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NY Newspaper war!

Woohoo! Looks like there’s another battle taking place amongst the New York newspapers!

The NY Daily News fired the first shots accusing the NY Post of dumping excess copies to pump up circulation numbers.

Today the NY Post has fired a retaliatory shot accusing the Daily News of trashing of thousands of copies of the paper. This comes as the Daily News launches another barrage:
What makes this man buy 50,000 New York Posts a day?

All that’s needed now is for the NY Sun and the NYT to jump into the fray, then we could have a real battle royal.

This is also very reminiscent of how the Long Island Press exposed Newsday was fudging circulation numbers itself.

There’s never a shortage of entertainment in these parts

Neuroscience related news

Intersting story up at Drudge this morning:

Guardian (UK): Chip Reads thoughts of Paralyzed Man
BBC: Brain chip reads man’s thoughts
I’ll comment more on this story later when I get a chance. It does look really interesting, and the technology is fascinating. I’ve previously read articles about similar technology tested in primates.

Second, a memo to pundits and TV talking heads. There’s a reason why Terri Schiavo never had an MRI performed after 1990. She had a deep brain stimulatioin device implanted in ’90, which is a metallic object.

Since MRIs are in essence giant magnets (how they work), you don’t put metallic objects within the magnet’s field. Hence, that’s why Shiavo never had an MRI performed. As for her not having a PET scan, that’s still an open question.

Football match of the day

Big World Cup Qualifier game today…

UEFA Group 4: France v. Israel in Ramat Gan, Israel!

In other words, it’s gonna be the biased anti-Israel Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys taking on the Zionist Infidels today on the pitch! Woohoo!

Of course one member of the French squad had to turn the game into a political to do. Meet French keeper Fabien Barthez who initially refused to travel to Israel. (Shmuck!) Since then Barthez appears to have changed his opinion, and he’ll be on the pitch for the match. (I wonder if the greeting from hot Israeli females had anything to do with it?)

Here’s the latest from Israel: More than just soccer

The game is being broadcast here in the US at 6pm (Eastern) on Fox Soccer Channel (Note: The game is tape-delayed; Kick-off is actually at 1:50pm EST)

Update: Final Score: 1-1 draw. Israel scored a goal in the 83rd minute, to equalize, what should’ve otherwise been an easy win for the French.

Time to buy Matzo?

I was at the grocery store yesterday, and I happended to walk right on by the “Passover Foods” display. (Which has been up for about three-plus weeks now)

I happened to notice that this particular grocery store has a killer sale on Matzo taking place: $3.99 for 5lbs!
(that’s less than $1/lb. for those mathematically challenged out there)

Now here’s the thing. Passover doesn’t start until late April. So is it worthwhile to already buy my Matzo and just store it tilll Passover? Or do I wait to buy it and perhaps sacrifice this super low price?


April Fools (a few days early)

Double bonus out of the Alma Matter today, as in addition to its regular weekly edition, the Justice has published it’s annual April Fools edition!

Highlights include:
“English department axed” (heh!)
“Admissions to crack down on the physically undesirable”
“Bastards: Congress Subpoenas Ollie the Owl” (talk about congressional overreach)
A funny jab at Ann Coulter
The obligatory housing lottery crack

But they could’ve done without the Sam Dewey pic.

I think I’ll pass on this one…

Just got word about the next Brandeis Alumni club of LI event in my in-box

Real Men and Real Social Change: What Is It To Be “Man Enough” Anyway?

Gordon Fellman
Professor of Sociology and Chair, Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies Program

The women’s movement, these past thirty-five years or so, has revealed much about patriarchy, the social construction of gender, and masculinity itself. It has played a part in what we can now see as seriously divergent models of what it is to be a man. Is it swagger, absolute certainty, rugged individualism, cruelty explained away as necessity, toughness, hardness, and justification for dominating other people? Is it compassion, gentleness, forgiveness, the ability to connect with other people in supportive ways, empathy, cooperating, and understanding? Some mixture of these? Two generations ago, was John Wayne a “real man”? Humphrey Bogart? More recently, is Arnold Schwarzenegger a “real man”? George Bush? Nelson Mandela? The Dalai Lama? What does all this have to do with U.S. foreign and domestic policy and the rise of the religious right?

Um, I think I’m really going to pass on this event. Besides the many spats I had with the speaker when I was a student as an undergrad, just look at hte topic of discussion.

I predict that according to the speaker, the Governator and the President aren’t “real men”….plus I’d predict a diatribe against the religious right.

Baseball and Steroids

Something I heard on the radio yesterday…

In light of the revelation that players like Bonds and McGwire, who are both likely Hall-of-Fame candidates, used steroids…consider the following.

If the two of them get in, even though they cheated by using steroids…doesn’t that mean Pete Rose should be let into the Hall?

How many cubits…

were used by Noah in his ark?
It’s pouring outside today, and supposively the city may be in for up to 2 inches, so who knows how much we’re gonna get out here. Yuck.

