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Better review your History

Senator Clinton’s apparently told the Seattle Post Intelegencer that VP Cheney should have to undergo “anger management” course for uttering the “f-word” to Sen. Leahy last week.

Said Sen Clinton:

“So far as I know, no colleague has ever used profanity of that sort on the Senate floor,”–Source

Two problems with Sen Clinton’s quote:

First, Cheney’s utterance was not made while the Senate was in session; rather it was a “private” utterance (that was obviously overheard by others).

Second, I think there are times when more profanity may have been used on the floor of the Senate. The primere example would probably be when Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner with a cane on the floor of the Senate:

Nearly 50 years before, a Massachusetts senator had been beaten unconscious, three days after he took to the floor to denounce two Democratic senators he believed to be pro-slavery. Illinois’s Stephen Douglas, Charles Sumner had said, was a “noise-some, squat and nameless animal.” He then accused South Carolina’s Andrew Butler of taking “a mistress . . . who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him; though polluted in the sight of the world, is chaste in his sight. I mean,” he added, “the harlot, Slavery.” That brought House member Preston Brooks in to defend Butler, striking Sumner about the head so furiously with a cane that the senator was carried bloody and unconscious from the chamber.–WaPo

Read the rest of the WaPo article for other occurances.

I’m not trying to say that Cheney’s choice of words was correct, rather, that compared to other things in the Senate’s history, this is nothing.

A long day

(Note: this post devolves into some personal rambling at some points–just to inform you)

This morning started off like any other ordinary day around here…my mom was running out to go do some errands, and I was told to start scrubbing our patio. The patio is made of flagstone rocks, and they’re covered with something green–either moss, mold or algae, so my job was to get on my hands and knees, and with a mix of clorox and water, start trying to scrub all the green away. After about a good 30 minutes, I went to rinse down the small area I’d started on (to check my progress)—but to no avail, as the water pooled over these stones.

Then I came back inside to go online to look for cleaning tips, in the meantime, mom got home. I was told that we had a DVD rental due by noon today, so I made a quick trip up to the IggleVideo where I borrowed the DVD from, and dropped it off, and grabbed a few groceries in the process.

When I got back into the house, dad called, telling me to check my email. Our synagogue’s Rabbi had sent out an email which said that a (Jewish) man had just passed away. He was a holocaust survivor–and has no living family, and the Rabbi was looking to get a minyan (Quorum) of 10 people to the cemetery so the funeral service could take place. We got word around 11am-ish, and the service was called for 1. (An aside, in short, Jewish law mandates that a body must be buried–and so even if one happened to pass a random body on the road, the Torah teaches that one must accompany the body, and make sure that the body is burried, even if they are a priest, whom contact with a corpse renders ritually impure, that is the importance of it).

Mom and I went to the cemetery, and to our suprise, a crowd of about 30 individuals showed up. Only two people there had ever met the man, who was apparently very reclusive, but who the Rabbi never the less spoke highly of. It was a strange feeling to be at this service, for someone I had never heard of. But it was important that people showed up, to pay a final tribute to the deceased.

Afterwards, the cemetery is located near a shopping area, so mom and I ran some returns and checked out a sale or two (while we were in the area). By now it’s 2pm-ish, for those keeping track. Then we had to get the car E-Checked (Emissions test for the state)–we passed with flying colors. By then it was 3:30 or so. Mom had me drop her at the pool, and I went over ot the gym to go work out. It wasn’t a good thing that I hadn’t had an oppertunity to eat anything since breakfast back at 8am…I can tell you that much. But I struggled through my usual routine nonetheless.

While doing some cardio workout, my lack of food/energy brought a frustration to the forefront of my mind. I’ve come to learn that I’m the type who functions best in a structured enviroment; it needn’t be extremely structured, so that everything is micromanaged, but rather, I like to have an outline of my day, and the approxamate times I’ll have to do things in/during. That way I can make my plans accordingly. Unfortunately, home isn’t such a structured enviroment, things are a lot, more, um, “fluid” to put it mildly, and I think that this is one of the things that’s been screwing with my mind the past couple of days.

