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The 2007/5767 Haman Pagent

With the Holiday of Purim (פורים) coming this weekend, it’s time for the annual:

Modern Day Haman Pagent!

This years contenders include, but aren’t limited to those whom seem to be recurring candidates:

Ahmadinejad, Castro, Hugo Chavez, Meshal, Assad, Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Nasrallah….

Whom would you vote for? Who else deserves to be a pagant contestant?

(Hat-tip to Mind of Mog for the Hebrew letters)


Over the weekend,a minor kerfuffle of sorts, amongst some blogs on the Right about stories at the web site Digg being “dugg down” or marked as spam. (Also see LGF)

To be honest–I’ll admit that I do visit/read Digg. It’s quite an interesting site–both the concept behind it and the content it fosters.

I go to Digg for the Tech news. It appeals to my inner-geek. There’s often good stuff on the site.
(Note: no, I’m not a subscriber–just a “lurker”)

However, I don’t go to Digg for Political news and/or opinion–simply because what’s “news” is decided on the mob mentality.

An apt analogy would be the effects seen when a news site posts one of those web polls, e.g. about Israel or a similar hot topic and then word gets out and the polls are virtually bombarded.

Digg–it’s good at what it does–but I’ll stick to it for tech news.

Get off my lawn!

Political bloggers fear publicists will infiltrate sites

With big corporations now hiring public relations firms to pay fake bloggers to plant favorable opinions of the businesses online, many political bloggers are concerned that candidates, too, will hire people to pretend to be grass-roots citizens expressing views.

Real people are always welcome to comment on the blog (and are encouraged to do so)

Paid political hacks on the other hand can go elsewhere.

Going to watch the NBA All-Star game…

People who claim that they’re going to the city hosting the NBA All-Star game to watch the game itself are about as numerous as those who tell the truth about reading Playboy for the articles.

Face it–the game is just the pros horsing around having fun. It’s not competitive in the least. Aside from the skills contests, what’s the real point of seeing it in person?

Karol highlights an article by Jason Whitlockover at AOL’s site, highlighting the chaos that surrounded All-Star weekend in Vegas.

I had two friends who went to Vegas this weekend for the festivities. One has been going annually for a few years now (and goes to the game itself). The other friend, having heard about the scene around the Weekend, vowed a year ago to attend the Vegas event.

This second friend was definitely there for the scene. To quot the friend, the weekend was “off the hook”. She went on to tell us how wild and crazy the partying was (and that’s just from what she recalled).
Not to mention all of the headaches that travel for the weekend added. (Non-JetBlue issues mind you–but all the major carriers overbooking at the last–but those are another group of stories).

Everything that happened this past weekend has given the game and the events that surround it a black-eye. Part of the blame definitely needs to be on the NBA, who grossly underestimated the weekend’s attendance (Rumor has it 300,000 visitors was the initial prediction, though 3+ million showed).

Though is there any way to fix up the situation?