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Ooooh, what a low blow

I wish there was a way to place a quasi-sarcasm tag in the line above.
but this story just jumped out at me:


Criticizing Kerry, Dean told reporters in Tucson: “It turns out we’ve got more than one Republican in the Democratic race. I’ve already said I thought (retired Gen.) Wes Clark was a Republican and now apparently John Kerry has the same financing habits.”

I think in the Dem primaries, being labled a “Republican” is just about as low as one can get. Is there anything worse? Perhaps a “Conservative Republican”is the only thing lower…
As for Clark–who really knows what he is anyway? I’m still unsure of his real party identification, but whatever.

Kerry seemed mad that Dean called him out for his having received more money from special interests than any other Senator in the last 15 years–as the WaPo reported today (apparently on the front page)

That is one thing that could hurt…

But in the meantime, I’m just going to sit back and watch the mudslinging continue…

Is it time to get drunk yet? (I’ve just been bored today–sorry)

Primary Confusion

So as we all know, Kerry has won the contests in Iowa and NH, but apparently, Dean still ahs a lead in the number of delegates.

Is it just me or is any one else confused by this? Why can’t there just be a simple system?
(yeah, I know wishful thinking)

Update: Call it ironic, but soon after I originally made this post, Patrick of Ole Miss Conservative has a post up on the topic.

He’s 63?

Apparenly Dick Cheney had his birthday last night, and turned 63. Who knew it was his birthday (and does anyone really care?) and second–is it just me or doesn’t anyone else think he looks older than 63?

For your entertainment

*Drink Alert*

The Washington Post apparently held an online Chat on Wed. with none other than the Daily Show’s “Senior Political Correspondent” Stephen Colbert.

It’s a very funny read.

Did I mention that I love the Daily Show?

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday! That means the week is over! Woooohoo!

That’s the goodnews though.

The bad news, is that if you happen to be me–today is the one (and only) day when I have two academic classes in the same day–one of which is a 3 hour seminar.

That means I’m likely not going to have any time to blog any more today, but I do plan on blogging again starting tomorrow night.

Reich is wrong–again

So Brandeis Professor and former Sec of Labor under Clinton Robert Reich has penned another column in the NYT called “The Dead Center“–in which he basically rips “moderates”.

Now of course I’ve got thoughts to share on this column–that’s a given. But due to current time constraints, I can’t share my thoughts yet.

In the interim, CD of Semi-Intellegent Thoughts will be fisking the article (and I’ll pick up wherever he stops off).

Rush Limbaugh shared some thoughts and John Hawkins of RWN also took the time to share some of his opinions on the piece.

But don’t dismay, my thoughts will be forthcoming.

From the “No, Really?” Department

Sometimes headlines, or teaser headlines make you go: “No, Really?” because they’re what one would anticipate. Here’s two that are up at Drudge right now:

Lawmakers Find Evidence of Intelligence Failures on Iraq

Really? More than what David Kay reported? How soon until Tennet gets a pink slip? (last part is wishful thinking)

Update Turns out these findings were from a seven month ‘study’. It basically says what a lot of us in the blogsphere have been saying for a long time–the CIA isn’t doing its job. Our intel is basing itself way too much on ELINT and SIGNIT rather than utilizing HUMINT.

Second: Outrage in Congress as Medicare overhaul cost estimates rise dramatically

I can’t blame them at all. One of the the only reasons it somehow passed was that lawmakers were promised it wouldn’t go above $400 billion—yeah, and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Wasn’t Medicare only $6 million (or was it billion) annually? The moral of the story–gov’t price tags are just about never right–I mean look at the Big Dig!

Update: So apparently the Dems don’t think we’re spending enough still, but the Conservatives are very, very mad. They at the very least better put a spending cap on this.
[sorry, I’m just in one of those odd moods right now–that’s the only reason why I post things like this
and I’ll link to the stories once I see the hyperlink on Drudge]

History Question of the Day

So there’s a lot of talk about how much the Left hates President Bush…

But I’ve got to ask, how much did the Left hate Reagan (first term in office)? Was it more or less than the current levels of Bush hatred?

Sense from State?

From the title of this story: U.S. Declines to Take Neutral Stance on Israeli, Palestinian Attacks it could be a good sign.

“We don’t draw equivalence between different actions,” State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said from a podium where past administrations have carefully and evenhandedly deplored violence on both sides with equal emphasis.

“I am not here to draw comparisons between different actions,” Boucher said. He also stressed that Israel had a right to self-defense and that Palestinian violence was hurting peacemaking prospects.

