On freedom, slander, and a war hero

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Cathy Young, who has one of the better opinion columns in the Globe wrote a column today titled: On freedom, slander, and a war hero which is definitely worth a read. Just two seperate excerpts here:

But, beyond the name-calling, his column expresses a world-view mind-boggling in its estrangement from reality — a world-view worth examining because, while Gonzalez’s rhetoric is extreme, his ideology may not be that far out of the “mainstream” on New England’s college campuses. Notably, a counterpoint Daily Collegian column honoring Tillman stated that he “died in a war that many people don’t support” and that “you don’t have to support the war in order to support Tillman himself.” In fact, about 90 percent of Americans — though only about 50 percent of college students — favored the war in Afghanistan. Unlike the war in Iraq, it also had strong international support.

I’m glad the Collegian provided Gonzalez with a forum. For one, his screed is a stark reminder that a hate-America mindset on the left is not just a right-wing slander. It is also a powerful reminder that the US freedoms Pat Tillman fought and died to defend apply even to those who spout such venom

Regarding the first quote of Young’s, that view which she proposes isn’t unheard of on college campuses, after all, it is teached professed by some university programs and by professors in other departments as well.

Here at Brandeis, I can remember that there were groups forming to protest military operations against Afghanistan right after the 9/11 attacks occured. There were teach-ins and vigils opposing the military action, etc. I thought this world view was absolutely crazy (and I still do).

Kudos to young for pointing it out…now lets see if any letters come in to the Globe as a result of it.

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