Monthly Archives: October 2005

So that’s how they Trick or Treat

Since so many people here in Manhattan live in apartment buildings, I was wondering how kids go about trick-or-treating.

  • Do they just stay within their building? (What if it isn’t a big one?)
  • Do kids go from building to building and randomly hit the buzzers hoping for a response?
  • Does everyone just venture out to the other boroughs?
  • As it turns out, the kids go into different stores and go up to the counters to trick-or-treat.

    It’s a far cry from what I grew up doing, going door to door around Shaker (plus I think the canady was better in Cleveland)

    A connection?

    So I’ve found in my apartment if I set up my computer in just the right spot at the right angle, I can get a wireless signal. Granted, it’s a weak one, but it’s a signal nonetheless.

    However, my apt feels cold (the thermostat says 68 deg. but I’m still cold) so I’m currently sitting in a Barnes and Nobel mooching off some free wireless connection.

    Anyone know of a directory of free Wifi spots in NYC?

    Overheard conversations

    “Guy 1: You know it must really suck to have been that White man [who Rosa Parks wouldn’t give his seat up to]

    Guy 2: yeah….he’s probably long dead though

    Guy 1: yeah, but it still probably sucks

    No cable…no internet….

    Makes me very bored in my apartment.

    Time Warner isn’t coming till Tuesday…so until then, I’ve got no way to entertain myself! I’m able to occasionally pick up a very, very, weak wi-fi signal in certain spots of my new abode, but I can barely get online!

    The apartment is very bare right now. That’s not good either. I think this weekened I’ll have to have consultations with The Sister on what to do.

    Fortunately, I was out most of last night at the Smith Family Foundation debate between Victor Navasky and Ronald Radosh on the subject of: Resolved: The Hollywood Reds Did More Harm Than Good
    What are the contemporary lessons of McCarthyism?

    The webcast/podcast version should be up within a few days I’d think. It was quite interesting to say the least. It was sponsored by The Nation as well–so quite an ecclectic crowd showed.

    I’m at work right now so I should get back to being productive.

    Tomorrow’s really big event

    Forget all this Plame-Wilson-Cheney-Libby stuff….I lost the ability to keep track of that whole case long ago. There were just too many twists for me.

    Instead tomorrow’s big event–I move into my new apartment!

    (well, it’s big news to me at least)

    I’ve got a home!

    Yes–I can now share my big news–I’ve got myself an apartment (at long last).

    I’ll be living here on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

    More later (but that was the big news from the weekend)