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Ingenuity and airplanes

This weekend is gonna be a fun one here in Cleveland

First off there’s the first ever Ingenuity Festival downtown–Described as a festival of Art and Technology

Then at the same time this weekend, is the annual Cleveland Air Show and the Thunderbirds are back this year!!!! Oooh, look at the planes that’ll be there: U.S. Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet, F6F Hellcat, The Golden Knights! Oh yeah!

Also downtown, there’s the Taste of Cleveland

So much to do in just one weekend!

Public Officials Double Dipping?

The state enacted a retire-rehire law five years ago to curb a shortage of teachers and administrators.

It allows longtime public school teachers and administrators to collect the same or lower pay and pension benefits.

Now is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s wrong for public officials to retire, get their pensions, and then get rehired to the same job and get a salary? It’s all the tax payers money here and it’s as if they’re double dipping into the pot.

Sadly, this isn’t an uncommon trend, as apparently many municipal figures do it…


A twist in the AIPAC Investigation

An interesting twist into the investigation….

has raised questions about the government’s case against Rosen, former AIPAC Iran analyst Keith Weissman and Larry Franklin, a former Pentagon analyst accused of passing classified information to the AIPAC staffers.

One of the unknown/unnamed Gov’t sources has decided to step forward and reveal himself–and it’s none other than best selling author and Clinton NSA Staffer: Kenneth Pollack

Pollack is recently best known for two of his books: The Persian Puzzle : The Conflict Between Iran and America and The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq

What does this all mean?


What’s left of Hurricane Katrina is now falling on Cleveland and other parts of Ohio. It’s rained non-stop since this morning…and the rain is supposed to continue through tomorrow evening.
Just looking at the amount of rain we’re getting from the remnants of Katrina makes me really wonder how powerful the storm was.

Information on Charitable Donations (via Instapundit)

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism–Relief Fund
Union for Reform Judaism
B’nai Brith
(Note: the above is just a short list of organizations who had info on their websites as of this evening. I’m sure many synagogues, schools and Federations will also be collecting)

Downsides to having a new job

Besides finding a place to live
(Aside–Bleg: Anyone know of any short term housing agencies/places in NYC?)

The other problem is that I’ve got to get clothes to wear to work.
And the only way to get clothes is….having to go…
*dum dum dum*



Yep…I’ve gotta force myself to go clothes shopping…as much as I detest it. Sigh

Overcast skies

It’s one of those gray, gloomy days outside today, and my body seems to have decided to function in a similar way. Sigh.

I had a postive morning though–a good appointment, followed by an errand to BJ’s (Wholesale Club–not some pr0n thing). I didn’t realize that they sold clothes there as well. I hear Costco does the same? (It’s been that long since I’ve been there).

This afternoon….hmmm….I’m not sure what’s on the schedule. Likely helpling the little brother with his homework.

There was a column in yesterday’s PD that I’m going to blog on (hopefully this afternoon)–about Cleveland and it’s image. Then who knows what else I’ll choose to blog on today?

I think it’s time to go visit with Cappucinno (a.k.a. the guniea pig)

Odds and ends

Was out most of the day with the brother or with the father as well, hence no blogging.

Then this evening I resumed my duties as “master of the grill” to make dinner. The crowd liked the burgers that I made this evening (then again, The Brother will praise just about any item of food he eats).

Some odds and ends:
On thej football game I attended yesterday, writeups from:
Akron Beacon Journal; Cleveland Plain Dealer

Has anyone else ever found themselves addicted to searching Craig’s List for various things?

And in a WoT thought…I bet this guy wishes he could be at Gitmo: His life inside ‘New Alcatraz’

Heresy at the HuffPost

Burn him! He’s a witch!

Russell Shaw on: “Ten More Things I Wonder About- And Maybe You Do, Too”

10. What was so funny about “Monty Python”?-I like brainy comedy, but I never “got” Monty Python. Didn’t “get” “Firesign Theater” either. But then again, maybe it’s just me. I loved The Three Stooges – and both “Beavis & Butthead” and “South Park” make me roll on the floor.

And, truth be told, both programs are brainier than you think.

Maybe, just maybe, I am, too.

How could he not find Monty Python funny? This man is obviously looking for an argument

He obviously better watch his back, as neither will he know how to defend himself against an attacker armed with a banana either

They’re back: Spammers

Argh, my nice little vacation from comment spammers seems to have finally terminated.

The stupid #!@$%*!$& spammers have returned…and while I admire some of their creativity in their faux postings, it’s just annoying to get these emails.
(Cheers however to Thunderbird for sorting out the spam!)

Football Saturday

This weekend is the opening weekend for High School Football here in Ohio (yay!)

On my schedule for today, is to watch my alma matter, Shaker Heights play St. Vincent-St. Mary at 2pm at Shaker High School’s Rupp Stadium. Go Raiders!

The main reason I’m going to the game actually isn’t for the football–rather it’s to watch the Little Brother perform as part of the Marching Band during the game and at half-time.

I saw the end of band camp concert, and they looked very good then, so naturally, I’m assuming they’ll be looking even better now.

Update: Shaker lost 26-18….the score makes the game sound closer than it really was. The Raiders didn’t look very sharp today.

On the College Football Season

(Conversation between me and the Sister at the breakfast table)

Sister: What do you think of College football this year

Me: Buckeyes Rule! Michigan Sucks!

Sister: Yeah

Me: Michigan sucks!

Sister: I’ve got friends going to the game [refering to the OSU Michigan game in MI

Me: Where do they go to school

Sister: Michigan

Me: Your friends all suck

Cleveland Cullinary Classics

Though there are things to fault about Cleveland, one thing that the city can not be faulted for, and in fact instead should be recognized for is the quality of its restaurants and eateries.

Especially eateries that are price-friendly (e.g. not those fancy shmancy restaurants).

Case in point…two Clevleand establishments I’ve eaten at recently:

Tommy’s on Coventry–I can’t say enough about this place. Just look at the menu–it’ll leave you speechless!

Aladdin’s Eatery –it’s healthy, hearty, affordable and tasty! You can’t go wrong!

I rest my case

USCJ to Back Roberts?

I was very suprised to see this story in the NY Jewish Week Conservative* Movement Backs Roberts

I’m suprised on two levels:

1) That the USCJ would even make a public stand on judges

2) That Roberts while not being “endorsed” was labeled as qualified–and this will be interesting to watch as the more liberal members of the movement respond.

*Conservative in this case refers to the “Conservative Movement of Judaism” as opposed to Political Conservatism–in case anyone was confused

all tied up

I didn’t get to some of the posts I wanted to make yesterday. I got tied up with some stuff here at home. Most notably, I grilled my first steak last night.

Today it’s going to be another whirlwind of activity, and the fact that I’m checking Craigs List constantly doesn’t seem to help me with time management.

What’s on deck

I went into Downtown Cleveland last night…for the first time in wow…who knows how long (I’m not counting trips to Jacob’s Field as “downtown”). I’ll blog about that experience later today.

Also another Cleveland related post coming up–I had a chance to dine at two of my favorite Cleveland eateries this week–I’ll save that for a post.

In other news, the housing search goes on. Right now I’m thinking of finding a temp housing place for say 1-2 mos. then once I’m in the area, I can find myself a place to live much easier.

Anyone out there reading this know of a good sublet place or temporary housing thing in NYC?