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What gives?

Is there something in the water at Fenway?
What else/how can you attempt to rationalize the Red Sox management’s new “censorship” policy for this upcoming series against the Yankees?

This policy sucks

Speaking of this series, not only could you not ask for a better finish for the season (okay, well if there was still a race for the AL central it would be better–but that aside)?

Now my dilema: Who do I root for in this series–as I usually can’t stand the Yankees; but the Indians’ playoffs hopes are tied to this series…..

Well what did you expect?

From the Justice:

S.P. expressed disappointment that a more politically diverse group of students had not registered. He had hoped to deliver a “post-partisan message” to students.

Trainers also tended to present issues with a bias, he said. “Partisanship was creeping into it too often,” Petsonk said.

For trainee H.R. ’08, “it felt very leftist. There was some concern expressed about that.”

H.R., a member of Students for Environmental Action, had never participated in a formal training on civic activism, but said that despite the leftist leanings, the weekend was extremely successful.

Were you really expecting non-partisanship from an event called: the “Campus Camp Wellstone social activism training seminar”…sponsored by the ” non-profit, progressive organization WellstoneAction!”?

And an event sponsored by the Sociology and Enviromental Studies programs?

Come on people! I thought you’d know better!


I missed the whole “face book” phenomenon when I was in college…it became cool just as I was graduating. The Sister and her friends are very into it though.

Same goes for things like “myspace”–another thing I never got into.

But you’ve gotta be careful how much you reveal about yourself on these sites.

Case in point, look at this story from the Boston Globe which tells about a Brandeis student’s experience:

When students open up — a little too much

What good is a liberal arts degree?

Are Liberal Arts degrees and/or educations perhaps overrated?

Are Technical/Vocational degrees under appreciated?

That’s some of the quetions that the following post by MB Matthews provoked in my mind.

I mean really, what good does a general Lib. Arts. degree do for you? What if instead you were trained for a more specific vocation? You may not wind up as “well rounded” or “worldy”….but you’ll have the first hand skills desired by employers for the work force.

I think that vocational ed. gets a bad rap for no reason. In schools these programs provide students with the skills they’ll need for their working lives.


Went out after the BBQ last night with my friend, his gf, his boss and the boss’ brother (both of whom are cool guys)

We wound up in/around midtown (I think where we were was considered midtown) at a Karaoke bar of all places, where we wound up getting a private Karaoke room for like 3 hours and the (fun) craziness ensued.

One important thing I observed–don’t give drunk people microphones, especially if they can’t sing.

Beer is Good

(Random Brandeis Memory Moment):

“Beer is Good”

(I actually just had a beer for the first time in 9 months–and it was rather good if I may say so myself)