Reinharz presented with first official University Ring (It’s just a bit expensive, no?)

Jumping to the forum section:

The Editorial Board weighs in on this semester’s events

A column: Pipes protest left-wing fascism

A good letter to the editor: Left is just as guilty of intolerance
(yeah, it’s from a friend of mine)

And there’s other stuff as usual…I’m just being a bit lazy in linking to it…I’m just happy that my paper is done.

Not feelin’ well

So of all days/times, it looks like I’m coming down with some sort of bug…perhaps the one that’s been making rounds about the campus.

I’ve got to finish up this one paper for my cellular neuroscience class this evening, and then do laundry then pack to go home (among other things).

But the latest issue of the Brandeis paper is out…and I’ll definitely blog on it later this evening. There’s lots of good stuff in it (at least I thought there was at first glance) Big police blotter as well (score!)

Hopefully the meds will kick in soon, I’m gonna try to work on my paper…

They Should’ve Gotten Life w/o Parole

Via Fox News: Two Sentenced for Trying to Join Taliban

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two American Muslims who tried to join the Taliban were sentenced to 18 years in prison Monday during a hearing in which they denounced the Bush administration and pleaded in song for freedom.

Patrice Lumumba Ford, 32, and Jeffrey Leon Battle, 33, had pleaded guilty in October to conspiracy to levy war against the United States.

Both said that in trying to reach Afghanistan (search), they were fulfilling their Islamic duty to defend fellow Muslims.

“The attack on Afghanistan killed and maimed thousands of people without achieving its objective,” said Ford, who had traveled to China in an unsuccessful attempt to reach Afghanistan. “I refuse to stand passive in the face of such policies.”

Ford, once an intern at Portland’s City Hall, said he felt obliged to defend his fellow Muslims against “President Bush’s cruise-missile diplomacy.”

These guys obviously have their administrations mixed up…Cruise missile diplomacy was such a thing of the 90s. President Bush on the other hand takes the fight directly to the terrorists.

Too bad these guys surrendered in a plea bargain…they should’ve gotten life without parole for the charges against ’em.

One Down! One to go…

So I’ve finished my term paper for my neurogenetics course; but now I’ve got to finish my paper for Cellular Neuroscience. It’s as if the fun never ends (granted, I’m over half way done on the latter)

About that Energy Bill

So there’s a lot in the news about how the Energy Bill is being blocked in the Senate. The reason for the block is a Filibuster (suprised?) which has the Senate Dems along with a group of New England Republicans.

Why are the New England Republicans so against the bill? Well the bill calls for a provision shielding makers of MTBE from lawsuits–and some of the New England states currently have lawsuits against MTBE makers pending. The MTBE clause is popular in the Great Plains area, since they’d like to use corn based ethanol–and this would also be shielded by the clause.

But what exactly is MTBE? Well, since I survived a year of Organic Chemistry and Lab I can explain it to you. Tert-butyl methyl ether, otherwise known as 2-methoxy-2-methylpropane; methyl t-butyl ether; Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether; Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) ; MTBE; Tert-butyl methyl ether.

It’s molecular weight is 88.1492 and has a melting point of -109 (c) and a boiling point of 55.2 (c). That means that you’ll usually encounter it in a solid form. And if you want to learn more about it, just visit this page

And for the record, I hated Organic Chemistry…

Another sign the Geneva Accords are a bad idea

So the so called “Geneva Accords” (text — PDF file) which aren’t even a formal agreement (they were authored by a bunch of “dovish” far-leftist Israeli figures and some outsider PA figures) and has been slammed by the Israeli public, the Israeli gov’t, a former IDF Intel head and is even opposed by many in the PA including Arafat are obviously a bad idea.

(You’ve got to be an idiotarian or an asshat extrordinaire not to realize that this “agreement” is beyond screwed up and not worth the paper its printed on).

So just further proof that it’s a bad idea:

Former United States President Bill Clinton has indicated he is contemplating becoming a signatory of the Geneva Agreement

According to a Channel 1 TV News report, Swiss government officials are contemplating sending a private plane to bring the former US leader to the Geneva signing ceremony.

I rest my case

Now you don’t see this everyday

Via Allah Is In the House

Now you really don’t see lines like this in many newspapers op-ed columns, (maybe save for Dowd and Krugman)

Sharon is a one-man Bullshit Artists, Inc. He is bullshitting Bush the same way he is bullshitting the citizens of this country.

It’s actually from this piece in the Israeli daily Ha’aretz.

Now for those who don’t know much about the Israeli media, Ha’aretz is without a doubt the official paper of the Israeli post-Zionist left wing. (For some more colorful commentary on Ha’aretz visit Prof. Steven Plaut’s Blog) Ha’aretz has a very hard-left bias, and almost anyone can tell you that (if the quote from the article didn’t give it away).

Ha’aretz also bills itself as the “newspaper for people who think” also came under fire recently from outgoing Israeli AG Elyakim Rubenstein–who said:

[Ha’aretz] did the thinking for its readers “Its readers received one-sided and partial information, and put a wall between them and my position.”

and that was just the tip of the iceberg as other media outlets also said the same thing about Ha’aretz.

Quotes to think about

Here’s some stuff to think about:

“It seems to be perfectly legitimate for Daschle and virtually every other Democrat to attack President Bush’s national security policies, but when Bush responds in an ad, why, that’s repulsive, outrageous and ‘questioning our patriotism!’”

“Is gay marriage really the issue? Or is this really just a cover for more new business for divorce lawyers? I mean there’s a market segment out there that can’t get married, thus can’t get divorced, thus can’t get screwed, financially.”

“Guess who the #1 beneficiary of all these Bill Clinton terrorist summits was? Yasser Arafat was front and center. He was the #1, most favored and most frequent guest at the White House.”

“Here’s a question. Can liberals demand states’ rights for gay marriage and at the same time refuse to allow states’ rights for right to life?” —Rush Limbaugh

On that last quote, think about it in the greater sense (outside of abortion and gay marriage–substitute other issues)

As for the quote about divorce lawyers–groan–I don’t like money grubbing lawyers [but that’s common knowledge here]

Regarding the RNC ad, there’s also posts up over at BlogsForBush, Limbaugh, VRWC Inc and Zogby Blog

My opinion, simply–it’s politics. Nothing more.

And with that I return to finishing up my neurogenetics paper (which I should be doing right now…)

A sign Kerry is in trouble?


Apparently they want Kerry to ride more motorcycles (aside: I think he looks stupid when he does that) and “develop how Kerry’s the real anti-war protester, not Dean” (after all, that’s the current “core” of the Democrat base who vote in the primary–note the lurch leftwards).

The staffers talked about doing an ad where they would contrast Kerry’s anti-war activism with Dean as a draft-dodging ski bum. The ad would feature vault clips of Kerry speaking at anti-war rallies and testifying on Capitol Hill vs. Dean statements on how he could have served in the military, but decided not to.

You see…they’re trying to steal Dean’s base (which is the “activist” wing of the Dems). Problem is, the vote Kerry originally cast in favor of the resolution and his constant flip-flopping since then.

Kerry’s campaign has apparently already started with this strategy according to this article

Perhaps the fact that Dean did indeed dodge the draft will bouey his support with the fringe groups who are supporting him, because he did what they would’ve done in the time of a draft–rather than fighting in general.

I still think that Kerry is French looking and very, very aloof. Also getting insulted by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog doesn’t help very much. He really needs to pull something off soon, or he’s sunk