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Interesting day ahead

Didn’t do too much today (Mon), wasn’t able to get online very much since my little brother seemed to be glued to the computer. No big deal. Finished reading another book (I think that’s 3 down so far) and ran some errands.

Today/Tomorrow (tue) is going to be an interesting day for me. I’m venturing to my first (in person) weight watchers meeting for the first time since Jan (before I returned to school). Since I started I’ve lost, oh, about 45 lbs(!) on the diet, so I’m excited (and still very, very shocked). While I followed the program online, I did miss out on some of the tips and encouragement that the meetings supposively provide. And with my luck, I’ll probably be the only male there tomorrow…go figure.

After that it’s off to the JCC to go work out and start lifting again. Then I’m not sure what awaits me. Probably going to be moving stuff around the house and then in the afternoon helping my brother with his algebra 1 HW., but we’ll see how things go…

Memorial Day

There are many sites around the blogsphere with much better and complete posts than the thought I’m about to share, about the significance of Memorial Day and what it means to us as Americans.

I wanted to share a thought I had earlier today.

I was driving home from an errand and I passed by a neighbor’s house and noticed that his American Flag, (which he has on a flag pole) was at half mast. (This neighbor is a graduate of the Naval Academy and a verteran himself).

Though I only saw it briefly the site of the flag at half-mast made me think about the privledge we still have to fly the Stars and Stripes. Were it not for all those who we remember on this day. Furthermore, I believe that we should not simply just honor those who have given their lives for this nation on this one specific day of the year, but rather, we should keep in mind all who served and those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and liberties which we enjoy–every day.


Okay, who turned my house’s thermostat up to 78 degrees (when it’s in the 70s, humid and thunderstorming outside?)

Who did it?

Is Bush leading Kerry in OH?

As I’ve mentioned many times before, polls out this early in the race do invite quite a bit of skepticism.

Nevertheless, the Cleveland Plain Dealer has released a poll showing Bush with a 47%-41% lead over Kerry (Nader gets 3%, 9% undecided).

The full results of the poll can be found here. It’s very interesting to see the perceptions people have of the candidates. One thing I’d also like to stress is notice the voting patterns/trends in different parts of the state.

Naturally, the poll results came attached with a story/analysis by the paper

The poll was taken between May 20-25th, and surveyed 1,500 likely voters randomly state wide.

This poll contrasts one by Zogby which gave Kerry a 4.6% lead. Like I said it’s still very early in the season.

Funny Away Message

I saw this away message today and because it was so funny, I felt that I had to share it:

Picture your typical Republican voter, just returned home via limousine from a day’s stockmarket plundering. His Halliburton investment assured, he affixes a monocle and searches the Internet for yet more easy millions. Accidentally typing “unelectable” when he intends to type “I want to kill all minorities”, he happens upon the Democrats’ crafty Google ploy. “My God!” he mutters.”This won’t do. This won’t do at all!” Soon all of the servants are summoned and sent out to corrupt voting machines across the state, to help illegally re-elect the evil Bush regime.

All it’s missing are the “neo-cons”

What a game!

Anyone else watch the #2 Navy-#6 Princeton lacrosse game today? What a game! What an ending!

Here’s the official recap of it (The Midshipmen won 8-7).

The last few minutes of the game though were clutch. Navy had the ball in their offensive end, and with time winding down, a Midshipman had the ball and an empty cage to shoot on, for what would’ve been the coup-de-grace goal, but he hit the post! He hit the iron!

Princeton proceeded to obtain possession of the ball and got it into their offensive zone, and after a time-out, worked the ball around for a point-blank shot, which somehow the Navy keeper made an amazing save on, sealing the game. It was a sight to be seen!

And in the other game, #4 Syracuse mauled #1 Johns Hopkins 15-9

Navy and Syracuse face off Monday at 2:30pm (on ESPN) for the national title


I know some people visiting this blog are waiting to see some of the pictures I took at school during senior week and commencement.

About those pix: good news and bad news

Good news: I’ve got the pictures
Bad News: They’re on my school computer which I’ve yet to set up here at home.

I hope to get the pictures online soon though. So many good memories…good times…

Final Four Weekend!

