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Memoir Wars

Something that came to mind today….

Based on mutliple observations, Washington figures tend to pull no punches when it comes to them writing their autobiographies/memoirs, the most recent example being George Tenet

In this case, as in many others, the attacked/accused are currently serving officials. Is it fair to pass judgment then on these people before they get to pull a few punches of their own–in their memoirs?

No more menus

NYT: Manhattan: Councilman Seeks Ban on Unwanted Menus

A Brooklyn councilman has proposed legislation that would make it illegal to distribute menus, fliers and other circulars to homes and apartment buildings that display a sign indicating promotional material is unwanted

Therein lies part of the problem–most of the deliverymen don’t speak enough (if any) English, so how would they understand the signs?

On a tangent, from the NY Press: The dish on delivery guys

Draft Day

The Browns first pick of Joe Thomas was very smart–as the Browns O-Line was non-existant last year. Very smart pick.

Then trading with Dallas for a second first round pick–the wisdom of which will be born out in the future–to get a potential franchise QB in Quinn–another good pick. (And an Ohio native at that!)

God Hates Cleveland Sports is pretty excited about the picks.

(Waiting for tomorrow issue of the Plain Dealer to come online to see the Sports columnists reactions)

Debate irrelevance

Last wednesday night, the Democrats held a “Presidential Debate” which was broadcast on MSNBC.
(The Republicans are holding one this week)

First off, it’s over nine months until the first primary is to be held. Most people aren’t paying any attention.

Second, it was on MSNBC–the lowest rated cable news network.

Third, there are the absurd rules that MSNBC is dictating regarding “re-broadcasting” on the web

With all these things factored in–was holding the debate even worth it?

Regional or city-centric

Back home, the “new”/latest Northeast Ohio marketing campaign has been unveiled.

The result: “Cleveland+

BFD, Have Coffee Will Write, RealNEO for all

Briefly: If this is a “regional” marketing approach–why the central focus on Cleveland?

Second, if this is a regional marketing campaign, why the Cleveland-centricity?

Third, what kind of name is “Cleveland+” (or anything “+”)

Fourth, most (NEO) locals could probably care less about this campaign and/or don’t know anything about it…right?

Pass The Diet Soda

Scientist: If we could make diet soda taste better, it would be a big step in fighting the obesity epidemic

Many a diet soda taste good as they are now. Especially Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Some of ’em do need work, but the manufacturers are getting there…

Granted, drinking water is still the best thing to do, but Diet Sodas are much better than their “regular” alternatives.

Then again, this comes from a person who grew up in a house where Diet Pepsi is consumed almost as much, if not more often than water. (Thanks mom and dad!)

Strategic Incompetence

(Via Q and O)

The WSJ today has an article about how some employees (mainly upper managers) feign incompetence when it comes to every day office tasks.

From my experiences–more of the strategic claims of “not knowing” doesn’t come from managers, but rather lazy workers.

To the contrary–in a somewhat amusing way–the higher ups are often unfamiliar with some of the newer technology at the office. Be it the copier/scanner/printers, their PCs etc.

Probably the most disturbing example of this that I’ve encountered is seeing the little some physicians know about these things. The worst one had to be, when I had to teach some doctors how to use a coffee maker….