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Menopause: It’s Not Just For Women

Mood swings, bone loss, no sex drive — and we’re not talking about women.

It turns out menopause has gone coed. Men are getting it, too, NBC 10 News Medical Reporter Cherie Bank reported.

“I think so because they get all cranky and mad and evil,” said one woman.–NBC10

Eerie to say the least….

So if this is the definition of “manopause”–what should the psychological symptoms of those men who are the husbands/boyfriends of women going through menopause be called?

Priorities and Interests

First from Boston–the failure of the Mayor and Governor to help stem the crime wave plaguing that city.

Then in DC, the House seems to think that it should pass a resolution about the Turkish massacre of Armenians .

This has he potential to complicate relations with Turkey. Not only that, but is this a reflection of what’s really a “pressing” issue in DC these days? Aren’t there bigger problems that Congress could be looking on?

Then again, it could be worse (think tax increases)

Finally, what is Nancy Pelosi thinking going to Syria? For what purpose?
Even when a bunch of Senators went a few months ago, te purpose of their visit still eluded me.

Daily Lunch Debate

Everyday around lunchtime, my female coworkers begin having, what seems like a daily debate–what to have for lunch and where to order from.

The daily premise is usually not to order from the deli that they usually patronize (it’s not that the deli is bad–quite the opposite–but they’re looking for “variety”)

It starts out innocently enough, with the “I’m hungry” from one of them.

Then it grows into the–“What do you want?/What are you gonna get?” round of questions.

This is usually immediately followed by the “I feel like [insert cuisine and/or restaurant here]”

Of course–since they usually can’t agree on one thing (that would be to easy*, wouldn’t it?), the discussion goes on and on….

Finally, about two hours after it all begins, and countless complaints of hunger and critiques of this that and the other a call to the Deli is placed.

Oh, just another day at the office….

Does this happen at anyone else’s workplace?

*Unwritten rule of the office: nothing can be easy.


As this post is written, The Brother is on an airplane, (currently flying over Russia–according to FlightView)–en route to China!

The Brother is on school band trip over to Beijing and Shanghai.

They’ll be performing 4 concerts while over there. (The brother, as usual, didn’t provide me with many details).

Still a neat trip and a great opportunity nonetheless.

5pm follies

Usually 5pm is when the traditional workday ends. Everything winds down, and the day comes to a close.

Perhaps it’s just my bad luck….but why do I get presented with the crazy projects needing immediate completion (e.g. shipments needing to be overnighted) at 5PM?


(Yep, got another one of those today–but that’s another story)

Incomplete Advertising

On a college campus, the presence of a 50′ inflatable rocket, isn’t usually interpreted to mean what it’s intended to.

Rather, the majority of students will perceive it as a giant 50′ phallus….

The event being promoted by the rocket does sound interesting:

“American policy options in the face of Iranian nuclear proliferation”

Sponsored by the College Dems and Reps and a pro-Israel group.

Press Release


Are there any real computer geeks/nerds working in Government (aside from say at the NSA, NASA or DARPA) on the Federal or State levels?

Or perhaps there are some–but their voices get ignored.

First it was the loss of a $38 billion dollar file in Alaska, which had no reliable backup.

Then there’s this story:
Aides to Bush told not to destroy e-mails

If the campaign was smart (or listened to their IT people), they would have backups of all the emails, in case they were lost. That is, unless the aides are being told not to lose the backups.

In all, the latter is probably just the result of some silly political fishing expedition, but that’s another issue.

Out all day

Was with The Mom, Grandma and the Sister for the morning and saw them off in the early afternoon (the Mom and Grandma that is; not the sister)

It was a nice if not too short of a visit.

Of course, Grandma gave me the expected Jewish Grandmother greif about still being single (nu?, what else was to be expected?)

It was a nice weekend overall.

From there went to the gym, as I was in the area, then went up to the Office (the gym is in the same building as The Office), and wound up working on things for longer than expected. And well, there went my day….