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Good Government?

The title of this post sounds like an oxymoron in and of itself, however, it turns out there are indeed members of goverment who exempllify good goverment–and some places are really lucky to have them.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Thanks for Thomas Ott’s Jan. 27 front-page story on Lyndhurst City Councilman Josh Mandel. Lyndhurst has a $4.7 million surplus, and Mandel wants to give each and every one of the 6,300 homeowners in the suburb a $400 rebate.

While we appreciate The Plain Dealer trumpeting our local leader, may we please request that you not give Mandel too much publicity – or the next thing we’ll know, everybody will want him as their civic leader.

Only 27, Josh Mandel has already discovered the secret of good government: the leader as communicating servant. A lot of politicians claim they want dialogue with the people. But Mandel is one of the few who understands the importance of really listening and hearing what people truly need and then answering those needs with the best service possible.

Wise beyond his years, Mandel has already been described as a visionary, a peacemaker and a real leader in the making. Someday we in Lyndhurst know we are going to have to share him with the rest of Ohio and, eventually, all of America. But until that someday, will you please keep Mandel the best-kept secret in town?

James T. Nagle


Not only that, City Councilman Mandel is also Cpl. Mandel, United States Marine Corps. An intel specialist, he recently returned from a 7.5 month tour of duty in Iraq.

It’s good to know that there are examples of good government out there–and a lot of politicians could learn from these examples.

“All the News that’s fit to print”?

I saw mention of this on the front of the NYT sports page…and it made me think of the NYT motto.

The story?

Philadelphia’s Simply Ravenous for a Winner

But what the headline doesn’t tell you is exactly what the article is about…

Before the eating of chicken wings began around 8 a.m., 29 contestants made grand entrances with their entourages, as if this were a prizefight. Then Miss Wing Bowl burst from a giant replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, flapping 6-foot Eagles wings and wielding an ax to ceremonially smite New England’s chances against Philadelphia in the Super Bowl.

Although Miss Wing Bowl swung the ax with great purpose and accuracy, she wore stiletto heels, fishnet stockings and a G-string not found in the average lumberjack wardrobe, hinting at her dual careers as an exotic dancer and master mechanic.

The Wing Bowl folks! Go figure….