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More of Osama channeling Michael Moore

MEMRI has just released it’s analysis of Osama Bin Laden’s latest video tape. Go read it here.

Suprisingly, enough MEMRI says one of the same things that I did, most noteably this:

Another conspicuous aspect of the tape is the absence of common Islamist themes that are relevant to the month of Ramadan, which for fundamentalists like bin Laden is the month of Jihad and martyrdom

Okay, so enough gloating on my part…let’s move on…

Going over MEMRI’s analysis, it apears as if Bin Laden has channeled more of Michael Moore’s rhetoric… Continue reading

Pitching for the Candidates

From today’s Boston Herald – Election 2004 Coverage: Schilling makes pitch on behalf of president

Apparently Curt Schilling doesn’t regret his endorsement of President Bush after all: The Sox hero has recorded automatedphone calls backing Bush that will be made until Election Day.

That’s very cool, and a smart campaign move. I personally am still in awe of what Shilling pulled off in the ALCS with his ankle being in the conditioin that it was and all. That’s what the playoffs are all about.

However, in response to Schilling joining the Bush campaign, Kerry’s campaign attempted to counter the PR with…..

Pedro? No
Manny? No
Ortiz? No

Red Sox Executives? Yes!

Kerry, sensing an opening, got team owners John Henry and Tom Werner and general manager Theo Epstein to campaign with him today in Manchester, [NH].

Now let us weigh and compare the popularity of a player (currently with heroic status) versus executives?

I think the Bush campaign gets the better of this one.

Update: Looks like Bush has himself a complete “battery” (pitcher and catcher), as in Cincinnati, OH, Bush was joined by Hall-of-Fame catcher Johnny Bench.

That’s very treif!

Chris Heinz speaks out

Heinz also reminded writer Sasha Issenberg of Pat Buchanan by saying, “One of the things I’ve noticed is the Israel lobby – the treatment of Israel as the 51st state, sort of a swing state.” Buchanan was blasted as an anti-Semite years ago when he cited Israel’s “amen corner” in Congress.

If you didn’t think the campaign had hit the gutter yet….doesn’t this convince you?

Change the clocks…

I hate it when we have to change the clocks?

That is to say, I like getting an extra hour of sleep and all in the fall, but the thing is, my brain and body don’t like having its circadian rhythms shifted around…and consequently throws me for a loop over the course of a couple of days….ugh…

Ohio: Issue 1 Watch

One of the things the Bush campaign may be banking on for a high turnout of socially conservative voters in Ohio is Issue 1, a proposed constitutional ammendment which would ban all same-sex unions/marriage in the state. [text of the ammendment]

Poll: Majority of likely voters support Issue 1
A solid majority of Ohio’s likely voters support Issue 1, which would add a same-sex marriage ban to the Ohio Constitution, according to a poll commissioned by The Plain Dealer

The random telephone survey found 59 percent of respondents supported the proposed constitutional amendment, 32 percent opposed it and 9 percent remained undecided.

Talk amongst yourselves (feel free to use the comments section as well!)

Ohio election bombshell

It’s getting crazier back in the Buckeye state:
Ohio election bombshell–[Sec. State] Blackwell (R) tries to ban challengers at polls; AG Petro (R) refuses order

Did I mention both Blackwell and Petro are seen as gubernatorial candidates for 2006?

Update: Unrelated, but still entertaining in a way, one of the candidates running for Senate didn’t show at a debate–though his challeger did.

It should be noted, that the no=show candidate is current Sen. George Voinovich, who according to the latest polling (10/30) has a 38 point lead over his challenger.

What about the 0ther 13 minutes?

About the Osama Bin Laden tape, did you know that only 5 minutes of the tape were shown on Al-Jazeera…and that the tape actually runs for 18 minutes….

What do the other 13 minutes of the tape say? I’m really curious to know about that.
Especially since I find it suprising that Bin Laden would release a tape, that would air during Ramadan, without references to the festival.

Osama’s Latest Tape

Anyone know of a site with a xomplete transxript of Osama’s latest tape?
The one Drudge has is only partial…

I’ve got thoughts on the tape…but I’d rather see all the rhetoric rather than the excerpts. Cause something seems odd with the text I’ve seen thus far.

