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Stupid sportcaster stats

Ever wonder where these play by play TV sportscasters get their bizarre stats? Are they that desperate for on-air “filler”?

Mind you this isn’t restricted to football either.

Though on the other hand, would it be better if they don’t talk at all?


Granted, I’ve yet to taste Tasti-D-Lite (I’m not a big ice cream/fro-yo person), but the new buzz is all about the new Fro-Yo store making its way into Manhattan from LA–Pinkberry

There’s going to be one opening right here near where I live (ironically about 3-4 doors down from a Tasti) so it may at some point be worth a try.

Anyone tried it yet? Care to comment?

At Columbia: Openly Supporting Terrorists

Also in the CU Spectator today

There’s a reason this school is nicknamed Beir Zeit on the Hudson

Opinion: Reflecting on Resistance

Here’s some key quotes:

of the al-Aqsa Intifada was not the irrational response of overly sensitive Muslims-it was the logical outcome of years of oppression, false promises, and international indifference. It was a legitimate liberation movement. I mention this history because I believe that recent events compel us to reflect honestly on the nature and legitimacy of armed resistance. It is time we recognize the right to resist…

Nevertheless, the progress of the war made it clear to me that it was necessary to openly support Hezbollah’s resistance to Israeli aggression….

towards actively and vocally supporting the resistance in the Middle East.

There you have it folks–open calls to support terrorism and the murder of innocent Jews….

Fortunately, there are some members of the Left at Columbia who have their head on straight…Questioning the Anti-War Coalition (worth reading)

Columbia: PC Run Amok?

More on the story from yesterday on the suspension of Columbia’s club hockey team for flyers containing the word “pussy” which some found “distasteful”

From the campus paper:
Captain Cites Inconsistency in Decision
Opinion: Overboard with the political correctness
Opinion: CU Hockey Suspension is Unfair Decision

And late to this post, comes news that FIRE has taken sides in this case:

Advocacy Group Requests Overturn of Hockey Suspension

It’s that time of year

Conducting an interview during the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur…it shouldn’t be suprising to read that a religious Jew like Sen. Joe Lieberman, if he’d forgive someone.

Lieberman on Gore: ‘I can forgive… but I probably won’t forget’…

Afterall, ’tis the season for forgiveness

(and remember you can still call: 888-OOPS-Jew or 1-800- כלי צדיך!

Columbia Squashing Free Speech?

This was in the Sister’s away message earlier today:

Bring Back Columbia Hockey

As some of you may know there was a small campus controversy over the phrase “Stop being a pussy” [link to flyer] featured on a recent flyer made by the Columbia Men’s Club Ice Hockey Team to recruit new players. The student government complained to the athletic department and the Spec ran an article about it. As of right now, we are being told by the athletic department that we will have to cancel the first half of our season as punishment, removing us from eligibility in the league we play in and crippling the program that we have built up over the past few years. The following is a list of the reasons the heads of the athletic department gave as justification for this punishment:

We did not follow protocol by receiving approval for the flyers before posting them:

To our knowledge, none of the club sports teams were ever aware of a need to approve flyers by the athletic department or have ever received it in the past

Here’s the article in the Columbia Spectator

It sounds like a play on words has upset some hypersensitive college students (The school mascot is a lion-a cat-hence the term “pussy”).

One wonders if say a feminist group of campus decided to use the word “pussy” on a poster, would they get in an equal amount of trouble with the university’s administration?

My guess: probably not. Alas, the double standard of PCism in college.

Men and directions

Two (female) co-workers were talking about assembling furniture today. They started on their usual shpeils about how their significant others don’t like to follow directions when it comes to building things (it started from a discussion about IKEA).

Now, I’ve learned through the years to know when to keep my mouth shut, but in those other situations, what’s the appropriate/best way to reply?

Home again

Got back from Youngstown (Grandma’s) this evening.

At the home, doing some tech support (what else?)

Back to the Big Apple tomorrow morning

Buckeye State Bound

It’s back to O-H-I-O I go for the weekend!

I’m heading back to Cleveland tomorrow (en route) to Youngstown, to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with the family.

Blogging will be light to non-existant (depending on the availability or lack there of an internet connection at grandma’s). However, good food will be in abundence.

Back to the Big Apple on Monday.

Shanah Tovah To All!