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SOTU–First thoughts

A much better speech than last year! Significantly better.

The foreign policy section was especially good in my opinion. The big caveat is that he let the Palestinians off the hook way too easily. (I’m sure AIPAC may have some words about this) But putting the Syrians and Iranians on notice…ditto with the Saudis….woah! Talk about some saber rattling. Oooh yeah! They’ve all been served notice.

And for those unaware, the emphasis on Egypt at one point–there’s actually someone who wants to challenge Egyptian (dictator)/”President” Mubarak….which is a big development over there. I don’t have a link handy right now though.

Update: I didn’t bother watching the Democratic response…I figure I’ll find out enough about it soon enough.

Did he take US Gov’t?

Interesting quote from Sen minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) from this story on the Democratic response to the SOTU:

“This is not a dictatorship,” Reid said. He said the Constitution gives the Senate minority the power to use delaying tactics to derail “mischief and bad things.”

Now, Senator, didn’t you take US Gov’t class in High School? (it was mandatory for me) Or perhaps in college?

You see Senator, nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about Filibusters, or anything for the Senate minority.

Rather, all it says is that the Senate can make its own rules. There’s a big difference there Senator, and you, as an elected official should know your constitution better.

Tsk, tsk, tsk


No, I’m not live blogging the SOTU, but a bunch of other bloggers are

I do plan on watching the speech, and hopefully it’ll be better than last years was. I don’t intend to watch the Democrats response to the address (if things follow the pattern, it’ll basically be “we disagree with everything”).

On the other hand, the sister, who is most likely going to be a politics major (she’s not formally declared a major), is not planning on watching this address. Some sorority activity. So I feel like casting shame on her for that. (The joys of being the older brother).

SOTU Thoughts

I like “Frank J’s Advice for the State of the Union Address 2005” and I think that were the President to take some of Frank’s suggestions, the SOTU would be much more interesting.

Although, one minor improvement on what Frank suggests:

Don’t start out saying something bland like, “The state of the Union is good,” say something more colorful like, “That state of the Union is DY-NO-MITE”

Just a thought