Monthly Archives: July 2005

On the road

Things have changed for me in my life in the past two months, which I’ve decided not to discuss on the blog.

Nevertheless, the result is that I’m moving back to Cleveland for the time being

I’m driving home today (and likely ‘morrow) so blogging will most likely be non-existant until then.

Next stop: Cleveland!
(or perhaps a detour into NYC and to Youngstown to seee the grandparents).

A fun night

Went out to Dave and Busters with a group from the lab. Got a pic of everyone–but it needs photoshopped…gotta get around to doing that.

Tomorrow is a big day…not sure where exactly I’ll be at the end of it. Blogging will again be light.

Where’s ICE in all of this?

Shouldn’t the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency be paying a visit to events like this one?

Day laborers unite in their cause

Those were among the triumphs and setbacks workers discussed at the third national day laborer conference — and the first held on Long Island. The four-day meeting, sponsored in part by the Hempstead-based Workplace Project, kicked off at Hofstra University yesterday and attracted 150 workers and organizers from as far away as Seattle.

WTAM’s big mistake?

When WTAM dropped Glenn Beck’s radio program a few months ago, for native-Ohioan Jerry Springer’s new radio show, I thought that they were making a big mistake.

Apparently, I was right about that:

Cleveland Update
Hi everyone, A quick update about Cleveland and the Glenn Beck Cleveland Radio Network. When Jerry Springer took over for us, about half of the audience went away. However, it was too early to tell what was really going to happen.

Well,the full ratings for his first 3 months just came out.
Apparently, it was more like 2/3rd’s of the audience that ran for the hills.
Our ratings were about 3 times as high as his, and in some hours about 4 times as high.

Also, our Akron station WHLO showed up in the Cleveland ratings for the first time ever. Needless to say, thanks for sticking by us, despite a little staticfrom time to time. Not surprisingly, in case you haven’t heard, we have added another stationin the general Cleveland area–this one in Mansfield.
WMAN AM-1400 isairing the first two hours of the show from 3-5pm and the 3rd hour from6-7pm….

WTAM made a huge blunder with this one…and they hopefully will come to their senses and fix this up…

(h/t Right Angle Blog)

Another busy day

I’m performing operations again all day today, so blogging will subsequently be light to non-existant till the evening.

Not much to talk about anyway…Jane Fonda is back (*yawn*), I wasn’t around for her trip to Hanoi. Her bus runs on vegtables which is cool…perhaps she’s using it for all the rotten veggies that people will be hurling at her?

The space shuttle took off which is cool. I’ll have to see the replay of it.

Um…er…timer is going off, gotta run