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Not really sure what there is to comment on today.

I’ll skip the easy pot shots that can be leveled against Joe Biden, or the (proposed) California lightbulb ban.

Have people in Boston never seen ATHF?
(If not, they’re really missing out!)

On a positive note–I managed to survive my first day at the gym. There’s definitely a long road ahead for me….but at least the first step has been taken.

Now….off to work on Sunday’s crossword puzzles that I’ve et to get to

Passing for now

Vista gets released at midnight

Is is time to upgrade?

My computer is more than content w/ XP Professional thank you.

The Sister is actually about to become a Mac convert (or should it be a Mac returnee–as we used Macs growing up at home)

Probably better to at least wait till MS releases SP1 for Vista at a minimum

Catchin up…

Came into the office this morning, and didn’t realize that simply being out half a day would leave so much work!

Still a bit behind, but almost totally caught up. That plus the new work that comes in…sometimes it seems like a never ending cycle.

Yet, despite the stress and frustrations, I make the most of it, and try to enjoy myself throughout the day.

Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov to my cousin and her new husband, who were married this evening.

Photos and video from teh simcha will probably be online, in less than 24hrs.


Chalk me up as being perplexed…

N.Y. scanners spark union cries of “geoslavery”

These “scanners” are the same as the classic “punch-clock”. The only difference being, that instead of a punch-card, each user has a code and their hand measurement is their “card”. The time clock is a computer and does the in/out processing.

These scanners are in use at many a private buisness, and are used by many payroll companies.

They have the advantage, of preventing fraudulent in/out swiping and the need for mainaining individual “cards” for employees.

Sounds like the municipal unions are complaining too much (again).

Just like the TWU who will likely get up in arms again, over the “robotrain

Carter at Brandeis–The After Action Report

Don’t have much time to cover it right now, but here’s a start of the stories on Carter at Brandeis:

The Justice has the most coverage

And then there’s this story:

father of Alisa Flatow ’96,
who was murdered in Israel by Palestinian terrorists not long before she
was to graduate from Brandeis, was privately discouraged from attending
the talk at Brandeis by Jimmy Carter out of fear that he’d ask a
question that might embarrass the former President.


Where’s Karl?

Today’s random political observation:

Where’s Karl Rove been recently? Haven’t heard too much about the man in recent weeks.

Not that it really matters. Jjust a pointless observation

Carter at Brandeis

At long last, President Carter appeared at Brandeis today.

But Carter, who has said he wants to have a “discussion” about his book would neither debate pro-Israel Law Professor Alan Dershowitz nor take any questions from the audience.

Rather, all of the questions that Carter will be answering will have been pre-screened and chosen ahead of time.

For contrast, when some of the speakers who the Campus (Far) Left deamonized, came and spoke, such as Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and Bernard Lewis, the latter fielded questions from the audience. (And in the case of Pipes and Lewis totally intellectually shut down the Far-Lefties–some of whom are behind the Carter invite) .

Still in my opinion, Brandeis was not the proper forum in which to have Carter speak about his book.

For more coverage:

The Justice
(School Newspaper)
(More links to eventually be added–any suggestions can be listed in the comments)

24 or Heroes?

(from conversation at work)

Co-worker #1: “Oh boy! Heroes is back on tonight, i can’t wait!”

Co-worker #2: “I’m so excited”

Co-worker #1: “You know you [directed at me] should really watch ‘Heroes'”

Me: “No…24 is on”

Co-workers #1 and #2: “Oh come on…it’s such a good show!” (squealing ensues)

Me: “Jack Bauer could crush all of the “Heroes” with his hands tied behind his back….”