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What about Israel?

I didn’t finish TAing till about 9:50-ish tonight, and I only briefly listened to the debate on the radio (I heard Bush respond to something by mentioning the ICC).

But after a very quick trip around the blogsphere, I’ve got one major question–What about Israel?!?!?!

How can you have a debate on foreign policy and not mention Israel!?!?!?!?!?

I’m completely baffled….

“Flip-flop and inconsistent”

The Kerry campaign is now trying to paint the President as a “Flip Flopper” and “inconsistent”.

Er….sounds like they’re employing the old playground strategy of

“I am rubber you are glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you”

The Bush campaign was smart and came out of the gates and successfully labled and defined Kerry in the public’s mind. Hence Kerry’s label a a flip-flopper (heck, he got that label during the primary–and not the GOP).

So I think it’s a pretty desperate move for the democrats to start labeling Bush as a flip-flopper (which when compared to their candidate, Bush pales in comparison.) And as for inconsistent, this is the president who you previously labled as “stubborn” because of his consistency on certain issues.

You can’t win with some people…can you?

An aside: Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe are arguing on TV right now. McAuliffe is a total blowhard.

A McAuliffe quote: “We can’t have someone in the WH who changes policy based on the headlines and poll numbers on a daily basis”–didn’t Dick Morris say Clinton often made decisions based on poll numbers during his terms? Go figure….

Debate over the debate

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s more of a debate over everything that’s going to occur tonight than there will be at the debate itself.

Networks balk at Bush-Kerry debate agreement

Combine that with the talking heads who have been all over the news about the debate (I’ve been hitting the mute button a lot when I try to watch the news)–I think there’s been more debate around the “formal debate” than will be seen tonight.

9 Months–59 Pounds

(excuse the self promotion and bragging, but I’m just trying to stay in a good mood)

I began Weight Watchers exactly 9 months ago (12/30/03-today) and have since dropped exactly 59.0lbs (I went to a meeting this AM).

*proceeds to do happy dance*

That is all.

/bragging and self promotion

CBS: A lose-lose situation

So CBS is still getting pounded by the blogsphere, mainly the right side. Most recently for recycling and running with the draft myth. Here’s what Allah has to say on the story.

And via the Kerry Spot

MoveOn “members across the country are flooding the offices of CBS and its parent company, Viacom, with phone calls and e-mails demanding that the network reverse its decision and air a key “60 Minutes” report that uncovers how the Bush administration used fake documents to build its case for war in Iraq. CBS killed the story, saying it ‘inappropriately’ interfere” with WH 2004. MoveOn exec dir Peter Schurman: “It’s outrageous that a major TV outlet would withhold an important piece of news for political reasons” (release, 9/28).

CBS: Getting battered by both sides… for them….

The Elephants still roam

From this week’s issue of the Brandeis Justice’s “Club Notebook” section:

CLUB NOTEBOOK: Brandeis Republicans: A little small in numbers but big in ideas

From what I’ve heard the club is growing this year! Good for them! It’s a good group of people as well–and it’s nice to see alternative points of view on the campus.

And continuing in Brandeis’ quest for “Tolerance”, apparently signs put up by the Republicans the other day were torn down within 4 hours! (Which may be a new record–for signs staying up that is!)

A(nother) “Screw-Israel” Summit

[borrowed from Aldaynet]

About Kerry’s latest promise on Iraq:

Senator John F. Kerry set some new markers for his diplomatic skills yesterday, saying that as president he would immediately convene a summit of all European and Arab heads of state “to figure out how together we’re going to assume the burdens” of Iraq and proposing that another country could provide a base for training Iraqi security forces.

I think by “European leaders” there’s an emphasis on France and Germany. Then the arab countries…unless they’re already with us, goodluck. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that in return for, oh, just about any kind of support (or even attendance at this summit) some if not all of the countries will try to twist the US’ arm to sell Israel up the river? I mean Old Europe causes Israel more headaches than it helps, or so it seems.

Preparing for the debates

Okay, the Daily Show is talking about thursday night’s debate, so I figure, I may as well chime in.

I’m probably not going to be watching the first debate. Why? I teach my lab section thursday nights, so I’m a bit occupied. Perhaps I can come home and catch the latter half of the debate…though reading the blogs afterward would probably tell me what transpired.

Here’s what else I’m wondering about:

-How often will Israel get mentioned in the debate? Iran? Vietnam?
-Will anything “new” be said by either candidate? (beside verbal gaffes)?
-Where are the drinking games? This event screams “Drinking games”!

Oompa-Loompa Orange?

So what’s the deal with Kerry’s color?

He looks llmore orange than if he just got a “straight” tan.

I remember once when two of my friends tried one of those “tans in a bottle” things, and well, it didn’t work out so well for them. Their skin turned splotchy and orangish….which leads me to wonder, was Kerry using a tan in the bottle type thing?

“The Boss” blasts the Fourth Estate

Well it looks like it’s official, Bruce Springsteen has sipped a bit too much of the Koolaid that’s been served amongst many stars…
On Eve of Big Tour, Springsteen Says Press Has “Let The Country Down”

The problem, according to Springsteen, is that “Fox News and the Republican right have intimidated the press into an incredible self-consciousness about appearing objective and backed them into a corner of sorts where they have ceded some of their responsibility and righteous power.”

That’s ashame, he’s such a talented musician and aritist……but they got to him with the Kool-aid before common sense arrived.

I mean this quote from Bruce shows a glimmer of sanity:

Even the scripted political conventions deserved more coverage than they got, especially since they were often upstaged by reality TV shows. “No matter how staged they are,” Springsteen says, “I think they’re a little more important than people eating bugs,”

But this really makes it sound like he took a few too many cups:

Most of his criticism, however, is aimed at TV coverage, and he reveals that as “a dedicated” New York Times reader he has gained “enormous sustenance” from columnists Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman.

No comment.

Red Pen

Sorry blogging has been so light…I’ve had writers block and I’ve been wielding the much feared red pen, grading lab quizzes.

Yep, now I’m the one wielding the red pen! How messed up is that?