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Elephants and Donkeys in the Room

Just noticing the article from yesterday’s NY Times that everyone seems to be abuzz about: The Elephant in the Room

At work, I keep my politics to myself. Besides the occasional rant about taxes being too high (especially around payday) or my frustration with bureaucracies, my coworkers don’t know about my political leanings. They recently stumbled across some of my not so fond feelings for the French, but that was because of another (buisness) matter–but I’ve bet they’ve forgotten about it. It’s not like we really discuss politics anyway.

Sure in college my good friends and I used to tease each other about our political leanings. This lead to our constant attempts to outperform each other in creating the nastiest political smears possible (all in good humor mind you).

Sure there were times (very rare) we’d get into significant disagreements, but most of it was general banter.

One of the things I’ve long known is that tehre are times when it’s really better to just keep your opinion to yourself. Just nod along with the rest of the group, That’s the attitude I take with me for example into work.

I agree with much of what Judith has written here. Many of us don’t seek out to start the political discussions. we just keep to ourselves, figuring that’s the better thing to do.

Bad idea waiting to happen

From the Finacial Times:

Financial regulators on both sides of the Atlantic may not be able to resolve policy disputes through co-operation and the creation of a global regulator should be considered, according to Barney Frank, the senior Democratic congressman.

I can only imagine the screaming that’ll be taking place at this idea tomorrow morning donwtown in the Financial District….

Intolerance and Tolerance news from home

Time to take a look back at some news from the hometown.

First, the not so good news from home/ A story where intolerance has reared its ugly head.

(Seen first on Fark of all places): Pee Wee Football Game Marred by Alleged Racism (more links at Google news)

Despite the inappropriate gestures of the opposing team’s fans, the young Shaker Riaders won their game 18-0.

On a more tolerant, and much lighter note:

Homecoming queen shakes up tradition

Good for him.

Then finally, something else that appeared on the radar…

Alum puts Shaker High in spotlight

The article reference is in GQ….perhaps it’s worth it to pick up a copy?

Clock change

My personal distain for the biannual changing on the clocks is known. As it causes chaos to our body’s internal clocks–and for those of us who are “out of whack” to begin with….

Only fitting that I’m off to the office then….

Big Ten Funk?

What’s with the poor quality of football being played/exhibited this year within the Conference?

The obvious exceptions are Ohio State, that *spit* “team up North” *spit* and Wisconsin.

However, PSU, Minn, Perdue, MSU all seem not as good as they usually are. It just hasn’t been classic Big Ten ball this year

Restaurant fees?

Zagat has an article on some “hidden charges” appearing on restaurant bills.

One of these things (the rice charge) actually happened to me and some friends at Penang a while ago.

The waiter had asked what kind of rice we’d like with our meal. We’d assumed that like most Asian restaurants we’d been to (Penang is a Malaysian place), rice came with the dish.

Little did we expect to find extra charges on our bill at the end of the night. Not cool at all. It put an overall negative spin on our dining experience (we had other issues).

Things have sunk this low?

NYT: Sophisticated ‘Google Bombing’ Campaign Targets 50 Republicans…

And over at BFD there’s a discussion on attack ads in Ohio that are pretty much below the belt in nature. (Read the discussion in the comments section as well).

Was there ever a time when politicians really ran just (or most promenantly) on the issues.

Issues–meaning things that are actually relevant–not trivial asides.