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Elsewhere in New York City

Elsewhere in NYC…in the Bronx, at the home of the Bronx Infidels (that’s the NY Yankees) played host to my hometown heroes (the Cleveland Indians)

Tonight was a glorious evening, as the Infidels went down in flames losing to the Indians 22-0.

Yes, you read it right, Indians: 22; Infidels: 0

What a glorious evening!

So not fair

Just got a message on my cell phone from my sister, who attends school in NYC, saying she was en route to a party being thrown for the RNC delegates, at which, according to her “famous people including some of your facist republican friends and figures” are going to be attending.

Not fair–not fair at all! I’m the Republican in the family, and I don’t get this privledge! (Then again, I was invited to two events, but I didn’t want to schlepp into the city for them–but still)


Yeeehaaaa! I walked into my local target today to pick up an item and what do I see–a sign indicating that NY State is holding a Sales Tax Free Week


Granted, it’s only on clothing (items costing less than $110), but it still beats having to pay an extra 8.75% sales tax.

No tax = more money in my pocket. And it couldn’t come at a better time for me (I need some new shorts that fit)

Fat-fatty can’t take the heat?

So Michael Moore is writing a column for four days this week about the RNC for USA Today.

(USA Today had originally had Ann Coulter writing for the DNC, but she quit after editors wanted to edit her column too much, so Jonah Goldberg took over)

Moore’s first column has been throughly fisked by The Smarter Cop.

It looks like Moore can’t handle the heat either and won’t be returning to the convention

Such a shame, no?

One thing Rudy should’ve added

Okay, time to play Monday Tuesday Morning QB on Rudy’s kick-ass awesome speech last night at the RNC (which I’m very glad I watched).

Rudy made mention of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre of the Israeli Olympic Team and the feckless response of the Germans in releasing the three arrested terrorists.

There’s two things Rudy seemed to overlook when mentioning this event which could have fit into his speech.

1) One of the members of the Israeli team was a dual US-Israeli citizen, weightlifter David Berger of Shaker Heights, Ohio.

2) After the attack, Israel took matters into her own hands, and (then) PM Golda Meir authorized the Mossad to go out, hunt down and liquidate those responsible for the attrocity. A task which the Mossad was very successful with.

I think that if Rudy could have tied in Berger’s citizenship, he could have possibly scored more “impact points”.

Similarly, if Rudy were to have mentioned how Israel went back on the offensive against the terrorists, and making an analogy to the US now, he could’ve hit (yet another) home run.

It’s not like Rudy’s speech really needed more home-runs in that speech of his.

Aside: For those not familiar with the Munich ’72 story, I highly suggest viewing the documentary “One Day in September” (I’ve not read the book of the same title, so I can’t comment on it)

I love Rudy!

He’s not even doine with his talk yet, and I’m head over heels for Rudy Giuliani!

Just look at what he said!

Anyone else notice the major playing of themes that will play towards the Jewish community? (Besides that side-splitting comment about Arafat)? Huh?

[A hypothesis: the dems apparently didn’t once mention Israel during any of their convention speeches–it looks like the GOP wants to try and swoop in and take advantage of this oversight and emphasize its support the Jewish State]

A thought on the convention

Yeah, I flipped on the convention a little while ago. When is Guiliani gonna speak? That’s what I wanna hear.

The military anthems/tribute was also a very nice touch–plus, the display of weaponry, planes, ships, etc. is absolutely awesome (no matter when it’s showed).

A lot of the RNC videos are soooooo Shmaltzy–oy!

Ooh, McCain is on, time to watch.

The RNC Begins

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or just haven’t watched the news in a long time, you’re well aware that the RNC begins (began?) today.

Now the big question is, will I actually watch any of it on TV? If so, who’se speaches are going to be worth watching?

More coverage of the Israeli “spy” story

It’s getting harder and harder to judge if this story has any merit to it in light of everything that’s now coming out.

Funny thing though, the story has almost all but dissapeared from the mainstream media, save for an article here or there.

Here’s a post from LGF on the topic.

I also highly recommend reading this piece by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs: Israeli Responses to the FBI’s Espionage Investigation Leak – A Compendium

First day

In the middle of my first day of school here. To summarize things so far, the morning can best be described by Murphy’s Law.

The afternoon is off to a better start though, and I hope things just pick up from here.

More coverage to come

Shouldn’t it be the reverse

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day for me. Starts off with an 8:30am lab lecture that I have to attend in my newfound capacity as a TA. 8:30 is way too early for classes to start. Following that, I’ve got a lab prep session to figure out what I’m going to TA.
Then it’s time for neurobiology class and then it’ll be time to grab a bite to eat for lunch–if there’s time…then back to the undergrad lecture building to attend the lecture course accompanying the lab course. Then to wrap the day up, there’s a department gathering being held in honor of us new grad students (translation: free food!) Then the day is at long last over–finally.

I’m going back to officially disliking mondays.

So I’m going to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force then head to bed.

Memo to the DNC

pssst….hey, DNC honchos, yeah–you.
Your whole little advertising campaign for the GOP Convention, you know the “Mission not-accomplished” one?

Haven’t you bothered reading Gen. Tommy Franks’ book American Soldier or listened to any of the interviews he’s given since the book’s publication?

