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Away Message of the Night

I was procrastinating by reading people’s away messages, and I think this one deserves first prize:

From my friend who is a Dem activist:

my brother is a republican…:'(

(FYI: that’s the “tear” face)


Taking Turns

If I remember correctly, it was back in pre-school and kindergarden when I learned to take my turn and when it wasn’t my turn to wait quietly.

According to this transcript of today’s Democrat Debate (which I didn’t nor do I plan to watch), the four men on the stage never learned how to wait their turn…

As for Kerry’s remarks that he wasn’t sure that “God is on our side”–that’s not going to score many votes in the “Red States”

Wonkette watch the debate and was definitely not impressed

And Mark at Political Annotation has a lot more…just keep scrolling as they say

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi @ Brandeis!

Tonight 8PM At Brandeis,

Shiek Ahmed Hadi Palazzi will be speaking on:

Suicide Bombers: Martyrs or Apostates?

Sheikh Palazzi is a scholar of Islam who regularly lectures about the Muslim and Jewish connections to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem. He is an outspoken critic of Palestinian terrorism and the Palestinian Authority’s incitement of children to hate and kill Jews. Sheikh Palazzi is the Secretary General of the Italian Muslim Association and the Muslim Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Islam-Israel Fellowship, Root & Branch Association, Ltd.

Sheikh Palazzi has been interviewed by Israpundit The Sheikh is very anti-militant Islam and pro-Israel!

And yes, there have already been complaints from the “Coaltion for Tolerance” about this (hypocrites)

Talk about bad Judges and traitors

No, I’m not refering to any State or Federal Justices…rather this time it’s the Israeli Supreme Court.

Today the court ruled that construction of the Security Fence must be halted for a week, much to the delight of the Arabs and the Israeli left. I guess this shouldn’t have been too suprising, as this is how the court usually rules.

Speaking of traitors, more is coming out about Elhanan Tannenbaum

Tennenbaum admits complicity in drug deal
Retracts bogus statements that he went to search for Ron Arad. Expected to earn half a million dollars for setting up narcotics smuggling network for Hezbollah.

*spit* Traitor… *spit*

Gillespie Vs. McAuliffe–Round 1

Apparently RNC Chair Nick GIllespie faced off against DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe this morning on Fox News Sunday. Here’s a recap according to the Rightsided Newsletter (the last paragraph is priceless)

The two national party chairs had a brief segment on FNS this morning, and there were no real fireworks of which to speak. DNC Chairman Terence McAuliffe talked of the situation “if John Kerry is the nominee,” but he made clear that the “threshold will be when someone gets 2,162 delegates.” He said that the DNC is “not authorized” to spend any money until they have a nominee. He’s not as aggressively seeking to break free of his leash as he was last week on Face the Nation.

McAuliffe accused RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie and the White House of attacking Kerry’s patriotism, something of which we’ve seen a lot of late. Gillespie explained that he was merely pointing out that Kerry’s record in the Senate was one of voting against weapons systems and military funding. In response to charges that Kerry served in Vietnam while Gillespie did not, the RNC chairman countered: “I was ten when Senator Kerry served in Vietnam.”

Wallace asked McAuliffe about the National Journal’s rating of Kerry as the most liberal U.S. Senator of last year. [Political Annotation] Terence did not counter; rather, he pushed the matter aside as irrelevant: “This campaign is not about labels…. This campaign is about George Bush.” Note that, pointedly to Terence for one, it is not about John Kerry, either. This reflects a larger sentiment within the party: unwillingness to rally behind their probably nominee except in opposition to President Bush.

McAuliffe smugly confronted the host, asking him if he were “going to ask any questions about George Bush? I know this is FOX News and all, but…” Wallace answered that he had asked about national security, but McAuliffe had chosen to answer in regards to John Kerry, not the President. McAuliffe’s question backfired.

Feminist Pr0n

A (series) of signs I saw while walking to the dining hall for brunch this morning :

“Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography”

I’ve got no clue what Feminsist porn (make that pr0n) is, but I’ve got no intention of putting down the $2 fee to go see it. Something doesn’t sound right about it…if you know what I mean…

Update: Apparently this is a documentary movie titled “Hot and Bothered

Yet another FMA thought

And another thought…

I was doing my civil liberties reading this evening and a few were on the topic of Flag Desicration….which congress people always say they want to have a constitutional ammendment against…Do we yet have a Constitutional Ammendment against burning the flag?

With that in mind, does anyone think that the FMA would pass anywhere in the near future?

A Brief FMA Thought

Okay, just a very brief thought on the whole FMA to-do…

Was anyone really suprised by the President’s announcement last Tuesday? I mean seriously, there were so many hints that such an announcement would be coming at some point, especially in light of the Mass SJC ruling and what’s going on in San Francisco.

I’m just somewhat startled by some of the “uproar” over this, in that people are acting like they didn’t know such an announcement may occur.

Speaking of which, should the Dem nominee come out against same-sex marriage, do you think that he too will get blasted?

Another one bites the dust!

The IAF got three more!

Three senior Islamic Jihad terrorists were killed in an IAF missile attack on a car traveling between the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City and the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip early Saturday evening.

The three were identified as Mahmoud Oudeh, 24, Ayman Duhduk, 32, and his brother, Amin. Oudeh was the commander of the Islamic Jihad’s Jerusalem Brigade, and was responsible for dispatching the suicide bomber who blew up at Kfar Darom on Friday and sending the terrorists who infiltrated the military base at Netzarim, killing three IDF soldiers last October.