From the gym, I went back to pick mom up, then we went to get my brother at camp (5:30 exactly). From there we (virtually) looped back, got him a dinner to-go, and took him to an appointment (6:15). Then mom needed to go home to prep for a meeting, which I dropped her off at (7-ish), then went back to get my brother, then I finally got home (7:30ish).

It’s been a long day for me to say the least. I also had to babysit my brother this evening, make myself a dinner, and protect our family pet, Zionist Infidel GunieaPigâ„¢ from my brother–oh and the pet got dinner too. He was a handful tonight to say the least.

So all in all, it’s been an unexpectedly long day. I’m once again behind on replying to comments, but I was able to create some posts (which you’ll see above).

I’m going to be visiting the grandparents for the day tomorrow, I won’t get to blog till the evening….until then….


Today marks the 6-month that I’ve successfully been living the Weight Watcher’s lifestyle* and I’m very happy to have lost 50lbs.

(*my group leader says to use that terminology rather than “diet”–why, I dunno, but eitehr way)

Yankees Suck!

I didn’t realize that the Yankees and Red Sox were playing each other right now…

I still maintain that the Bronx Infidelsâ„¢ suck

Buckley steps down

The NYT is reporting that William F. Buckley Jr., founder of the magazine National Review has divested his ownership shares from the magazine. Here’s the official press release

Buckley, who is really an intellectual in his own right, played a major role in the development of Conservatism within American politics. He was also a good friend of the late President Reagan.

For more on Buckley, I’d suggest Rush Limbaugh’s tribute to him, or what the Newsmax people are saying

Driving, Lacrosse and Politics

What an interesting day I had…besides spending quite a bit of time driving back and forth multiple times, and having a bad appointment, I went into the evening in a rather negative mood.

I proceeded to drive down to lacrosse…still in somewhat of a bad mood, but suprisingly the roads were emptier than usual and the trip went well. Had a decent game this evening; delivered some good checks. Also came to realize that even though I’ve been running 2.5-3.5 miles a day, my body still isn’t up to eduring multipe sprints (I played midfield, so I’d have to run both sides of the field). Ultimately, the other team (which is stacked) beat us by a score of 11-7,

Then I drove back to my barrio and went to a coffee shop where I met up with some other local Republicans (otherwise known as members of the VRWC) and to top the night off, I had to swing by Walgreens…

As such, I got home late and I’m tired, so I’m going to have to forgo blogging on some of today’s bigger stories (for now), like Hillary’s quote or taking the oppertunity to knock Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow/Push coalition” (where Kerry spoke yesterday) and some other things. I’ll get to tackle some of those in due time.

I think I’ll make another post or two then call it a night…I need to get some sleep…’cause I don’t know what to expect tomorrow.

Weigh In Day

Today I had my weigh in….this week I dropped 1 lb.
That brings my grand total since starting Weight Watchers on Dec 30 to 50 lbs. lost.

(dances little jig)

I’m likely not going to have access to a computer until after my lacrosse game this evening…but I’ll be blogging more then…I’m starting to emerge from my “rut” (see previous post)


I dunno why, but the past few days have left me feeling like I’ve become stuck in that dreaded emotional “rut”…sigh.

As such, I’ve become slower than usual in replying to comments and composing posts on my blog. I hope this is just a temporary phase though, so keep the comments coming, and there will definitely be continued posting.

Gas Prices

While I was cleaning the kitchen up, I had the TV on and was listening to the local news. Apparently here in Ohio, 42 cents of the cost of every gallon is taxes.

Starting Thurs. though, that number will be increased to 44 cents/gallon. Why?

Because the (putzes and idiots) State Legislature and Gov. Taft (R) (you suck Taft!) have signed off on a 2 cent/gallon tax increase to pay for road repairs.

