Monthly Archives: August 2007

It’s TIME!

Tomorrow at Noon–the Buckeye’s Kick Off!!!!

If you aren’t already pumped for the upcoming season, then go watch this video over at Wizblog

[An aside: the fact that there’s no access to the “Big Ten Network” in NYC sucks! Not fair!]


So the latest story out of the man who was attacked at teh Equinox gym during a spinning class is that he’s had his gym membership terminated.
Seeming that the man suffered a concussion and has/is undergoing neck surgery for his injuries, it’s proabably going to be some time before he’s able to use the gym again.

Perhaps, the gym is doing him a favor, canceling his membership, so he doesn’t have to pay dues for the months he won’t be using?

Trying to understand NASCAR–part II

Further thoughts on the allure of NASCAR:

One thing that seems to be quite interesting is the whole strategic component of racing.  Pit strategies, the lines the cars take.  Equipment choices.  It’s akin (in a way) to the strategy of calling football plays.

Speed–that part seems obvious

On the geeky side of things, the physics/engineering aspect of the sport holds some appeal.

Top Chef: Bad Choice?

My thoughts: Tre really dropped the ball on last night’s episode.  As the “Executive chef” the buck really stopped with him. Plus if some of his dishes were as bad as the judges made them sound–then, despite the fact that he had a bad night, it was the right choice for a contest.