Have you considered sending the troops of the IDF some Pizza today?

Update: LGF has the car swarm watch going on!

Experiment Time

I didn’t have my normal friday afternoon seminar this week (the prof is out of town) so I’ve had this afternoon free…it felt quite wierd to be honest. I got another ~2 pages done on a paper for another class, and well, then my brain just wanted me to stop working, so I did.

Since I knew I’d have the afternoon off, I went to the local Costco yesterday and bought myelf a bag of (Kosher) frozen chicken, and I’m going to attempt to grill it on a George Foreman grill. I’ve done this successfully countelss times back home, but never at school…so it’ll be an experiment. But then again, I’m a science person, I should be familiar with conducting experiments 😉

I’ll let people know how it goes!

Good Economic News

So the economy is apparently growing. The GDP increased 4.1% last quarter..,and from what I’ve read that’s supposed to be a good thing.

But I do wish that more of the articles about it would come out with graphs/charts like this piece: The Myth of the Discouraged Worker

or in tables with explanations

It makes it so much easier for those of us who know nothing about economics to understand.

And I have declared the “jobless recovery” over…why? Because one of my suitemates got a job offer yesterday.

Saudi Visa Rules

So apparently you’re not able to get a visitors visa to Saudi Arabia if you’re Jewish

My question is: Why would any Jew even want to visit or even be in Saudi Arabia? Especially if you’re a female.
(Serious scholars of Islam/ME not included)

Update: Steve Silver corretly points out a mistake on my part. If you happen to have graduated from Brandeis, write for the NYT, promore the so called “Saudi Peace Plan” and be named Thomas Friedman…then you can enter the kingdom and hang out with Prince Abdullah.

Better yet, Allah even gives him permission to do so!

Not the best idea

From today’s weekly “announcement” email (of upcoming events):

Join students from the Brandeis Debate Team, and Professors Kryder,
Cohen, Breene & more! A modified short debate on whether or not
divestment from Israel is currently an appropriate course of action,
followed by a professors panel and a chance for student input/
reactions. Cohosted by Concord Bridge, SJS, and Amnesty International.

Tuesday, March 2nd. Shapiro Campus Center Atrium, 6:45pm.

Now is it just me, or does anyone else think that it’s not smart to even have a debate on this topic at Brandeis (of all places). Who chose this subject? What were they thinking?

Good Stuff and Bad Stuff

Sorry about the lack of blogging today. I got assigned a 4 page paper yesterday (wed.) which is due tomorrow (Friday) and of course it entailed research and the like…and well I just finished it (8 pages later). So I’m quite happy about that.

However, I’ve got two papers due on Tuesday (d’oh!) Then tonight at Lacrosse practice, we were told that our indoor league, which was set to start Monday has been cancelled. (3 of the 8 teams just pulled out–those losers). Sigh…I was really looking forward to it.

In other news, guess what I’ve found around campus! Kucinich for President campaign stuff. It’s a riot to read! A bundle of laughs to say the very, very least.

Back to work on the next paper…

Could Nader get some votes?

This is just something that came to mind recently.

In light of President Bush’s announcement that he’d support the FMA, there were(expectedly) lot of unhappy people on both sides of the aisle.

However, the two leading Democrat candidates, Edwards and Kerry have also come out saying they’re against same-sex marriages, but would allow state by state decisions (I’m not opening that can of worms right now). And according to today’s Boston Globe, Kerry endorses the Mass Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ammendment (I don’t know anything about Edwards).

That left me wondering since all the major candidates are against Same-Sex marriages…are there people who are going to vote just on this issue?

If so, the only “major” candidate who has come out saying he’d support leagalizing same-sex marraiges is none other than Nader.

Apparently Boi From Troy also realized this and expressed the idea creatively.

Does this perhaps mean that this issue will drive some voters to Nader? It’s just one of those things that is interesting to think about…

Being a Republican and a Minority

I was having a talk with a friend of mine on campus earlier this evening about being a Hispanic and a Republican, and how I’m made to feel like an outsider in many cases, and in some circles, to be a “race-traitor” (or more affectionately known as a “twinkie”–you figure it out).

I really came to think about it more especially after reading Jay’s similar sentiments about being a minority and a Republican.

Then when I went over to RWN and saw the following two posts: “Democrat In The House To Mexican-American: “You All Look Alike To Me” and “For The Left, Your Skin Color Determines Your Politics

I think racism is wrong, period. But I really get offended by the double standard that many on the left appear to have regarding race, racism and anti-semitism for that matter (the latter is worthy of a seperate post).

Why is it that the people who make so much noise about the smallest things (even accidential prejudice/racism or things that aren’t in any way racist) can get away with comments like that Congresswoman did?

Why can’t a minority be a Republican? What’s the big “heresy” in that? Where’s the sin? Why is it so “evil”? I don’t see it…

I’m reading of “Reagan a Life in Letters” (as time permits), and I remember reading one letter by Reagan when he was CA Gov. It was about how he invited a number of Black leaders to his office in Sacramento, and they complained to him that there wern’t enough Blacks employed in his administration. Reagan then recounts how he told them the large number of Blacks working for him, but then emphasized how he didn’t believe in making a big deal out of race and politicizing it.

What ever happened to that idea, that race doesn’t matter, and that it shouldn’t be publicized politically?

Passion Free Zone

Borrowing an idea from Jay Solo, I’m making my blog a “Passion” free zone.

As I said before, I really could care less about the movie (it’s not my type of film). Plus I’m sick of all the publicity surrounding it….so there.