Eight Palestinians were killed Wednesday by Israeli troops in Gaza. Four were from the Islamic Jihad group and a fifth from Hamas. The State Department identifies the two groups as terrorist organizations. Another three people killed were “bystanders” [quotation marks mine.]

Could there finally be some common sense in Foggy Bottom? I guess its premature to get my hopes up.


So I told a friend that I may write an opinion piece for their newspaper….the deadline was originally next week, so I thought, okay, I can write something this weekend. Then this morning I get an email saying the deadline was today. I spent the past hour trying to type something up…but to be honest, I couldn’t really think of anything to opine about. Nor did I like the fact that the deadline was moved up.

I’m thinking that I won’t write one now. Unless someone has a good idea for one (leave it in the comments section).

Okay, off to procrastinate or something like that.

Slow Day

It’s been a slow day today…I actually am ahead of my reading (which is eerie the more I think about it).

Let’s see….the BBC took one on the chin. Not like I really ever watched the BBC or relied on it for my news. I’m currently perfering the Israeli media for my news.

Is it just me or is anyone else of hearing about: The scott peterson/michael jackson and martha trials? Same goes for the campaigns. Every morning when I turn on the news, it’s a constant cycle of those things, and then there’s the interviews with the campaign chairs (*yawn*)

Last night there were all these rumors that we were going to get a big snow storm dumped on us here in Boston. Well, the weather people were wrong, we got maybe 3-4 inches. Back home in Cleveland, my little brother had a snow day (which very rarely happens), and apparently, down in MD things shut down as well, as Jay can attest to.

One of my friends was on the Daily Show tuesday night. If you saw the show, and remember when Rob Corrdrey was at Lieberman’s NH HQ–she was the one in the yellow sweater, who Rob was hugging (constantly). Yeah–that was her. Apparently they also interviewed her, but they cut that part out.

I was watching Dennis Miller’s show again tonight (I was really bored people!) I’ve got to say, for what he occasionally (make that often) lacks in humor, he’s scored some good guests this early. The Governator, Sen. McCain, Rudy Gulianni…and his “varsity pannel” is quite interesting. Suprisingly Horowitz has yet to explode while on the panel.

Speaking of exploding–apparently I missed Ann Coulter on Hannity and Colmes–she’s always an interesting guest to watch…if I can’t fall asleep, I’ll perhaps watch the rerun.

Back to Miller’s show, Horowitz jumped out to defend the PATRIOT Act–and the other two people on the panel want it gone (Willie Brown and someone named Naomi Wolf). Wolf is doing the whole shtick about the squashing of dissent, domestic espionage (against enemies of the administration)…is J. Edgar Hoover back? Then she drags Israel into the whole mix, and says that Israel doesn’t politicize Nat’l security, and the like.

She’s wrong by the way. In Israel, they don’t have freedom of speech, there is a gov’t censor. And Nat’l security is probably the issue which has swayed the past few elections over in Israel. I mean why do you think that the Likud did so well in the last election [2003]? Simply because they’re (at least supposed to be) stronger against terror than the Israeli left (Labor, etc.) Some people never learn.

Okay, that’s enough random thoughts for now….

Election Thoughts

Anyone else see the interview with Al Sharpton that was in Rolling Stone? I mean I knew the guy was a bit crazy, but reading that interview–yikes! The man is a full fledged nutcase! (He’s also very egotistical at that). My goodness!

Ann Coulter’s column today was a little more down to Earth than usual (really, it’s possible), and she just goes after Kerry in it. Bonus points to her for a kucinich joke at the start of it.

Finally, I’m suprised that Dean fired his campaign manager, Joe Trippi. Wasn’t Trippi supposively the one behind the whole internet strategy? Some are taking this as a sign that Dean is in trouble, but at the same time, Kerry shook up his campaign a few months ago, and he’s done better since. Who knows?

And off topic, I’m already sick of Super Bowl pregame shows.

Brief Morning Thoughts

Why are there all these leaks about a planned US Armed Forces offensive in Pakistan in the spring? What ever happened to the element of Suprise?

How is Israel gonna retaliate for the latest mass-murder at the hands of the palestinians? I want to see something swift, decisive and powerful.

I also think that the club on campus who planned a “Geneva Initiative Bash” this evening should be whacked over the head with a ClueBat™ or two.

The Smarter Cop has a fun multiple choice quiz up. It’s fun–therefore it’s acceptable to take in the morning.

