One thing Rudy should’ve added

Okay, time to play Monday Tuesday Morning QB on Rudy’s kick-ass awesome speech last night at the RNC (which I’m very glad I watched).

Rudy made mention of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre of the Israeli Olympic Team and the feckless response of the Germans in releasing the three arrested terrorists.

There’s two things Rudy seemed to overlook when mentioning this event which could have fit into his speech.

1) One of the members of the Israeli team was a dual US-Israeli citizen, weightlifter David Berger of Shaker Heights, Ohio.

2) After the attack, Israel took matters into her own hands, and (then) PM Golda Meir authorized the Mossad to go out, hunt down and liquidate those responsible for the attrocity. A task which the Mossad was very successful with.

I think that if Rudy could have tied in Berger’s citizenship, he could have possibly scored more “impact points”.

Similarly, if Rudy were to have mentioned how Israel went back on the offensive against the terrorists, and making an analogy to the US now, he could’ve hit (yet another) home run.

It’s not like Rudy’s speech really needed more home-runs in that speech of his.

Aside: For those not familiar with the Munich ’72 story, I highly suggest viewing the documentary “One Day in September” (I’ve not read the book of the same title, so I can’t comment on it)

2 thoughts on “One thing Rudy should’ve added

  1. Paul Leslie

    Yeah, good point.Now get real and look at the state of affairs Israel is in now.If that’s what you want for America keep electing people who think like Rudy.

  2. jaws

    Actually Israel is a lot safer now thenit was back in 2000. I’ve got no idea what’s been behind Sharon’s latest actions, I’m not sure if he’s sucumming to US or EU pressure on the diplomatic front. You know the village the bombers came from isn’t covered by the security fence–you know why? Because Israel’s supreme court has decided to run wild….but the fence prevents bombings.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing our borders being sealedoff with a fence like israel’s

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