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Pot…Kettle…Black and ignorance

The following quotes are from Kerry today:

They don’t have a record to run on so all they can do is attack,” Kerry said. He was responding to Bush, who a few minutes earlier had said from the campaign trail that Kerry had no “significant achievements” in Congress.

Word of the criticism drew a chuckle from the fourth-term senator, who wore an open-collar shirt and slacks. “That’s the response to a positive campaign.” he said sarcastically.

Um, is this the pot calling the kettle black? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones….The President obviously has a record which he can (and will be) running on. As for Kerry–he didn’t really even mention his record in his acceptance speech. And a “positive campaign”—ha! That’s a funny one.

Oh but wait, I’ve got Continue reading

Would you rather…

I heard this question on the radio and thought I’d share it

In a hypothetical situation–would you rather spend a day hanging out with US troops (from any or all of the branches of the military) -or- spend the day with a random assortment of intellectuals?

Supporting the non-existant?

FNC has this headline up on its headline sidebar thingy:

Nuclear Endorsement
Sharon says White House would support Israeli weapons program

Now wouldn’t it be a bit difficult for the US to support a program that Israel doesn’t even acknowledge exists? How would one do that?

[and yes, I’m well aware that it’s an open secret that Israel has a nuke program]


From Drudge:


Now how much is the FCC gonna fine CNN for this one?
(aside–did the baloons come down? I wasn’t watching any of this)

Score another one for the Infidels!

Chalk another one up for the members of the evil apartheid, colonial, racist, bigoted, facist, infidel State of Israel in this latest technological innovation produced in conjunction with the US:

Arrow anti-missile defense system successfully tested in U.S.

Israel and the United States on Thursday held a successful test of the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system – the world’s only operational missile killer system – off the coast of California.

International Childrens Games!

Don’t forget the children!

Since all the media is focused on the DNC convention in Boston right now, an event that deserves coverage isn’t getting it.

On friday, the International Children’s Games begin–and for the first time they’re being held in the USA. Better yet–the games are taking place right here in Cleveland, and one of the athletic venues is literally down the street from me (1.5 blocks).

Kids ages 12-14 have come literally from all over the world–122 cities representing 50 countries and 4 continents to take part in this athletic competition.

I do plan on attending some of the events—oh and did I mention that President Bush is going to be attending and speaking as well?

Kerry’s Speech

Word has it that Kerry’s acceptance speech this evening is slated to run for 55 minutes

That’s way too long for any speech if you ask me. I wouldn’t have the patience to watch/listen to it either–heck some of his shorter speeches feel like they drag on for 55 minutes!

And is someone going to be keeping count of the references to Vietnam?

How do they fit ’em all in?

Random thought for the evening:

How is it possible to place all these politicians and political figures simultaneously in the same arenas without their egos overcrowding the space?
(This doesn’t even factor into account the media and their egos)…

Is this something like a circus clown car trick?

I can’t believe they sell these

From the Target website:

Kabbalah Red String 25.99

This is probably the craziest thing I’ve seen in a long time. First off, why would one pay so much for a simple piece of string? In Israel, especially in the Old City of Jerusalem, there are many old ladies who hand these to youngsters for free.
Second–I’ve got a gripe with this whole “Kaballah” craze. What you see/hear from hollywood is such a false representation of this mysticism…in traditional Jewish circles there’s a saying that “one shouldn’t study Kaballah until he has reached the age of 40”–why? Because being any younger and studying it would make one insane….I guess that explains a lot of hollywood though….

Big Day!

It’s been a big day for me here today! Why?
Well I’m planning on uploading pictures this evening if you’re really curious.

More thoughts on the convention

Amount of time I’ve spent watching the Dem convention to date: 0:00
I agree with Dan Rather (that’s a shocker):

‘If we were on for 3 hours a night, in a lot of places a test pattern would get better ratings’…

I’ve made a real quick trip through the blogsphere and hope I’ve caught up on the day as a whole. I’m cautiously optomistic that tomorrow won’t be as hectic for me….let’s hope. (No doctors appointments are scheduled either–a good sign)

Did crazy man Bill O’Reilly really have a talk with Michael (insert name here) Moore? I gotta see the transcript of that one!

But I’m falling asleep as I type…it’ll have to wait till tomorrow

Crazy Day

I’ve been out of the house basically since 9:30am till now (okay, I got in a little while ago and I cooked and ate dinner). Lots of doctors appointments.

Now it’s off to lacrosse…..blogging will be coming this evening

Citizen of the Day

Three cheers for the alert citizen who helped police find and safely recover four kidnapped children.

From an email list of mine:

There has been an amber alert for 4 missing children across Ohio. This morning, my business partner, and Franklin County eCampaign Chair for Bush/Cheney 04 was driving down I-70. He read the Amber Alert sign, and looked down and saw the car in front of him. He called the police and talked them to him while he was following this car through some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Columbus. The police caught up and decended, arrested the man, and rescued the 4 children. Paul left and went to work, and the media started calling him. He is being called a real hero! He is being interviewed by NBC, Fox and many others. Paul, who is a former Marine as am I, was asked why he’d risk himself to follow this convicted child molester. He said he was a Marine and feared nothing. What a great story about a brave Ohioan and Bush supporter! He is being called a hero. ….he is definitely someone all Republicans and Bush supporters should be proud of!

Actually, this man is someone everyone regardless of their politics should be proud of.

Someone enlighten me

I’ve already seen a lot of people calling this picture of Kerry a potential “Dukakis moment”.

Now forgive my ignorance, but when Dukakis ran, I was too young to understand politics or even watch campaign ads (I was going into 1st grade).

What exactly was it that Dukakis’ appearance in that tank (in the commercial) do to him in the campaign?

My thoughts on the DNC Convention

I guess it’s only proper to follow everyone else, and share my thoughts on tonight’s speeches at the DNC Convention.

Okay, let me start at the top–I didn’t watch any of it

Why not?

For starters, we don’t have cable TV here at home. Second, I usually don’t have the attention span to sit through a political speech. Third, these conventions are so scripted that I could probably just guess what the speakers are going to say in the first place.

Fourth, and most importantly, just by taking a spin around the blogsphere, I can find out what (if anything) of note was said. And the information in the blogsphere is usually much more concise than that which I’ll be fed in tomorrow’s edition of the Plain Dealer, which will probably just run the NYT wire story.

Fifth–yes, regretfully, Stephanie Tubbs Jones is my congressional representative. Yuck!


Off to the doctor for a physical this morning…dum….dum…dum….
Here goes nothing!

Update: The doc said everything is going well with me! Yay! Now I’ve just got to wait and see how my blood work comes out from the lab.