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Bye bye Butch

Butch Davis resigns as Browns coach

When I was home for the Thanksgiving weekend a rumor had been floated in the Cleveland media that Davis had been fired by the Browns (it was a false rumor). However, there’s been a lot of clamoring from the fans demanding Davis’ head…and well…the rest is history.

The Browns now need a new GM and head coach…will Cleveland get someone good?

Brandeis Alums Shut Out of the White House

I don’t feel too bad for the Old Gray Lady…

From Drudge:

Tom Brokaw speaking to Chris Matthews:
“The idea that this White House has not given Tom Friedman a long, in-depth interview is astonishing to me. I have had a very good relationship with them…But no reporter that I know covering national politics and the international policies that are of such great concern today know as much about them as Tom Friedman does and they have completely shut out the New York Times…”

So Tom Friedman (Brandeis ’75) gets shut out of the White House….wonder why?

But this doesn’t mean that my alma matter is completely shut out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….

After all, the head of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matthew Brooks is also a Brandeis Alumnus (c/o ’87 or ’88 I think) Though I doubt the university will ever publically acknowledge that in light of his position. But I think he has some access to the White House

A stem cell breakthrough

So much has already been made about the story out of South Korea which claims that a woman who had been paralyzed for 20 years, via the use of umbilical cord stem cells, is apparently able to walk again!

If this is true, it’s amazing on multiple levels. Obviously it’s an amazing occurence, but on a secondary level, to those of us in the scientific community (especially within the neuroscience community) this could be a huge discovery. Not only does it involve neuronal regrowth and reconnection, it also involves restoration of function, paterned locamotive activity among other things.

However, being a science person, I’m still going to reserve my judgement on this claim of a breakthrough until the doctors publish their findings in a peer-reviewed journal some time in the first half of 2005. I want to see the details and data before I come to a conclusion one way or another.

Obviously, this story is going to be picked up and used as part of the political hot potato issue of embryonic stem cell research–as this feat was apparently accomplished not with embryonic stem cells, but rather umbilical ones.

For a synopsis of the “talking points” see Just One Minute


After reading this post over at A Red Mind in a Blue State

I very much agree with a lot of the ideas put forward in the post about how to enhance the game. However, I have a few disagreements, minor ones at that.

Simply put, playoff hockey is awesome. So I disagree with the notion that there are too many teams in the playoffs. More teams=more games=more action and suspense. And when the games go into OT…..oooh yeah!

Now, I do think that the NHL has made many a bad decision, and has really shot itself and the sport in the foot. Perhaps it’s the way the game is being played in the pros now?

I don’t think hockey is on its way out–rather, I think if people were exposed to more of the game on the collegiate and high school levels they’d begin to enjoy it more.

I also agree that the rules need changed, get rid of the red line!

what’s on tap

I’ve been here at school since 8:30am, spending most of the time in classes. Sigh. Mondays have always been such long days…

So right now here’s some things that I’m thinking/planning on blogging about later:

The “stem cell” story out of China
Thoughts on the state of the game of Hockey (it’s tied to another post)
And um, uh, er…anything else that comes to mind later today (it’s been a slow day)

Now it’s off to sit in on the class I technically “TA” for. I’ve got some papers to grade and the crossword from yesterday’s edition of Newsday to keep me entertained if need be.

Kucinich isn’t giving up

I guess there are more windmills for this quixotic politician to go after…
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s “Inside Politics” section

Sage of the left

Just because Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign is shutting down doesn’t mean the congressman from Cleveland will shut up, an e-mail from his campaign pledges.

“Dennis will remain a leader in Congress and a leader in America,” said the missive, which told supporters the campaign is officially debt-free four months after Kucinich ended his quixotic presidential bid.

It said the campaign’s “” Web site would “relaunch shortly, to serve as a platform for education and organizing around issues with Dennis Kucinich as our spokesperson, teacher and leader.”

The presidential campaign is over, but Dennis is still just beginning,” it promised. “Our work has never been more urgent, the unity of all’ never more important to celebrate, and the way we express our shared American values so critical.”

Come to your own conclusions….


Anyone else catch today’s Browns-Bengals game?
I caught most of the second half….and among other things, I’ve gotta ask where the heck was the defense for both teams?

58-48 is not supposed to be a football score!


Why do we only seem to express what we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving Day?

Shouldn’t we acknowledge that we’re thankful for many of these same things that we mention on a daily basis?

That is to say, why limit our thanks to one day of the year, when really we’ve got something to be thankful for everyday?

A random factoid

Here’s a random factoid for you political junkies out there:

This year is the first time Stark County (Canton, OH) didn’t go for the Presidential winner.

Normally Stark Co. picks the president.

Granted, the two major GOP supporting companies in Stark Co. were Timkin (outsourced jobs and laid off many workers) and Hoover (shut down most OH operations and moved to IA).

But it’s a random thing.

Back in Cleveland

I’m back home (really at home now) in Cleveland.
Got in late last night, but I’m back.

Went to synagogue. saw all sorts of people who I knew, and good times.

Now to get back to fixing up the computers around this house and the wireless network. (I’ve gotta find that newsweek piece I linked to a few weeks ago)

And does anyone know how to deal with WP spam? I’ve deleted 1000+ pieces in the last 24 hrs.

Gobble! Gobble!

I’m in a hotel right now (with free WiFi! Wooohoo!) in Ohio, having enjoyed a really hearty and appetizing dinner with my grandparents and some other relatives.

There is no question that anyone makes a better turkey than grandma. No questions asked!

I’m heading back to cleveland tomorrow night, so blogging would resume from there, but perhaps I’ll get off a post in the morning before going back over to grandma’s house.

Happy Turkey Day (and for those of you getting up uber-early–happy Black Friday!)

Traveling for Turkey

I’m heading back home to Ohio tomorrow for Thanksgiving.
I’ll be heading to my grandparents house to have some turkey…yay (that’s yay for seeing my grandparents, and a cheer for turkey)!

Since I’m going to be out on the road I don’t know if I’ll have internet access, so blogging will be light to non-existant.

In any case, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving everyone!

Endangered Species?

Here’s a shocker from the Justice:
Some bash fliers as controversial

Leaders of the Brandeis Republicans have expressed dismay with many of their campus fliers advertising President George W. Bush’s victory either being vandalized or removed.

And obviously this offended people in the community…
Does this suprise anyone? I mean really now…..

But in the interest of being fair and objective, supposively (rumors have it that) one of the recent republican flyers had quotes from Ann Coulter on it. *Throw in the penalty flag* You’ve gotta remember guys that most people don’t recognize Coulter’s firebrand, overthetop style of writing, so you’re bound to anger ’em.

Rather leaves

So Dan Rather is finally leaving…..
This is after his ratings have plummeted, and well, the whole network news buisness is struggling to say the least.

What took him so long?

And what’s Bernard Goldberg gotta say about it?

Back at the Alma Matter

The Justice was published this week, and well, it’s whiny leftist week in the paper! Granted, the Republicans aren’t without fault this time, but I’ll explain all of this later.

A new campus publication put out it’s first issue…and is already in trouble! Ha! And there’s discussion of Frats/Sororities….but I thought those didn’t exist at Brandeis.

In other good news, Brandeis isn’t getting rid of fun….Modfest returns!

More later (after I grade more lab reports….)