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The Republican Attack Squad Returns

Uh oh people–it looks like the “Republican Attack Squad” (also known as the Republican attack machine/dogs) is about to fire (yet) another shot across the bow in the campaign…

No, it’s not the RNC or the Bush-Cheney Campaign rolling out any new ads…rather it’s apparently the contents of the latest issue of National Review.

I think the campaigns are going to be re-opening the history of the 1980s…

Ted Koppel and Nightline

First off, how many people actually watch Nightline anymore? Especially on a Friday night?

Anyway, so everyone knows what Ted Koppel’s plan for tonight’s episode of Nightline is.

I’m sorry, but I think that this is more about a raitings sweeps stunt and the advancement of a political agenda rather than expression of sincerity. You know Ted, there is a day designated for rememberance–it’s called Memorial Day!

Michelle of ASV has a very well written post on the topic, and has links to other blogsphere opinions. Also see this other post of hers.

I think Jay covers this issue very well and succinctly.

As for Koppel, and his opinions, I’d like to share the following quote that he gave to the Justice when he spoke at Brandeis for Commencement in 2002:

“I think journalism in a democracy is an essential part of social justice, and you can’t
have one without the other,”
Koppel said when asked about Brandeis’s self-proclaimed purpose of social justice.–The Justice 5/8/02

Need I say much more?

Those who have made the ultimate sacrifice do indeed deserve to be remembered and honored, but the way Koppel is trying to do this is anything but honorable.

You’re Kidding Me

Scalia, one of the Supreme Court’s most reliable conservatives, recalled that he sailed through his own 1986 high court confirmation by a Senate vote of 98-0. He implied the same result would be impossible in today’s nearly evenly split, highly partisan Senate.

“Just between you and me,” he jokingly told hundreds of lawyers at a luncheon, “I have always been a fairly conservative person. I think that was known 18 years ago.” —Fox News

Justice Scalia was really confirmed 98-0?!? I would’ve never thought such a thing would have ever happened. Not even one vote against him?


I think that the DSM-IV should add “Senioritis” to its list definitions
I’m struggling to get motivated to compile a final paper (which is really boring) for a class because of my senioritis…

Only two more classes left for me tomorrow in my undergraduate career. wierd….

The “real questions”

[idea from this post at Aldaynet]

Sen. Kerry apparently likes his PB&J sandwitches…but now here’s the real question that people want to know the answer to: How does he like his sandwitch cut? Diagonal? Horizontal? Vertical?

Is this a sign that I’ve been watching the Daily Show w/ John Stewart too much?

Update: In response to a comment, let me add the following question:

Does the sandwitch have a crust on it?
[and if you’re really bored–or looking for simple amusement, what kind of bread would the sandwitch be on?]
The questions go for all the major candidates

Zionist Infidel™ Apparel!

The latest in fashionable apparel for Zionist Infidels™ has been released!

Allah unveils the new: “Six Days, Bitch!” shirt! It’s beautiful! It’s fantastic!

Not to be out done, ProudZionist has just unveiled a new line of clothes, dubbed “Abrahamic Apparel” including: “Zionist, Jewish & Infidel Sayings in Arabic Embroidered & Screenprinted On Shirts & Hats”

It’s absolutely fantastic!

I wonder how much trouble someone could get in here at Brandeis wearing one of these items?

Ignorance and Idiocy in the Press

Today we’ve got two candidates who deserve mention for idiodic writing in the media.

The first honoree of the day is none other than Robert Novak, who gets mention for writing the following bullshit:

Publicity about the book has overlooked Woodward’s account of the Saudi connection. While the Israeli government and its ardent American supporters have waged a disinformation campaign against the kingdom, Prince Bandar bin Sultan — a senior member of the Washington diplomatic corps — actively collaborated in preparing for war.

Excuse me? A disinformation campaign? What do you know about Saudi Arabia Mr. Novak that the rest of us don’t?

I guess such a comment shouldn’t come unexpected from Mr. Novak after all, as a transcript in this column by hizzonor Ed Koch.

Then the hands down winner of the day has to be UMass graduate student Rene Gonzalez, for his column: Pat Tillman is not a hero: He got what was coming to him

What a bastard Senor Gonzales is. Hell, he doesn’t even deserve the respect of being refered to as a Senor, heck I think he’d be better off being addressed as a foqui. Gonzales–usted no sirve para nada. Ahora, Ud. es el dumbass más grande en el mundo. Vete para el carajo gonzales!

