Daily Archives: 11/19/2006

Multiplication by zero

An early rule of multiplication–when you multiply by zero, you always get zero.

Let’s examine an application of said rule:
Kerry: Botched Joke Won’t Affect 2008…

So when a guy with 0 chance for the nomination again says something won’t hurt him….of course it won’t, since he’s got 0 chance to begin with!

*Note, it’s only fair to say that there’s a very, very, very, very slim chance. Thus to simplify things, the number was round down to 0.

Who is #2?

That’s the big question that a lot of sports commentators have been asking today.

In the wake of the Buckeye’s victory over Michigan, which solidified OSU’s #1 standing, the question of who is #2 begins.

A lot of it probably revolves around next week’s USC-ND game. Some say USC should be #2; but were ND to beat them what would that mean?

Michigan crushed ND early in the season, so wouldn’t that give them an edge over the Irish?

Or what about Florida? They’ve got one loss. But they’ve also played a lot of weak teams, like their win yesterday over a weak Div. 1-AA team?

This is the big question…

Rivalry weekend?

Overshadowed by yesterday’s “Game of the Century” in Columbus, was the fact that the Browns and Steelers are facing each other today (right now to be exact).

This is another one of those rivalries I grew up with. It’s a rivalry that continues, even after the Browns were out-of-town (curse you Art Modell!)

However, this year, neither the Browns or the Steelers are doing too well, as both teams are coming into the game at 3-6.

The (tongue-in-cheek) blog “God Hates Cleveland Sports” has a post on the rivalry.