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Lab bowling

So last night we had a mini-lab outing to a local bowling alley.

It was a lot of fun. Now granted, I hadn’t bowled in who knows how m any years, but I did rather well for myself. My biggest problem was open frames, I’d knock down 9 pins on the first roll, but wouldn’t be able to seal the deal on the second roll.

Then one of my co-workers doesn’t bowl, he (a big guy) just chucks the ball down the lane–we were suprised that the lane didn’t crack from the “thuds”.

And also last night we learned that apparently the Greeks didn’t invent bowling–based on their performance.

When I got home at 2am, for some strange reason I’d had the biggest urge to watch the Big Lebowski…wonder why?

Professional Putt-Putt?

From the NYT: Putting for the Fences

Apparently there’s such a thing as professional putt putt? I can’t believe such a thing exists.

Now for some nostalgia, I used to love going to Putt-Putt (the name brand place, not generic “mini-golf”). There used to be one out at Southgate USA in Maple Heights that I used to go play at in the summer. Alas, the course is sadly no longer there.

I remember vividly that there was also a special, on either tuesdays or wed where it was all the Putt-Putt you could play for a flat fee, plus a slice of pizza and a soda for some really low price. So I’d go out there with a friend and we’d play the 3 courses over and over all day long. Granted, this was many, many years ago. Oh, but how much fun it used to be.

Got any Putt Putt memories of you own?

Overheard in the lab

(Italian heritage) Friend: “All the discussions here in the lab usually boil down to which empire was better, the Greeks or the Romans”

Me: Greeks, Romans–they both persecuted and fucked over my people (the Jews)–yet we’re still around…now where are those bagels!

Poetic Justice

Soldiers from Massachusetts and Hawaii who work at the U.S. military detention facility at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, gave visiting home-state senators a piece of their mind last week.
Sens. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii Democrat, met with several soldiers during a visit led by Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican.

Pentagon officials said soldiers criticized the harsh comments made recently by Senate Democrats.

Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat, last month invoked widespread military outrage when he compared Guantanamo to the prison labor systems used by communist tyrant Josef Stalin, Cambodia’s Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler.

“They got stiff reactions from those home-state soldiers,” one official told us. “The troops down there expressed their disdain for that kind of commentary, especially comparisons to the gulag.”

Heh indeed…

Quick thoughts on today’s news

Quick takes on some of today’s headlines:

  • London Attacked (again)–Bad News: (Isn’t it obvious), Good news: No one was hurt.
  • Police to Check Bags on NYC Subways–I like this idea. What’s the big problem with opening your bag if the police ask? They give it a quick peek and you’re on your way. When I visited Israel, I underwent many of these checks, and it was no big deal. I can’t see it being a problem in NYC either. If you’ve really got a problem with it, than don’t take the subway
  • ‘Full, fair’ hearings pledged for court nominee–okay, guessing game time: which Senator will ask the most assinine question at the Confirmation hearing? Who will ask the most (number) of them?
  • NHL to resume tomorrow–it’s about damn time!
  • I’m blanking out on what else I wanted to say…

    Now they publish it…

    As Jeff Hess wrote “Day Late, Dollar Short

    So today, Thursday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer finally publishes one of the stories which it had admitted (nationally) that it was sitting on.

    Too bad that one of the Cleveland independent papers, Scene, broke the story on Wednesday!

    The story, City for Sale is a rather damning account of bribery at the highest levels of City Government under former Mayor Michael White.

    Here’s what the Plain Dealer is reporting:
    White Was Target Of Federal Probe

    I’ll defer to the NEO Bloggers for more details about the story and its ramifications.

    Now the remaining question is….what other story is the PD sitting on?

    Regarding the court pick

    Miscellaneous thoughts:

  • Anyone who didn’t expect that the liberal groups would sent out press releases the minute the nominee’s name was announced must have had their head in the sand.

    After all…what do you think these groups have had their summer interns doing?

  • So Ann Coulter doesn’t like Judge Roberts’ nomination…is that a good thing or a bad one for the nominee?
  • There’s been a lot of talk about the Bork confirmation hearing……anyone know what Bork thinks about the President’s choice
  • From the AP: Battle Over Nominee May Center on Abortion. Okay people, don’t you realize that the court decides a lot more things besides Roe? Have you been paying attention to a lot of the Court’s recent decisions?
  • My kind of art contest!

    Wellcome Trust Biomedical Image Awards.

    Which featured things like:

    Other highlights include an alien-like fruit fly, whose bug-eyes are lit up bright green by a fluorescence protein gene taken from jellyfish,

    Another outstanding picture, also taken by Spike Walker, reveals a psychedelic landscape of crystallising calcium oxalate – the tiny “bladder sand” particles that go on to form kidney stones.

    Come on–you know the nerd within you thinks it’s cool!

    From the Dept. of Cheap Thrills

    From a lab-wide email:

    At 3 p.m. today, all are invited to join in a special safety celebration marking the Lab employees’ accomplishment of collectively working 1,000,000-hours-plus without a lost-time injury. This “ice cream social” will be held in Berkner Lobby immediately following the Director’s all-employee meeting.

    Free government ice cream? Hmmm…..

    Supreme Court Rumors

    This just in….unlike other blogs, I’ve got zero sources about who the nominee is!

    Though if I had to place a bet…I’d wager that whomever it is, will automatically be opposed by Sen. Kennedy.

    Update: Here’s a fun game: who will be at the microphones denouncing the apparent nominee (Justice Roberts) first: Schumer or Kennedy?

    Update 2: I see Leahy and Schumer at the microphones first…so does Chucky win the race?

    Is the “Forward” Biased?

    The Jewish newspaper the “Forward” is under attack by conservative pollster Frank Luntz for what he sees as bias in the paper’s reporting.

    My quick take on the paper: it’s published in NYC, and it seems to reflect the opinons of the Jews who publish it there. Yes, it leans left, but so what?
    You can easily pick up another Jewish paper that leans more right.

    As for what the Forward publishes in Yiddish–I’ve got no comment. I’ll have to ask Grandma and Grandpa to translate what’s written.