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Bush’s speech today

So apparently Bush spoke at the Naval academy in Annapolis today.

Did I hear/see the speech–no…I was at work.

Can someone tell me basically what the President said? I just want the bare-bones facts–no spin, no editorializing, just the facts.

Does that exist on any websites out there (short of reading the text of the speech itself)?

An aside: Wasn’t one of the main objectives in liberating Iraq to help the Iraqis help themselves in terms of defending their country? That we would draw down our troop levels as the Iraqi forces stepped up?

Did I not call this?

From Sunday my post on “Peace Mom” Cindy Sheehan’s apparent flop of a book signing: Location, Location, Location

Wherein I predicted she’d have more success with her book in “blue-er” areas of the country like NYC.

Well guess who is in NYC this evening?

Cindy Sheehan, tonight (11/30/05, 6:30PM) at Coliseum Books (11 W. 42nd St)

No, I’m not going. I’ve got plans to meet someone up on the UES tonight at 7 so it’s out of the question for me.

But did I not call this?

Fire on the UES?

Anyone know what happened on 3rd Ave between E 80th and E 81st?

I was walking around the area and saw/heard firetrucks and ambulances galore, then when walking up 3rd Ave, they were all there.

It looked like something happened outside/inside of Eli’s perhaps?

Anyone know?

Ramsey Clark

A few questions about Ramsey Clark:

1) Wasn’t he previously representing Saddam Hussein before he was “fired” by Hussein’s family?

2) Was he (Clark) this moonbatty when he served as AG? (Someone who was around during that era help me out?)

Horrible Day

Sorry about the lack of posting this evening on my part.

Not only was today a Monday…but I also had just a horrible day at work. More on that later (prob. tomorrow)

As my away message reads:

It’s a good thing I don’t drink….otherwise I’d be drunk…sitting in a gutter somewhere

(and no, I don’t drink–and I’m totally sober as I write this)

Sunday Brunch

Went out to Queens for a Brunch with the NYC group of the “Liberal Hawks”. They were quite a nice group of people (the few of ’em who I met) and some of them had interesting stories to tell. It was a nice brunch and a good time was had by all in attendance.

Thank you very much to the hosts of the event as well!

I look forward to the next event!

Cold ‘n cranky

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m really cold here in my apartment and I’m a tad bit cranky as a result. (Not that cranky per say–perhaps frustrated is a better word.


Exploring Manhattan

I think this should be an ongoins series for me. The virtual equivlent of putting pins in a map.

Last night for Thanksgiving dinner, the Sister and I jointed the Cousin and her cousin (other side of our cousin’s family) and their friends from the Left Coast for an informal Kosher thanksgiving dinner.
It was nice and fun. Though I feld old, being the only one there not an undergrad.

We went up to the cousin’s friend’s place in Washington Heights (the upper part just south of Inwood). [map]

My first time up that high on Manhattan…
I didn’t get much of a feel for the area…so I should probably reserve judgement on it till I see it in daylight.

Black Friday!

Yay for Black Friday!

Three cheers for Capitalism and market competition at its best! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

I wasn’t planning on waking up early or doing anything special for today (for those who don’t know me, I’m not the best “morning person”). This is in contrast to my sister who was planning on visitng Macy’s (here in NYC) this morning! However, I woke up around 9-ish and decided why not venture out?

With my 24oz cup of hot freshly brewed 7-11 coffee in hand I went up to 86th St. (on the UES and I stopped into Circuit City (first store I came across) and found out that their “early bird specials” were still going on–and I wound up getting myself a new flat screen HDTV for my apartment at over 50% off retail *grin* (I was suprsied they still had ’em in stock too!)

I also happened to extend my walk to go by Best Buy (86 & Lex)–and well, yeah, that place was an fricken zoo!

Now to do the dance of joy and get on to some other things

“Abstain” Wins?

(No, this has nothing to do with sex-ed or the whole abstinance debate despite the headline)

From the Justice: ‘Abstain’ wins in ’07 Union Senate race

Wow…that really sucks for the candidate

On a more serious note, what probably happened is of the <200 people who voted, most probably just went to the voting screen, and didn’t really care, so they chose to abstain. But still–this really does suck for the candidate

Circus time!

Though it’s often (and deservedly knocked) for its biased news coverage–thank goodness for BBC America–as it shows Monty Python’s Flying Circus on a daily basis.

How can you not love it?