Michelle of ASV takes him to task, and rightfully so!

Update: The UMass President has (rightfully) come out condemning the article.

What a quote!

Sometimes it’s refreshing when politicians simply tell it like it is (and display a sense of humor at the same time). Today’s quote is:

I would be the first to say that this subject inherently is about as interesting as prolonged root-canal work.”
— Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), joining a group of senators who favor a permanent ban on taxing Internet access

Has Hell Frozen Over?

So tonight in Sherman (one of the dining halls on campus) all the tables were covered in white-linnen table cloths, and in place of the usual food gruel, there was a buffet with “fancy” foods(!) It was simply shocking!

Has hell frozen over? To see food of that high quality from Aramark…(granted, it still looked better than it tasted…but even still)

Another Iraq-Terrorism Connection?

A story which has gained wide spread interest in the past few days has been the failed Chemical bomb attack in Jordan apparently plotted by Al-queda or its supporters.

Jordan’s State TV aired the complete confessions of the suspects and it looks like these terrorists may have had ties to Iraq.

Newsmax first reported this (citing Nightline–transcript unavailable). I’m always skeptical of what Newsmax reports (for good reason).

However, this time I found a copy of the full transcript of the confessions, via IMRA [and here’s the one from Jordan] and it looks like Newsmax was right.

Another Iraq-terror connection? What do you think?

And another thing…

I just wanted to share the following:

I could really care less about either Kerry’s medal tossing and the President’s nat’l guard service. I mean is either really relevant?

Simple enough, no?

More campaigning in Ohio

Just felt like pointing out this little thing that Kerry said today in Youngstown

Speaking to several hundred people at an outdoor rally, Kerry reminisced about the days the Youngstown Sheet and Tube (search) factory operated. It abruptly closed in 1977— long before Bush influenced the nation’s economy — but Kerry tapped into resentment in a town that has never returned to the heyday of Ohio’s steel industry.

Just a bit of time before the President was in office….
And for context, Youngstown has been hit big time as part of the Rust Belt

Campaigning in Ohio

So Sen. Kerry was campaigning in my back yard today. He’s apparently not set a foothold in Cleveland yet…but then again it’s still early. And even if he did, would that upset good ‘ol Kucinich? (Sorry, I had to ask).

Anyway, Kerry apparently adressed the issue of jobs when he was in Cleveland

Now there’s one thing I’ve gotta point out here. Cleveland (the city proper) has a myriad of other problems which have made it undersireable for employers; but you’re not going to hear about that in this article. The other problem is that Cleveland used to be a steel town–now most of the mills have closed down b/c of cheaper foriegn steel (hence other unemployment issues)–and honestly, I don’t think either candidate can do anything too helpful about it.

A lot of the problem rests with the cities themselves.
And by the way–what kind of ‘homeland security” funds does Parma need?


In honor of Israel’s Independence Day, there was a (Kosher) BBQ held on campus today. I was asked by someone if I could help set up for the BBQ, but little did I know that I’d wind up working the BBQ for 2+ hours.

One of the highlights/lowlights of the event was when it suddenly, for about 5 minutes, it just began to rain, raing and more rain–but at the same time the sun was out. So not only did we get totally wet and had to fight to keep the fires on the gril going but ont he positive side there was a really pretty rainbow.

Worth a Thought

I wonder how this op-ed from the Washington Times would be received here at Brandeis. It would probably be interesting (and entertaining) to say the least.

Here’s a snippet:

Jewish liberals accuse the president of neglecting the United Nations. That a Jew-hating fascist dictatorship like Syria held a seat on the Security Council conveniently is ignored. Many U.N. member states are dictatorial, shelter Jew-hating terrorists and are more dedicated to the eradication of Jews than the well-being of their own people. Liberal Jewish support of this corrupt organization is unconscionable. If Israel, a symbol of freedom and Jewry, had submitted to the twisted will of each bigoted U.N. resolution, it would no longer exist.

Time for the Justice

The second last issue of the Justice is now online….so time for me to impart some of my thoughts about the news on campus–and it’s a rather big issue this week:

Side note: there’s two things related to David Horowitz which I’m going to address in a seperate post.
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