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Happy New Year!

To everyone out there: HAPPY New Year!

I’ll be “celebrating” the ringing in of the new year by doing what I do best, sleeping!!!
(Note: I’m driving across 4 states tomorrow, covering ~400 miles–so I need my sleep)

To everyone: a happy, healthy, safe new year!

Crazy Packing day

I’m heading back to NY tomorrow, along with the Sister. The sister is then departing NY on Sunday for a trip to the land occupied by the Zionist Infidels.

Of course, the sister has waited till last minute to make some of the arrangements for her trip, so guess who is forced to help pick up the pieces—yeah this guy.

Not to mention that I’ve gotta get myself packed up and figure out how to organize my car with all the stuff that The Mother gave me to take back to school.

All the while, there’s the Brother who seeks attention, so I’ve gotta juggle all of that. (Hence the light blogging today)

Adding insult to injury

Walker hit by minivan gets ticket for being in road

LORAIN, OHIO–Cheryl Gyorfi is in a Cleveland hospital recovering from injuries she suffered when she reportedly was struck by a minivan while walking along West Erie Avenue Monday night.

She could also find herself in a Lorain courtroom in the not too distant future for a ticket she received for walking in a roadway where prohibited, according to police.

Gyorfi, who was walking along the road as she went to buy a pack of cigarettes, had no place else to walk because the shoulder of the road is blocked with snow, according to family members.

Gyorfi’s family thinks the minivan’s driver, who was not cited, should have been more alert on the road. But they are also outraged that Gyorfi was cited.

Talk about adding insult to injury!

Update: The local news just ran this story, and the City of Lorain has dismissed the ticket; but the minivan driver has not been ticketed or charged. A civil suit may be pending.

Neuroscience on TV

Anyone else catch CSI: NY last night?

If so, remember the case involving the woman who died of drowning?

Well it turns out what really killed her was Tetrodotoxin (TTX) a compound frequently used by neuroscience researchers.

What does TTX do? In short it blocks sodium-ion channels thus preventing the flow of sodium ions into neurons. This in turn inhibits action potentials, causing an absence of signaling and well, you can deduce the rest.

Here’s a site about TTX if you’re interested in learning more.

1-year later

Today marks my 1-year “anniversary” of being on Weight Watchers!

I’m pleasantly suprised that I’ve been able to remain on a diet for such a long time and that it was not really that difficult to do!

To date, well, let’s just say I’ve lost a lot of weight*, dropped a few clothes sizes and other good things have happened!

This calls for a celebration! A round of imaginary beers for everyone!

*Number not being disclosed for unrelated reasons–it’s a huge one though

A big day ahead

Tomorrow (or today) the 30th is a big day for me!
(Besides the fact that I’ve got a doctors appt. in the morning–that is)

It is definitely going to be an occasion for celebration!
And on top of it, I’ll also get to celebrate the Buckeye’s Trouncing of Oklahoma State 33-7

Throw a flag!

I was in the grocery store yesterday and as I approached the checkout lines I saw this book for sale: False Start: How The New Browns Were Set Up To Fail by Tony Pluto. Then I saw in today’s Plain Dealer that the book is one of the local top-sellers (number 2 non-fiction locally I believe).

This year the Browns are a meager 3-12 and from what I’ve seen of ’em, played like crap. The coach, Butch Davis was let go a few weeks ago, and his departure was just the latest in a series of things to go wrong with the team (I’m thinking all the way back to drafting Tim Couch back in ’98). At first glance I thought the book sounded very conspiracy theory-esque, but the more I think about it, the author, a local sports writer does have some strong points. I’m left to wonder (having not read the book) what exactly the NFL’s role in all this has been, and I’m curious to learn more.

We were screwed over when the Browns were taken from Cleveland by Art Model back in the 90s (curses!), and it’s hard to describe the excitement that swept the city when the team returned. But what a dud product the new Browns have been.

The need for cable

The Alamo Bowl is tonight, featuring Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State.

Problem is that the game is on ESPN, and here at home we don’t have cable television. Perhaps a trip to a bar is going to be in order….