That sign wasn’t Bush/Cheney/Rove et. al.’s idea–much to the contrary–it was General Frank’s idea!

The General believed that the specified mission of combat was accomplished (which it was).

You may want to go back to the drawing board and think up a new slogan quickly so you don’t embarass yourselves too much.

More on the Israel “spy” story

More stories are out on the story about possible “espionage” by a DoD official on behalf of Israel.

This story looks like it came out with a “bang” inappropriately and is going out with a whimper:

We are told that the FBI has been investigating Franklin for a year, giving the impression of heft to the story. But as our news pages reveal today, the two AIPAC staffers who are the supposed conduits for Franklin’s information have not even been interviewed by the FBI. It can further be assumed that no Israelis have been interviewed either, making one wonder how much substance is behind both the Franklin-AIPAC link and the assumption that the information went further. Finally, the story itself has been watered down in many quarters from handing over classified information to “mishandling documents.”–Jerusalem Post


U.S. gov’t sources: Spy charges unlikely in Pentagon mole affair
FBI apparently lacks evidence that mole was operated by Israel or AIPAC; Sharansky: Charges may stem from Pentagon-CIA rivalry.–Ha’aretz

Jerusalem Post:

Editorial: The AIPAC kerfuffle
Who is Larry Franklin?
Sharansky: Pentagon-CIA rivalry led to spy charge
Analysis: Affair won’t harm strong US-Israel ties
Sneh: Pentagon ‘mole’ story is nonsense

Israel Insider (breaking news ticker)

US Official: Franklin “an idiot,” not “a spy”

Ma’ariv: Spy scandal fizzling out

Walking his way into office?

State Rep. Eric Fingerhut (D) who is challenging the incumbent Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) for his senate seat has embarked on a trek he hopes will help him walk his way into Washington.

Fingerhut, faces an uphil challenge (no pun intended) against Voinovich who has wide known name recognition. Fingerhut has previously served in the US House and the Ohio State Senate. Voinovich has a 3o-year political career includinig his time as US Senator, he is a former two term Ohio Governor and Mayor of Cleveland. A poll a few months ago showed Voinovich with a 30-point lead, so Fingerhut is trying to get his name out however he can.

Hence his 310 mile walk from Cincinnati to Cleveland to get himself known.

Fingerhut happens to be the Senator for my home district, and I can really only say good things about the man. Though I’ve got some disagreements with him over political issues, I often find myself in agreement with him. Fingerhut is also a known figure within the Cleveland Jewish community which could help him gain some votes.

At the same time, Voinovich is a staunch friend and supporter of Israel. Need proof? There’s The George V. Voinovich Negev Business Center
in Israel; and he has invested/donated significantly towards the development of the Negev Desert in Israel.

It will be interesting to continue to follow both this race and Fingerhut’s stroll as well

Damn Kook All-Stars!

It’s going to be a nice and sunny day (not to mention very hot day) today here in the NYC/Long Island area, making today what would be a perfect day for the beach.

Small problem–the kook all-stars are descending on NYC today for the UFPJ march/rally/spectacle, so word has it a lot of city residents are leaving the city for the Island’s beaches…meaning mobs on the beaches–in other words, making it not such a good day for the beach. Darn. That’s a shame.

Stupid wacko protesters (I’m not talking about the “rank and file” marchers–I’m talking about the other types).

Oh well, I’ve planned out other things that I want to get done today.

Oh thank heaven!

A conversation from school the other day:

Student #1: “Geez…has anyone else realized that around here there’s like a frieking 7-11 on every corner? Where I live I’m surrounded by 3 of them!”

Student #2: “yeah…me too!”

Me: “And that’s a bad thing because?”


Slurpees and Coffee that’s cheaper than Starbucks….oh it doesn’t get much better now, does it? 🙂

The Israeli Spy Story

I’m catching up on this story right now, but my first reaction is one of significant skepticism.

Is this story a “strategic leak” to try to score points against the administration? I’m not so sure.

I don’t quite know why Israel would be trying to lit Intel on Iran from the US; rather, to the contrary I would think that Israel would have better sources against the regime. For example, it was reported earlier this year that the IDF’s SIGINT Unit 8200 cracked the Iranian code. I’d also think Israel would have more of an available pool of trained farsi speakers.

Does Israel spy on the US? It wouldn’t suprise me if they did; just as I wouldn’t be suprised to find out that the US spies on Israel. that’s how the geopolitical game is played.

There are a lot of questions which usually surround stories like this. I mean what ever happened to Chalabi leaking a US Intel code to Iran? Sandy Berger and his documents (socks/pants-gate)?

A few points of note:

Johnathan Pollard was not a Mossad agent, he was actually profiled by the Mossad and rejected as an agent. Rather, he passed on info to a now defunct “gov’t agency” in Israel known as Lakam (the name was an acronym).

In the book: Gideon’s Spies–Secret History of the Mossad, the author mentions that at some point during the [Ken] Starr Report, a reference is made to intercepted communications from an embassy (Believed to be Israel) which seems to hint that the Israelis had a high level source in the Clinton WH. This was the whole “Mega” spy issue.

For very thorough coverage of this story, check out Blogs of War