I’m TAing lab today…and that’s all I’ve got to do in terms of classes. I’ve also got some reading to do for homework, but I’m not so concerned by that. Just a yucky day.

Perhaps last night’s flight back was a bad omen. It was a very bumpy flight…so much so that the captain told the flight attendant not to take out the beverage cart. Then when we finally landed in Islip, the pilot apparently didn’t know his directions as he headed the wrong way on the tarmac, on the opposite direction of the terminal which we were to head to. One of those little baggage cars had to race down the tarmac to flag our pilot to tell him to go the opposite direction. That must’ve forshadowed today’s dreary weather. And now my TV isn’t working right. It’s turning itself off automatically randomly. Argh!

I’m sort of drawing blanks right now as for anything else to say.

Just saw something on the news about the White House Easter Egg Roll….uh, what’s the deal behind that?

On the road…again

Went to Youngstown yesterday to visit the grandparents with the Mother. However, in the afternoon, the mother took very sick, and so we were forced to spend the night in Youngstown (hence my lack of posts yesterday). On the positive side, the grandparents are both doing good, and grandpa actually smiled (an achievement in and of itself)!

Drove home to Cleveland this morning and I’m in the middle of frantically doing my laundry and packing up, as I fly home to Long Island this evening. So much to do so little time to do it in.

Springer Radio

I’ve been back in Cleveland this week, and as such, I’ve been tuning into my old favorite radio station, WTAM-1100AM. It’s very refreshing getting to hear the voices of Midwesterners…especially after listening to NYC Stations. Plus from 3-6 (or 7)pm instead of Sean Hannity, there’s the one, the only Mike Trivisonno Show!
(Triv talks about a whole range of topics, from sports talk to local issues to politics–and it’s great fun the whole time)

For those of you who like Baseball, for example, you’ll love this caller into the show. (Warning: Drink Alert).

But this post isn’t about Triv. Usually in the mornings WTAM had their AM show till 9, followed by Glenn Beck’s show.

However, this week I go to turn on the radio, and who do I hear? No, not Glenn, but Jerry Springer!

Yes! They put Jerry Springer on the air? What gives? What’s the deal with this? I listened to a few minutes and *click* off it went.

I can see why Air America is picking up Springer’s show…he’s bad, though not quite as moonbatty as some of the people I’ve heard on WLIB.

WTAM happens to be owned by Clear Channel (you know the evil republican supporting radio conglomorate…) so what are they doing airing Springer’s show?

Fortunately Laura Ingraham‘s show runs at the same time locally so I was spared listening to more than a few minutes of Springer.

But Springer on the radio? And I thought his idea of running for the Senate was bad…this may be worse!

Triv’s show on the other hand still rocks!

Islamists Threaten Brandeis?

Via the Hoot: BMSA prayer suite closed due to threats

The Brandeis Muslim Student Association’s (BMSA) prayer suite in lower Usdan was closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to several “disturbing off-campus e-mails” that BMSA members received related to Asra Nomani’s appearance on campus.

Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and Muslim women’s rights activist who created a national stir in 2003 by walking in the front door of her mosque and praying alongside men, had sought to use BMSA’s prayer suite to lead a prayer

All of the threats against the BMSA came in the form of emails, none of which are believed to have originate from on-campus.

Why do I suspect that some of the Islamists may have been making threats?

From earlier this month at Little Green Footballs:
Mideast Islamic Authorities Enraged, Seething

African-American professor of Islamic studies Amina Wadud led a mixed-gender prayer service in New York last Friday, and now a whole lot of Muslims want her dead.

Also from a Brandeis Press Release:

However, our efforts to keep the gathering secure and private were compromised when sources outside the university circulated details about the private service on the Internet and through a press release that Brandeis had no knowledge of and did not approve. This compromised the University’s planning process.

Perhaps those off campus emails came from the Mid East or others who hold these same views? The Islamists have been known to do such things, and Islamist communications through the internet are well known.

Fortunately the event came off okay, but the threats are disturbing none the less.

Related to this story:
Muslim woman leads mixed-gender prayer service–Waltham News Tribune
Change in schedule for campus visit by Muslim women’s rights activist Asra Nomani–Brandeis University Press Release (3/14)

Who got into the Plain Dealer?

Something strange must have gone at the Plain Dealer yesterday as they printed two conservative sounding letters to the editor! Woah!

The first one will interest some bloggers: Equip teachers with guns to protect students

The second letter seems to channel the message of Mark Levin’s best selling book Men in Black….as the letter is titled:
Keep U.S. Supreme Court’s powers in check

How’d these letters slip into the paper?

Morning post

Made the mishloach manot baskets this morning. They look really nice as well. I dunno if it’s gonna be me or mom delivering them this afternoon.

Had a small struggle with the Brother this morning, and I had to liberate Zionist Infidel Pig from the brother’s grasp. (Those who know my brother know what I’m talking about).

Not much on schedue for me today. I just got some good news about a lab rotation for school (yay!). However, it entails me filling out all sorts of government paperwork (boo!) But the good side definitely outweighs the negatives in this case.

Time to go do some laundry I guess….