Monthly Archives: November 2006

Back to work

Flying back to NYC tomorrow morning after a whirlwind visit here to Northeast Ohio….

Going straight to work from LaGuardia…lord only knows how big the pile that awaits me on my desk is going to be….

Cleveland Common Sense

From today’s Plain Dealer Letter’s Section:

This is Browns’ town?

Apparently the letter writers are appalled by the love Clevelanders’ have for their football team (however much they may currently be sucking)

First off, how are you going to get offended by a:

“”Football Friday” at work. One guy held a special gathering called a “Steelers Hate Party” in his cubicle

Gasp! The horrors! Hating the rival team!
Who could ever forsee this kind of thing taking place?

Then jumping to the second letter, the writer, who obviously is either very naive/oblivious or didn’t do his homework, talks about being Steelers fans sitting in the Dawg Pound.

First off, the Dawg Pound is home to the most rabid Browns Fans (no pun intended). You don’t wear the enemy’s colors into there. This is the equivalent of: wearing maize and Blue in Columbus during Michigan week, Yankees gear in/around Fenway Park etc. Common sense dictates that you just don’t do it

Now to then claim to be horribly offended by the words coming out of the mouths of (drunk) men, dressed up like Dogs (among other things) is just as silly. One should know what they’re getting into.

Thus, a word of advice for anyone visiting Cleveland during football season: don’t wear an opposing team’s apparel the week we’re playing ’em or if you do, be prepared for the verbal onslaught.

Tech on-call

Being back home means time to fix the computers. The first machine to be attacked was the main one upstairs, and oh boy, will this be a doozy.

On the plus side, it’s got all of its Windows Updates installed (automatically thankfully). On the downside, have to teach the family how to bookmark websites rather than literally saving the whole thing to the local drive. Speaking of which, they also need to learn how not to save all their documents to the desktop.


Home Again

Back in Cleveland this evening

More tomorrow most likely. Catching up now on all that happened in the world today.

Tech bleg: Anyone know of any good (free?) HDD imaging software?

From the road

Greetings from Youngstown Ohio!

Blogging from Grandma’s house via a wifi signal I picked up.

Thanksgiving dinner went very well–too much food though. First there were appetizers, then we had a dinner with too much food.

Is this excessive amounts of food a Jewish thing? Or is it universal?

Then we’ve got even more food for Shabbos dinner. Turkey, meatballs, schnitzel, briscuit, soup and sides galore.

Gave the sister’s computer an examination, her HDD is screwed up. Ironically it was a replacement one from Dell b/c her last drive went dead. Expect a post soon trashing Dell (even though I’m using a dell that I like)

Time to try contacting Dell again.