I’ve only got one class today, so I’ll likely be spending the afternoon screwing around, being nonproductive as any good college student should be. So perhaps I’ll even do some extra blogging should the muse hit me.

Not a good idea

If you’re trying to shore up your conservative base. Drudge is reporting:

BUSH TO SEEK BIG BUDGET INCREASE FOR NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS… Laura Bush plans to announce the request — for the largest increase in two decades — on Thursday… Developing…

I still don’t understand the need for the Nat’l Endowment for the Arts, but….

Time for some good news

Despite my angry tone in my last post, I’m actually in a pretty good mood right now. Why?
I just did my weekly “weigh in” for the diet I’m on, and since starting it (maybe a month ago)? I’ve already managed to lose 10 lbs! Yay! Um, that is all.

I’m sick of “diversity” awareness!!!

I’m sick of this whole so called “diversity” movement. And that’s speaking as a minority. The University just sent out another email, and here are choice excerpts:

On January 12, 2004 over 20 faculty from various departments and Schools participated in a pilot program on “managing difficult conversations.” Although this meeting with skilled, external facilitators was well received, the overall assessment was that the faculty itself can construct strategies for achieving greater sensitivity and effectiveness. We have learned that there are many faculty throughout the university who have impressive insight and skills and who are eager to engage others in discussions of differences that can challenge and enrich all of us.

(1) In order to explore our experiences as individuals and as a community, we are planning
to use theatre, story-telling or other innovative means of increasing shared understanding.
Professor [name removed] is chair of this sub-committee.

(2) Recognizing the importance of cultivating faculty skills in managing classroom dynamics
and responding to challenging interactions, we will hold a series of dialogs and skill- building sessions for faculty. These meetings will be coordinated by Senior Advisor to the Provost

(3) We are conducting a comprehensive review of the undergraduate curriculum to identify
areas of strength and areas in need of bolstering with respect to courses that explore the
issues and challenges of a diverse society. This review will be coordinated by Dean of Arts
and Sciences.

I also want to call your attention to a variety of other related activities. Rather than deferring action until the completion of the entire curriculum review referred to above, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, is in the process of gathering suggestions from departments and programs regarding courses related to diversity that might be added to the 2004-05 schedule. The titles of probable new courses will be announced later in the term.

The university is also developing a longer term plan for adding tenure-track faculty who will teach topics that address underrepresented groups, study issues related to diversity and pluralism within their fields, and increase the dissemination of knowledge about the diverse world and country in which we live. As a first step of this kind, we are finalizing the description for a search that will be conducted next year for a tenure-track scholar of Islam, to be located in one or more of the Anthropology, History, Philosophy, or NEJS departments.

Further, Coordinator of Diversity Services, is chairing a committee that is planning a series of informal gatherings to discuss the many forms of diversity on campus and to gather community input on the steps that we can take to address issues more effectively. The committee has also begun talking about a university-wide diversity activity for later this semester.

Faculty at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management have also been actively engaged in addressing issues of diversity in the School’s curriculum and teaching. Working groups are now established to examine topics related to race, gender, social class and immigrant status. Further, a series of faculty workshops is scheduled for the spring semester for Heller School faculty and doctoral students to explore how to address cultural, social, and racial diversity in the School’s educational programs.

I’m soooooo happy I’m graduating. Dealing with any more of this “diversity” shtick would really make me sick. What’s wrong with learning vis-a-vis everyday interactions with others?

This whole notion of “social justice” has been taken too far (IMHO). I suggest the school revisit Thomas Sowell’s book “The Quest for Cosmic Justice” to see what I mean.

Quote of the Morning

Sorry, I just found this one too funny that I needed to share it:

Scott Belliveau e-mails (NRO): “As the scrutiny of John Kerry’s voting record begins, a friend of mine predicts that the Senator will be characterized as “Ted Kennedy on the Atkins Diet.”

The “latest” in Jewish fashion

[via Allah] It looks like the latest item in Jewish fashion–“the Yarmulkebra

What is a yarmulke? A yarmulke is the skullcap worn by practicing Jewish men to show their reverence to God. Also known as a kipa.

What is a bra?
A bra is the breast-holding undergarment worn by women to stave off excess jigglage and saggage.

What is a Yarmulkebra?
A yarmulkebra is a bra made of two yarmulkes. No longer are yarmulkes limited to men or heads. You wanted to wear one? Now you can wear two.

I’m not even going to ask about this idea. But how soon till they roll out a bucharish model?