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May Day Plans

I’ll be doing the usual–going into work and doing my job.
The company I work for won’t be hit by these “May Day” protests. We check employees I-0 forms.

I don’t forsee any major disruptions for us (save for the fact that some of the local restaurants may not have their delivery staff–but that’s minor).

Otherwise, with the excpetion of perhaps hearing some annoying “socially active” Columbia students making noise on their campus, I dodn’t really expect to encounter much of anything tomorrow.

Just another day at work….with all the normal zaniness that it entails

Academia and Revisionist History

Where else would you expect to find revision history but academia?

Today’s case in point: NeoBabble’s post:
I Thought The Winners Got To (Re-)Write History?

Whereas Harvard all but provided former Cleveland Mayor Jane Cambell to rewrite history and tell her story of how she lost the ’05 mayor elesction. Even though a bright Harvard Googler could debunk her tale (look at the links in the above post).
Then again questioning the teacher’s story of history, may effect ones grade, but then again…

On Ohio’s Primaries

May as well throw in my two cents..

For the GOP Gubernatorial candidate: No solid endorsement either way. I don t know enough about Jim Petro to judge him fairly; all I know is his name. Blackwell, I like this economic ideas (save for the TEL–which is a nice idea but is in need of massive work)–however Blackwell’s brashness on social issues is quite a turn off.

That being said–I’d vote for any candiddate that isn’t Bob Taft or a protoge of his.

Otheir issues I”m aware of:

Shaker Heights School Levy: Vote No. No and No.
I’ve got plans for a whole post on this subject where I’ll detail my reasons for the opposition to the levy.

Allergy Remedies?

I’ve seem to have come down with some sort of seasonal allergy attack type thingy (an allergy to which I’ve never been aware of).

I’ve been taking Claritin for the past two days, but that doesn’t seem to do the job. Considering that the default cure (grandma’s chicken soup) is not available–I’m tyring to find the next best thing to do.

Anyone know of any allergy remedies?

3 days…3 protests

Saturday–Tomorrow there’s a march/protest rally/gathering thingy, run by the usual suspects.
(you know–the anti-Bush; haliburton crazed crowds–who will blame Israel for everything)

Sunday–It’s the big Darfur rally in DC

Monday–May Day and the big Illegal Immigration Protest

Which will be the biggest? Which will have the most net positive impact?

*Bonus on Monday: A Red Sox-Yankees series starts!

From good to bad

Sorry about the very light posting recently. Some not so great news has come to my attention regarding some things that have befallen people I know.

Alas, there’s nothing that I can really do about these unfortunate events–as they are things far outside the realm of what man can control.

There’s a reason for everything I suppose…even though the reasons may not make sense.

Congress and ‘net-neutrality

This story is mostly being reported as being somewhat partisan in nature, with the Dems lining up to supposively support net neutrality, while the Republicans are supposively against it.

I use the term “supposively” because I’m not quite sure how the parties are really lining up on the subject; if there is a partisan point/platform either way (pro/con).

What’s striking about this whole issue, is how much do our legislators actually understand the Internet? How many of them are able to surf the web (on their own)? How many of them realize that the internet is compose d of computers connected via high-speed wires?
It shouldn’t be expected that Congresspeople/Senators understand the nitty-gritty of the web–but I’d like to believe that they at least understand the basics of what they’re voting on

(then again, these same people also pass legislation regarding science–on which they’re pretty much clueless, so I shouldn’t hold much hope).

Office Nightmares

The copy machine went down at work this afternoon–just as I was preparing to do my daily reports (which are copier intensive). Fortunately the friendly copy-repair guy showed up….alas he told me that the machine is kaput till new parts arrive and that won’t be till Friday. What is the company going to do till then…..I don’t really know.

Insurance and the Medical industry

Let me be forthright–one of the major factors that turned me off to persuing a career as a medical doctor is having to deal with insurance companies. It seems more and more often these days that it’s not a doctor’s judgement that decides what the best course of treatment for a patient is; it’s what their insurance policy dictates–that determines the course of treatment.

Those thoughts came back to mind as I read Cathy Seipp’s well written piece in the LA Times yesterday titled: Battling cancer — and Blue Cross

Dealing with insurance as a patient is often an extremely, extremely confusing process–and more often than not, the patient winds up needing to be their own advocate–which many people are unable to do.

But at the same time, Seipp’s piece also shows how helpful Medical insurance companies can be. No, they’re not totally evil–they’re also there to help.

Either way, it’s a piece that gives you a lot to think about

Smog and mirrors

The President seems to be trying to play into Public opinion by forming a commision to probe high gas prices.

What are the odds that the commission will actually finger some of the major culprites in high prices? (doubtful to say the least).

A quick political thought–no matter what the findings of this so called (is it a “blue ribbon one?) commission–the Dems will still claim that it ignored the execs of Big Oil and the like.

Leaving the question–is this political charade going to be worth anything?

Midlde East Politics

With the Bush Administration’s push for Democracy in the Middle East underway–it’s always worthwhile to take a look at how the ME’s longest running democracy is doing.

From the occasionally reliable Debka-file:
Three top Israeli parties in turmoil

Ah, the chaos of Israeli politics…hopefully the surrounding countries will learn from the free-for-all that is Israeli politics–and establish something better.