Aren’t gas prices high enough already? And pray tell, we just had the sales tax raised on us this past year (6%–7%)….why must we have another tax increase? That’s not going to help attract people and more importantly buisness (read as: jobs) to this state!


I’m off to the dentist right now….(cue the soundbite music)…dum dum dum….

I don’t think that it’s a good omen either that it just began to thunderstorm a few minutes ago. Uh oh!

Update: The appointment wasn’t that bad. No Cavities! Although I have to get my wisdom teeth out very soon (boo!)

What a suprise!

I woke up this morning and opened up my email inbox to see a “breaking news” email which told me that: US hands over full sovereignty to Iraqi interim government two days ahead of schedule

That’s great news, and I wish the Iraqis the best of luck in taking the reigns of their country.

This move also apparently came as a suprise to many–including journalists (who I’m sure aren’t happy that they wern’t informed ahead of time).

Big Court Day!

Looks like the SCOTUS just released a major ruling or two….
Good thing I’m off to the gym right now, I’ll be able to watch FNC or another cable news network and hear the talking heads explain these things.

Update: Okay, FNC didn’t cover it–they were just reporting on the Transfer of Power to Iraq. But can someone please explain to me what exactly the rulings mean, I’m confused by the wire stories

Gutter Ball

I agree with the Kerry campaign on this one:

About the scramble for Kerry’s sealed divorce papers in light of the release of former candidate Jack Ryan’s, a Kerry campaign person tells Drudge:

“This is a trash hunt,” said a senior Kerry source, who asked not to be named.

“No, I do not have a clue what is in the papers,” explained the source. “But it is none of my business. And its none of your business, or any one’s business… You’re playing a game of gutter ball, Drudge.”

I didn’t care about Jack Ryan’s records, nor do I really care about Kerry’s either…it’s really a game of gutter ball.

Polling questions I’d like to see asked

Last week I was in the car with my father, driving him to his office, and so I left the car radio on the channel which he listens to–NPR.

The story that was being reported on at the time was NPR’s latest polling data on the Presidential race (essentially the candidates were tied).

My dad, who I believe is a democrat (he refers to me as his “facist son”–don’t ask) remarked, “who really cares about these numbers….isn’t the election not for another (pauses to count) 4-5 months or so?

Then I remarked, that I agreed…and added that if they were going to poll people, they should at least ask them some non-political question that would make things more interesting.

As an example I suggested: Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream? Mustard or Katchup? Hot Dog or Hamburger?

I think the results of those kinds of polling questions would interest a lot more people than the current stats on the presential elections would (this far in advance).

So here’s a question that I’m throwing out, what kind of thing would you be interested in seeing being polled? (leave your suggestions in comments)

One of those days

Today was just one of those days for me–you know, when you wake up and things just seem to head downhill…I wound up in a funk of sorts as a result. A waste of a day really–as I didn’t get to really do much of anything.

On the brighter side of things, my family finally bought a new grill (after saying they’d do so for the past 3 years or so), so I spent some time this afternoon putting the grill together. Finally, we’ve got a grill that’s not older than I am (the old one pre-dated me) Perhaps the family will be grilling some time this week? I’ll wait and see.

Axis of Evil Watch

When I was at the gym this morning, I was watching FNC, and I saw John Loftus come on to present this story:

Iran nuclear spill cover-up feared

Western intelligence officials believe Iran‘s Revolutionary Guards tried to cover up a nuclear accident triggered when weapons-grade uranium was being shipped from North Korea.

The accident allegedly caused Tehran’s new international airport to be sealed off by Revolutionary Guard commanders within hours of its official opening on May 9.

In December 2002, according to officials with access to the airport, a North Korean cargo jet delivering nuclear technology, including some weapons-grade uranium, was being unloaded at night under military supervision.

A container slipped and cracked on the tarmac, and everyone in the area was taken away for thorough medical examinations.

Crews from the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, wearing protective suits, were brought in to clean up the spillage.

So how about that Axis of Evil–huh?