It’s Final Four Weekend this weekend for NCAA Division I lacrosse! Woohoo!

Tomorrow two good games are on tap Princeton v. Navy (11:30am ESPN2) then Hopkins v. Syracuse (2pm ESPN2). Ooh, those are going to be some good match ups. I’ve seen Navy and Hopkins play this year, and their game was an amazing one!

I’d highly suggest tuning in and watching all or some of these games, as they promise to be great! And you can see first hand why lacrosse is often considered “the fastest game on two feet”

I’d have a BBQ with him

Count me in the majority of this poll which says that more Americans would rather have a BBQ with President Bush than Sen. Kerry.

I don’t know about you, the President seems to come across as being more personable in my eyes. I see him fitting in better at a BBQ–I could even see him working the grill! His personality is a lot more laid back, more “common guy”. Couldn’t you see yourself discussing something non-political, say, baseball with him?

As for Kerry, I just don’t like his personality or the way it comes off. I know he’ll appeal to some people, but he’s not my kind of person. I just see him sticking out at a BBQ, not fitting in, and perhaps acting all haughty.

More Commencement related news

Brandeis’ commencement ceremonies got written up by both the Globe and the Herald as well as the university press release

Now I personally didn’t find Wolfenson’s speech too interesting. He rattled off stats and figures, and said we should spend more on development than the military (I dunno about that one). One thing that did dissapoint me was that he didn’t spell out how these developing societies could well, pull themselves out of the third world. He failed to touch on that subject.

Then it was also dissapointing to find out about this testimony given to the Senate: The World Bank and terrorist funding

And another thing, why did we only sing the 1st an 4th stanzas of America the Beautiful rather than singing the Star Spangled Banner to start commencement? What’s with that?

More on Imam Damra

The case of Imam Fawaz Damra is back in the news today, as apparently the Goverment’s top witness has been revealed. (the defense unsealed the documents).

Here’s the background of the case for those not familiar with it:

Damra, the religious leader of the Islamic Center of Greater Cleveland, is charged with lying on his immigration forms about his past links to terrorism.

He is accused of links to the Alkifah Refugee Center, the precursor to al-Qaida, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Damra, who denies the allegations, could not be reached for comment Thursday night.

I wonder what’ll happen next

I’m around

For those who saw my post from last night saying that I was going to be out of town today…well, I was wrong. Plans change.

I’ll be around today, though not sure how much I’ll be at the computer. There are some errands for me to run around here.

I also get to start doing one of my “normal duties” here at home–that is fixing up messed up computers. Bring ’em on!

What happened to Al?

Can someone please tell me what the deal with Al Gore is? What’s happened to the man? He used to strike me as being a much more, rationa and sane type of man. Has he totally flipped out?

I can’t believe that’s the guy I actually once voted for…

I’m back

Okay, holiday is over, and I’m back. Time to catch up on the past two days of news and going ons in the world around me.

I haven’t been up to very much. Walked to the library yesterday, and got some books to read for pleasure (I know, it’s a foriegn concept after school), and I’ve gotten through two of ’em already. I’ll blog more about my reads later.

Time to catch up on things and to respond to everyone’s comments

Holiday Time

Sorry about the lack of posting today, I was running errands for my mom, getting groceries, and then helping my brother do his math homework (he’s working on the Quadratic formula).

As such, I didn’t get to the computer much. Also, the server hosting this blog has been acting somewhat funky in the past few days, so I haven’t been able to post anything either.

Tonight (yet another) Jewish holiday begins. This time it’s Shavuot (“Feast of Weeks”), and as such, I’m not going to be on the computer until Thursday night.

Sorry about the hiatus, but I plan on returning to blogging as usual very soon

And I’m home

I’m back home after a 10+ hour drive…sadly…missing my friends

No, I didn’t see the President’s speech, so I’ve got no comment on it.

The last issue of the Justice is out, so that’ll give me some blogging material for the near future. I’ve got to take care of some other things first though now that I’m home (unpacking and shopping for food come to mind).

So it’s home again…

I so miss my friends……

Travel Day

Traveling home today from Brandeis for the final time (sadly)

As such there’ll be no posting here today…blogging will resume tomorrow