In short, from the transcripts I’ve seen, there’s a suprising absence of traditional Islamist rhetoric, nor are there any references to Islamic history that one expects to read/hear in these tapes. That’s what really strikes me–because Bin Laden usually makes refernces to events in Islamic history, which are important, that those familiar with the history pick up on–and to others are irrelevant. (I learned a lot getting to hear both Bernard Lewis and Walid Phares speak in person during my last two years of undergrad). That’s why I want to see the full transcript.

For the time being, check out this post at NRO’s Corner (and scroll down), this analysis at Belmont Club, and this post at Roger Simon’s blog–especially the part from his commenter the Afghan Expert. Blogs of War, is on top of this story as well.

As for a Hudna—Hell No!

Jew Vote 2004 Watch

More news on the Jewish community and the upcoming election….things keep getting more interesting:

The Cleveland Jewish News focuses on Election 2004 this week (see the letters page too)

From the Jewish Week (NY), Michael B. Oren (author of the book: “Six Days of War”) writes: Fundamental Differences On Israel

Also from the Jewish Week: Jewish Unity At Stake In Election

Jews in Battleground states and Passions Rising In Palm Beach and Rabbis Steering Clear Of Endorsements

Finally, Steve Silver offers his Presidential Endorsement

Junk Neuroscience: Partisan Brains?

A lot of people have been pointing out this story which is on the AP wire: Dems, GOP: Who’s Got the Brains?

Basically, a bunch of researchers used an fMRI machine to scan the brains of members of different political affiliations, and then compare regions that were activated in response to seeing different images. Then after making statistical comparisons (of activity) in different parts of the brain, they identify the levels of activation in various regions. (If anyone wants more of an explanation of fMRI see this link; be advised it’s a page for the general public rather than scientists)

What did the researchers find?

The researchers’ conclusion: At a subconscious level, Republicans were apparently not as bothered by what Democrats found alarming.

That’s not really suprising, is it? I’m sure the converse is true.

Personally, I think that “studies” like this are rather pointless, and a waste of good technological resources, time and money. Especially since the results were rather predictable. Nor am I a big fan of this idea of “neuromarketing” (which they discuss at the end of the article). I’m a bit weary of that type of practice.

On the lighter side, just look at this Cox and Forkum cartoon

What ever happened to peer review?

There’s an article published in the latest issue of the respected medical journal Lancet claiming to calculate the number of civilian casualties resultig from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The article is more of a politically motivated piece than it is sound science. See this post over at Instapundit-
to see what I mean.

What ever happened to peer-review of these journal articles? Especially in these respectible journals like Lancet?

(A disclaimer: I persoinally know people who have had their work/writing published in Lancet and their work is far superior to this waste of a “study”)

Is there video evidence?

So from what I’ve gathered in the little bit of time I’ve had, an Army Major from the 3rd ID, spoke at the Pentagon about destroying explosives at the Al-Qaqaa facility.

Now I want to know if there’s video evidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I trust what the major is saying–and I don’t doubt him for a minute.

I just want to watch video of all those explosives being detonated! (It’s a guy thing) Anyone with me?

Should we be thanking the NYT?

Just something I heard on TV a little while ago.

Since we now know that CBS wanted to hold the Al-Qaqaa story till Sunday night (before the election)

But the NY Times broke it early…fearing “leaks on the internet”…

Now that we know how much of a farce the whole story is…perhaps it’s better that it got broken early, that way it can be totally shot down and discredited, and therefore, won’t pack the same “punch” it would have had as if it ran at the 11th hour (Sunday night)…


Could this swing NH?

A long shot, but noting the number of Sox fans who read this blog, it’s worth throwing the theory out:

Via:The Corner on National Review Online

Word has it that President Bush called Curt Schilling from Air Force One to thank him for the endorsement on Good Morning America. AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT, I betcha they’ll have him on the stump with W (he sure sounded willing on Good Morning America) in New Hampshire or Philly this weekend. (And yes, this is a smart and good thing, obnoxious Yankee fan admits on the public record.)