Update: Bah–got stuck at home for the evening. Had to follow the game via the Internet….but at least the good guys won!

Give up the fantasy already

That’s what two letters in today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer suggest. Under the subheading: Give up the fantasy of a John Kerry presidency
[both letters are on the same webpage]

Good quotes from the two letters:

My wish for the new year is for all of these people who refuse to “give up the ghost” to find something to do with their lives and give up their wishful thinking. Funny thing is, so many of these people are college professors and attorneys – but they’re acting like morons now.

Despite what they say about “just making sure that the process is legitimate” and “not looking to change the outcome,” that is ex actly what they are trying to do. Otherwise, they would be searching equally hard in the states of New Hampshire (1 percent), Pennsylvania (2 percent), Michigan (3 percent), Wisconsin (1 percent), Minnesota (2 percent) and Oregon (3 percent) for voting irregularities. All of those states went to John Kerry by margins close to, or even less than, the 2 percent margin of victory that George W. Bush received in Ohio. This includes Wisconsin, which went to Kerry by fewer than 12,000 votes. Where is Jesse Jackson on that squeaker of a result?

So Jesse Jackson–where are you?

A Glimmer of Good News

IDF boasts success against terror
The IDF on Wednesday boasted that it had dramatically reduced Palestinian terror during the past year, saying the number of people killed in terrorist attacks (114) dropped by 44 percent in 2004 as compared to the previous year.

114 people is still too many to have lost to terrorism, then again 1 is too many, but on the bright side, this shows progress

Thoughtful letters to the editor

Suprisingl, there were actually some good, intellegent letters to the editor in today’s plain dealer.

Let’s start first with the one from a James Kiefer of Cleveland

Iam always amazed by the comments that suburbanites make concerning the affairs of Cleveland. A recent example is a Dec. 7 letter to the editor by a Rocky River resident regarding the arrival of Wal-Mart to the old LTV site. He decried this move because of the lack of union jobs and because factory jobs would be more desirable in that location.

While he may not realize it (being tucked away in Rocky River [a suburb–ed], as he is), that site has been vacant for a number of years. I haven’t seen anyone beating a path to the area to build any new factories in a long time….

In parting, I would like to direct some advice to all the suburban know-it alls who think they know better how to run Cleveland: Move into the city, start contributing to the tax base and vote in our elections. Then you will have earned the right to have a voice in our affairs. Run for public office, if you think you know so much. Until you’re willing to do that, keep your mouth shut and mind your own business.

So it’s the suburbanites who are protesting the opening of a Wal-Mart in the city, but the residents of the city are for it. Is there a term for this? It’s like a reverse NIMBY.

Then the second letter will warm the hearts of the pro-2A crowd: Gun bans don’t ensure safety and well you can predict the message.

Starting on the wrong foot

Hopefully I’m wrong, but from what I’ve already experienced today, things seem to be starting off on the wrong foot here at home for me today.

In other news, I was given copies of two of the new local arab-news (free) publications…talk about interesting reading material.

Bleg: Cell Phones

It’s time for me to get a new cell phone, and I’m not sure what features/models I should be looking for in a new cellular phone.

My current phone is way outdated in comparison to what’s on the market today. So what kind of features/specs should I be looking for?

Any and all advice is appreciated

and it’s all over

Went out to dinner at Stir Crazy for the Sister’s Birthday dinner. It was extremely crowded there, and the service seemed slow, but the food was good. And I had edmame for the first time–what a good and addicting food. Gotta go to the grocery and buy some for the house.

Then brought the siblings home, and well (insert musical interlude), then finally it was time for me to unveil my culinary creation! (Shout out to Pillsbury for the mix and frosting) Then sister proceeded to open her birthday gifts (again, expertly wrapped by me)–and she really liked the ones that I got her. Aren’t I just the smartest brother.

Now I’m just sitting here downstairs, blogging, and Cappucino, the Zionist Infidel Guniea pig is starting at me, no wait he’s back to his food) . I think he wants some attention….

And yes, there are pictures of all the day’s festivities, I’ve just gotta download ’em from the camera.

An aside: Anyone know of a good (free) site that hosts photos? (The relatives like to see photos ya know)