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This’ll be a nightmare!

For anyone who thought that the Big Dig in and of itself caused quite a headache for motorists and Boston transportation…look at what’s going to happen when the DNC convention takes place:

Globe: “I-93 and North Station to be closed for Dems’ convention
Herald: Dems the brakes: DNC will shut down I-93, North Station

North Station is a major transportation center, as it is where helf the commuter rail lines end and serves as a link to the T.

This’ll be really interesting to see…

[Disclaimer: This isn’t a partisan motivated post in any way. Rather it’s poking fun at Boston motorists]

Horowitz at Brandeis–The Media

I’m using this post to link to the media coverage of Horowitz’s talk here at Brandeis.

Let me preface this (for now–till I make my full post on the event) by saying that to put it mildly, Horowitz veered from what was supposed to be the original topic of his lecture due to a “chip on his shoulder” that developed vis-a-vis his ad being rejected by the Justice and what he perceived to be a “rudeness” from the administration. As such, he, um, uh, got a little more “into things” then many expected.

Also, when Horowitz makes mention of “4 students he spoke with” or “4 seniors”, for terms of disclosure, I was one of the four. However, as I told Horowitz and as others know, I’m a neuroscience major (and a Hebrew minor), so my experience with the Politics department is just about nothing what-so-ever. As such I said I couldn’t be qualified to provide such an opinion. (On the other hand I can say an abundance of good things about the Neuroscience/Biology faculty)

So here’s the article from the Waltham Daily News Tribune: Horowitz calls out Brandeis educators

Two points here: there were more than 50 in attendance, I’d say more in the 75-100 range. Second, as for Cohen and Horowitz’s arguments, they were both right and both wrong (each on different things). They did speak privately afterwards, and it did appear to be a rather friendly talk.

Horowitz’s Talk

Well Horowitz’s talk was, um, interesting to say the very least. It’s late now and I’ve still got reading to do, so I can’t blog on it yet, but I do plan on doing so very soon.

It’s Justice Time!

The Justice’s email edition just came out…but due to current time constraints, I’m not going to be able to impart my thoughts on it until later this evening. But don’t worry, this issue looks like it’s full of “good” stuff.

Play Ball!

It’s Baseball Season!
The MLB season opened this morning at 5am (EST)…over in Tokyo, Japan, with a game between the NY Yankees and the Tamba Bay Devil Rays.

In what may be a good omen for this season, the Yankees lost 8-5

They’re courting my vote!

The Hill: Jewish defections irk Dems

Although Jews make up slightly more than 2 percent of all Americans, they have played a wider political role for both demographic and financial reasons.

Jews are concentrated in such battleground states as Florida and Ohio.

That’s me! Heh!

Now if I didn’t have a bad case of writers block, I’d think of some more creative list of ways politicians can win the Jew vote. I’ll put that on the back burner.

GOP Filled evening

I’m blogging this as I head out the door, but I’ve got a busy evening ahread of me. Grabbing some food in the dining hall, then going to set up for the “Republican Networking Event” this evening.

Then I’ll be at the event for an hour, then I have to run off and go play in my weekly lacrosse game. Then I come back here, and well, back to the books I go.

Sounds like fun, no?

Tomorrow at Brandeis: David Horowitz 7:30pm

Damn Saudis!

Readers know that I’m no fan of Saudi Arabia (heck, most of my readers probably aren’t either).

So when I read this headline: Saudi Arabia says oil production cuts already being implemented…

I thought “damn the Saudis for trying to drive up [US] gas prices and making the situation bad [politically] for Bush.

But then I happened to stumble upon this gem from Viking Pundit:
Black gold, Texas tea, Al-Qaeda’s ATM

Are the Saudis begining to run out of oil? If so, that means less money to the Kingdom, and in turn less money for the Wahabbis in general–and their terrorist tentacles. That’s good in my eyes.

The Silver lining

There’s some saying that every cloud has a silver lining (or something like that). Over at Political Annotation there’s (another quality) post about Dick Clarke’s testimony.

But within the post, he notes that Rich Lowry, editor of NR, has found the proverbial “silver lining” within Clarke’s testimony

To say the very least, it’s an interesting way of looking at things.

Scripture Wars?

Among this morning’s headlines: Bush, Kerry Scuffle Over Scripture
Dem denies using Bible verse to attack president in speech to churchgoers

Now, I’ve read on some other news sites that a Bible quote was used

If the candidates get into the Old Testament then maybe I’ll jump into the fray (but that’s a big maybe). But my current thought is why are they squabbling over scripture in a political campaign?
But that’s apparently not the whole story. Now I’m going to have to plead ignorance on my part, as I’m a good little Jewish boy, who has never read the New Testament (I’ve read bits here and there, but never anything comprehensive).

However, other bloggers, who are more familiar with the text have, and they’ve got some enlightening comments about it. Political Annotations notes something about how the verse was quoted.

And the Smarter Cop also examines the verse more in depth.

Another Busy Day

Well today was another very busy day for me. Woke up early to make some flyers for the campus Republicans (and special thanks to OF Jay for desktop publishing advice!)

Then I had a quick brunch, then came back to touch up the flyers. Then off to the meeting I went. We had a rather long meeting today (a lot of things to figure out), and then I came back here to start on my homework.

And well, that’s been the rest of my evening mainly–homework. I’ve got a test in my civil liberties course on Free-Speech laws Tuesday, so I’m memorizing cases and rulings (*groan*).

Back to the books I go. Regular blogging will as usual resume tomorrow–and hopefully I’ll have something to blog on as well.

The Hispanic Vote

From Fox News: GOP Push for Hispanic Votes Worries Some Dems

While I’m not from the barrio itself, I see the Republicans possibly gaining more support from the Hispanic community.

The family is a very, very important aspect of many hispanic cultures, and the Republicans seem to stress this theme more. Also issues such as small-buisness and personal prosperity are very important. The gay-marriage debate may also pop up especially in the more (Catholic) religious segment of the community.

No matter what, I can tell you one thing for sure. I know of at least one hispanic vote that the democrats have lost for 2004–mine.

NCAA Sports

It’s been a busy weekend for NCAA Sports.
March Madness continued (how can’t you love it?)

I’ve also spent the weekend watching a lot of the NCAA Hockey Championships. A lot of good hockey is being played–and there have been some great games, as the teams compete to make it to the Frozen Four here in Boston next week.

Oh, and for anyone who was interested, Brandeis hosted the NCAA Fencing Championships this past weekend (yes, we’re Division 1 in fencing)