Monthly Archives: December 2006

Still sick

Sadly it’s another night in bed for me. Got out of the apartment for a good part of the day…granted, a lot of that time was spent at the office (which for better or worse, seems warmer than the home). Unfortunately, this means no going out for new years eve…which I was looking forward to doing. Alas, this is the way things go. (Then again, it’s not like I was considering going to Times Square–I’m not that crazy).

Alas, best wishes to all for a happy new year!

Cold tired cranky?

Woke up in the middle of the night (nothing new) last night, but what was different was this scratchy/itchy feeling in the back of my throat. And when I finally arose in the morning…well, things had gone downhill. Looked like the onset of a cold.

Nor did the stress at work today help things. The “project from hell” awaited me (and mind you, this project is in addition to my normal duties). For multiple reasons, I’ll refrain from elaborating on it. But needless to say…

Looks like a combination of stress plus the weather had brought a cold to me.

Can Grandma FedEx me some chicken soup? (well after she makes some for mom that is–as mom had a big, big, big to do today. It’s all good news though).

Time to go wrap myself up in some nice warm blankets….

The birthday celebration

First the sister arranged for dinner for a small group at this nice, little (literally) restaurant called Nook. The bonus feature: it’s a BYOB place!
The food was really good and it was a nice quaint atmosphere.

From there, we embarked into the cold for a walk to a bar, where the masses (aka more of the Sister’s friends) were to meet us. Though on the way, we got a call saying the bar the sister had wanted to visit was rented out for a party–and wouldn’t let anyone in (boo! hiss! The “birthday curse strikes again).

So after a lot of frantic calls and text messages, we decided to embark for a lounge on the UWS. A nice group was there. By then it was long past my bedtime–but the sister and her friends set out for another venue.

All in all, a good night was had by all–even in spite of the hickups

A new Christmas factoid

This year, I’ve finally come to understand what the big deal about the Yule Log is here in New York City.

It’s on Channel 11 right now btw.

Speaking of which, there are also apparently versions you can download for your portable enjoyment.

Speaking of Christmas–how does Santa get gifts to all those appartment dwellers here? There aren’t chimneys in most places.