Monthly Archives: September 2007

Kitchen Nightmare

So Gordon Ramsey’s American version of Kitchen Nightmares is on.

The restaurant being eviscerated, Dillon’s is actually one that come to think about it, I’ve walked by many a time.  (FWIW: It’s on 54th between 8th and Broadway; link goes to what I assume is a revamped website)

Watching this show, how did this restaurant escape being DOH’d?
Come to think of it, I did notice the new signage on one of my strolls down that block (and the ugly LED sign is thankfully gone)

On the other hand, the soup shop next door, “The Daily Soup” is a very clean, speedy, and quality restaurant.

The continuing demise of common sense

Common sense would dictate that one shouldn’t do anything to provoke any reaction from the TSA.

Apparently one MIT student didn’t think along those lines and decided to wear something provocative (in terms of security) and thought that there’d be nothing wrong with it.

Obviously this student didn’t learn the lesson of the Mooninite affair and how hyper-sensitive Boston is.

Yet another example of where academic smarts don’t correspond with common sense.

All wrong

Count me among the others not too clear on the whole Jena Six Incidents.
From my limited understanding of things, here’s a simplified view of things,

The teens who hung the nooses were wrong for doing so.

The teens who beat the one guy were wrong for doing so.

A lot of wrongs to go around.

Though I still don’t yet understand the Revs. Sharpton and Jackson protesting.

Anyone care to share some insight?