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Writing in the lab

Greetings from the lab!

It’s another slow day for me here. My rats are all set up and taken care of, and they’re looking good and rather cute if I may say so myself. Today I’m monitoring one (rat) strain’s drinking behvior over the course of 8 hours.

I’m supposed to be working on writing up my experiment…which is not as easy as it sounds.
(In other words, I’m supposed to write up a scientific paper–which I’ve never done before).

Alas, the combination of writers block and procrastination have set in for me.

Anyone got some motivating advice?

Who really cares?

Drudge has this splashed on his page:
Swearing Steaming Screaming: White House as Hot House; New WashPost Book

Great…just what we need, another one of these types of books. [/sarcasm]

Come on people–why can’t you come up with other book ideas? And why are you always putting the Clintons back in the media spotlight?

A pricy cocktail

From Newsday:

First there was the $29 burger. Now there’s the $125 cocktail. That would be the prickly pear margarita served at the Dos Caminos restaurants in the Flatiron district and SoHo. It’s made with Triple Sec, hand-squeezed lime, a dash of fresh cactus-pear puree and a premium aged tequila called 1800 Collecion.

“It’s not listed on the bar menu, but we sell a surprising number of them,” said Eben Klemm, director of cocktail development for Dos Caminos.

Still, for a mixed drink these days, $10 to $15 is no longer considered all that high.

$125 for a cocktail!?!?! You’ve gotta be frieking kidding me!

$10-$15 for a cocktail is a rip off in and of itself!

I think this is simply absurd///

The bastard has done it again!


I wake up this morning and wander the few steps to the kitchen to make myself some oatmeal (breakfast of champions I tell ya!)

Out of the corner of my eye, what do I notice! There’s a fucking stranger sleeping on our couch! There’s some random person jjust there!

I’m sure one of my roomates (probably the bastard one) invited a friend out here and, oh, again neglected to mention to me at least that he was having someone stay over.

This has happened once before, earlier this year.
(I should dig up that prior post). What a bastard that roomate is. Ugh

So much for a sense of security in one’s own residence.

I’ve gotta go into the lab today anyway

Who is ultimately responsible?

I was tipped off to this story which ran this past week in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by someone back home.

The series, titled: “Andy’s Story” is the story about a suburban youth who gets into drugs, and ultimately dies of overdosing on heroin.

The family wants to prosecute the drug dealer with involuntary manslaughter, as the dealer sold the drugs which ultimately lead to the boy’s death.

You’ll need to read the whole series to ultimately see what happened.

But here’s the question:
–Should anyone be charged in this case?
–Should it be possible to prosecute drug dealers for a (drug) user’s death?
–Are parents really that uninformed (or you could say naive) as to what their children do?

And for the record–yes, drug use happens in the suburbs–at much higher rates than you’d expect as well.

It’s a beautiful day

It’s beautiful outside today
And of course I have work to do…

But you know what? I’m heading outside to do my work–that’s that.


Update: Note to self…should have remembered sunscreen.

About time someone did this

Companies sync hot dogs-to-buns ratio

CHICAGO – It is a source of frustration at cookouts everywhere: There are never enough hot dogs, and there always seem to be way too many buns.

Hot dogs and hot-dog buns are sold in different quantities, but that is going to change beginning today.

Vienna Beef and Alpha Baking Co., which manufactures S. Rosen’s buns, promise to sell the buns and hot dogs in the same numbers.

Genius I tell you! Get these people a Nobel Prize

Light Posting watch

Sorry about the light posting recently–it’s just that I’ve been extremely busy in the lab recently. For examplle, on Wed. I was there for 11 hours and on an average day I spend about 9h there.

Compound that with the fact that I don’t always have access to a computer there (more people in the lab then there are computers). Not to mention the fact that most of the time I spend working (who would’ve ever imagined that?) Including working like I have been the past few days on a literature review in preparation for a manuscript.

All that boils down to is a lighter-than-usual amount of blogging.

Then again, I guess this comes at a good time, seeming how the news is rerally in an overall slump…

So much for Democracy….

London Times: Turmoil as Chirac plots to disregard ‘non’ vote


Even if they vote ‘no’, they will just have to vote again
In Brussels and some national capitals, officials are exploring ways to circumvent the “no” votes and continue the drive for ever closer union. The first plan is to find a way to bypass the French and Dutch rejections, and ratify the treaty anyway — either through renegotiating it or resubmitting it for a second vote.

Looks like Europe in addition to the ME may need to be taught about Democracy

Guess where I am!

It’s 7:45pm–guess where I am…

If you guessed still in the lab you win a prize! (I’ll come up with some prize eventually).

I figure I’ll be here till 9 something this evening. Then home to crash in bed…perhaps dinner at some point inbetween that.

While I’m still out for discussion: Does having a Wal-Mart make a city cool or uncool?

Talk amongst yourselves