Daily Archives: 6/15/2004

Summer Ball

I’d heading to the first game of the summer lacrosse league that I’m going to be playing in tonight. I played in the league two years ago, and some of the talent I saw there was extremely impressive.

I am very much looking forward to it…and I’ll blog about it later!

Update: Ouch. My team got beat big time…15-0. Turns out a lot of the guys on the opposing team are either Division I or II college players and/or play together on one of the local club teams.

We also played our game in a swamp–at least that’s what the field conditions made it seem like. Wet, muddy…all that good stuff. I’m hoping for better next week.

Another “documentary”

Well, it seemed inevitable, but yet another documentary about the Rosenbergs has been produced and this time HBO has decided to run it.

Steve Silver is all over this latest documentary and reports on it throughly. It sounds like the Rosenberg’s children are still in denial about their parents activity back in the 1940s.

Apparently they even deny the famed Venona cables (NSA site and CIA site)

For more on the Rosenberg affair and what the Rosenberg’s kin have been saying about their parents, check out this article by Greg Yardley: 50 years later, Rosenberg Redux or this much more through essay by historian Ronald Radosh

Go figure

A new poll shows that if elections were held today, 42 percent of college students would vote for John Kerry, compared with 30 percent who would vote for President Bush. The poll, conducted by Hart Research Associates, shows that students majoring in most fields favor Kerry.

However, students majoring in science or math favor President Bush — by a margin of 35 to 31 percent. And while most college students say Kerry would do a better job dealing with the costs of college education, significantly more say President Bush would do a better job than Kerry defending the country from future terrorist attacks.–Britt Hume’s “The Grapevine”, Fox News 6/14/04

I think this could be used to further the theory that Math and science students are generally in a seperate “sphere” while at school (in contrast to humanities students).

Us science students also have other advantages as well *wink*

Are we really winning?

I’m left to wonder if this letter is really authentic, or if it’s an attempt by the Islamist terrorists to play psychoogical games with us. I’d hope it’s the former (rather than the latter) but, never the less: Letter to bin Laden: (Al-Qadea’s) Iraq War in Trouble

A purported letter from Zarqawi to bin Laden, posted to Islamic web sites Monday night, complains that al Qaida fighters in Iraq are being “squeezed” by U.S.-led coalition forces, the Associated Press said.

“The space of movement is starting to get smaller,” Zarqawi warned. “The [U.S.] grip is starting to be tightened on the holy warriors’ necks and, with the spread of soldiers and police, the future is becoming frightening.”

Well then, let’s make the terrorists’ future even more frightening–if ya know what i mean.

Update Now some media outlets are reporting that this is just the text of the previous letter sent in Feb….darn…