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Moving Days

Tomorrow is the big day

Psyched would be an understatement

Alas, I’ve got to be in the office in the early AM, so I’m going to hit the gym (cardio day anyway), then do what I need to then come home to kick off the fun

Football on a football pitch

Having watched part of the Giants-Dolphins game at Wmblyh Stadium in London, it’s a given to say that (American) football shouldn’t be played on a groomed soccer pitch.

The lack of traction the players had on the short grass really affected the play of the game.  Nor did the rain help (alas, it’s London in October).  Definitely not a good match.  The conditions made a mess of the game and both teams struggled initially to adjust.
Also, in terms of crowd etiquette, it’s not cool to blow whistles during a football game.

Let’s keep American football on this side of the Atlantic…


Oh why on this rainy day, when there is to be a great lineup of college football games, does my cable box decide to go kaput?

Time to trek down to E. 23rd st….sigh…

Whining in Waltham

The hyper-liberals at Brandeis are whining again, this time over university President Reinharz’s (correct–imho) decision to arm the campus police.

First there’s the new campus group against having armed police who petitioned President Reinharz.
Even the Justice editorial board seems to be carping about the decision 

Oh, just another day in the Brandeis bubble where the gun boogy-man seems to prevail.  Must be a Massachusets thing.

The lamest argument has to be this one from the editorial:

But we admit that there are potentially harmful consequences of having guns on campus, such as the promotion of a culture of fear and anxiety, as well as the possibility of weapon abuse by some officers.

Move Afoot

So the big news I’ve been (deliberately) sitting on until now, is that I’m going to be moving into a new apartment soon.

Signed the lease this morning, and it’s a great place.

More details to come (and perhaps some pictures too)

Comes with the territory

If one is Cleveland sports fan they are used to heartbreak and disappointment.
Especially those of us whose childhoods were forever scarred by: The Fumble, The Drive, The Shot, Jose Mesa in ’97, the departure of the Browns……

Yeah, we’re pre-conditioned to these types of things.

The only plus side of the Tribe being out of things, si that there’s now no reason to have to listen to Joe Buck!