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‘Could’ve easily stopped by the 5th Avenue Apple Store this evening after work, but decided not to.  Took the subway past the Fifth avenue stop instead.

One can only imagine what the pandemonium must’ve been like there all day…

Put out to pasture

Tony Blair named new Mid-East envoy….

It’s highly doubtful that Blair will actually achieve anything of any sort of significance when it comes to the Israelis-Palestinians.  So much so, that his new role is an exercise in futility.

Perhaps his time as a Mid-East envoy would be better spent working on shaking some sense into the Palestinians themselves.

No matter what the outcome–there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed–he’ll do a better job of handling     things in the ME than Jimmy Carter has ever done.

Health researchers meet economics

Cigarette Taxes do reduce smoking but increase bootlegging
Looks like Public Health researchers are basically validating what some economists have said for years.

The positive of all this is a reduction in smoking.  he bad part is having to listen to politicians carp about decreased revenues, and wasting police resources on these “bootleggers”.  [Who happen to be quite easy to find in certain ‘hoods]

ConEd SUCKS!!!!

My apartment lost power this afternoon in the UES/Bronx outage.

Fortunately, I work across town and was in the air conditioned office (well, the a/c was fixed there today-another story) rather than home.

There was much commotion at the office because of the blackout.  At one point, if the outage continued, I would’ve just gone home, packed a bag and spent the night at the Office building.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

Nonetheless, this is yet another oppertunity to point out how much Con-Ed sucks!

i’D rather the jPhone

(Via Mog)
Frankly, I’ve got no interest in the iPhone.  Not my type of device to begin with. Nor am I an early adopter (wait at least till version 2 or at least 1.5 comes out)
Were I actually in the market for a combo MP3 player/phone/video player gadget…I’d be much more inclined to go with the jPhone
The schnapps feature just sealed the deal.  You never know when a bottle of schnapps could come in handy!

That’s a funny one!

Crowding is so bad that on the 4, 5, 6 and L lines, trains during the morning rush exceed the transit agency’s loading guidelines, which posit that every rider should have at least a three-square-foot space to stand in (that translates to a square patch of car floor 20 inches on each side).–NYT

3 Square Feet?!?! That sounds like a luxury!  Wow!

Does that amount of free space even exist on a rush-hour 4,5 or 6 train?

(Via Gothamist)

Cooking for the common folk

Between the various competitive cooking shows on TV (Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef etc.), the contestants are (understandably) cooking rather upscale/fancy dishes.

Perhaps that’s part of the novelty of the show.

Then again, what about cooking for the common-folk?  Cooking food that many of the viewers at home are more likely to be familiar with?

No pain no gain

Been working out on an almost daily basis at the gym…

However, there are still some muscles which I apparently haven’t exercised in a while–and they decided to strike their revenge on me today.

Nonetheless, being the semi-stubborn individual that I am–it’s going to be a semi-painful, but no pain no gain as they say

Cheaters Duel

Barry “‘roids” Bonds vs. Alex “Mystery blond stripper girl”

A much more interesting way to describe the Giants vs. Yankees series this weekend

The need for libraries

Marc Fisher on his Washington Post blog
asks the question: Do we need libraries anymore?

Fisher argues against the need for libraries.

I disagree.  There’s still a need and desire amonst the population for libraries.  Granted, I’m an admitted bibliophile, who grew up frequenting the library.

When students have to do research for school, they can’t get everything they need off the Internet (at least not yet).  Some of that information is still in good old fashion books, or even on microfilm (*gasp*)

Also for the reading desires of the population as a whole the library serves as a public resource.

[I’ve previously posted on this topic as well]