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Floral Test

So there was a big event to-do at work today, which required extra-special preparations and arrangements.

One of the things needed was flowers.

So in an office full of women, who do they ask to go out and buy flowers?  The token guy–me.  Moving tables, schlepping groceries and heavy objects–no problem.  Flower shopping?  Problem.

I went to a bodega with instructions to buy some lilies–but when I got there, the those that were for sale, weren’t great.    So I call the girls asking for “Plan B”, and all I’m told is to get flowers that are “white and pretty”.  Not much help whatsoever.

Eying the few white flowers, I find something that to my male eyes, looks white and pretty.  Here goes nothing.

Racing back to the office (as there’s other stuff to get ready), I walk in the door and the girls were ready to melt. Apparently, I’ve got a taste for finding “gorgeous” flowers as it may be.  They went on praising them all day.

Perhaps working surrounded by girls has given a bit too much influence to my “feminine” side.  Uh oh, that can’t be too good…time to hit the gym some more.

Up and at ’em

Standing may help in fight against obesity
A novel theory….that definitely needs more examination before formally being trotted out as “fact” (not something the media really cares about though).

As someone who has to constantly (and voluntarily) get up while at work, I can attest to standing being at a minimum, a nice change of pace.

Going from a seated position in the gym however, such as, oh, say doing squats, is definitely more effective in burning fat. (Yay squats!)

Stopped a scam

My good deed of the day if you will.

Two co-workers were in the market for electronics as Christmas gifts, and through ShopZilla (or a similar site) they found a good deal on their desired products at some no-name electronics store.

However, the store required all purchases to be over $500.  Since neither co-worker was planning to spend that much alone, they decided to make it a joint venture.

Long story short, they didn’t have their order together in time for “CyberMonday”, so this morning at work they went back to check the prices.  They then had some questions, and they called a number on the website, which suggested that the store was based out of Jamaica (Queens).

Only getting a voice mail message, my colleagues were unsure of what to do.

Since things were very slow at the office at the time, I offered to try and find another number for the company.

Low and behold, a quick Google search turned up a multitude of complaints and horror-stories about the vendor.

This surprised my co-workers, and as the older one of the pair said: “Things seemed too good to be true”

It turns out, that the vendor’s scam works as follows.  Besides requiring all purchases to be over $500, they only accept payment via Western Union.  Raises quite a few red flags, doesn’t it?

I’m debating whether or not to disclose the name of this fraud of a company, as not to give it any added recognition, but simultaneously, people should be aware of it.

BCS: Conspiracy

From what is bound to be one of the sillier columns to combine sports and politics.  This one, from the Washington Post’s Norman Chad:

Frankly, I believe the BCS was designed to divert attention from the nation’s domestic and foreign policy problems. And it’s working!

Can’t you just imagine, at the next presidential debate, the candidates are asked for their opinions on the BCS? (Come to think of it, that question may elicit some more interesting answers than most of the other ones)
The main fault with Chad’s piece, is that you could substitute any sporting event for the BCS and get the same result.

Pie Anyone?

The sister, for some reason, insisted on baking two pumpkin pies for our little thanksgiving gathering.

Catch is–I don’t really eat pie at all.

Now there’s 1.75 pumpkin pies sitting on my counter (despite the Sister’s claims the past two days that she’d come over to pick some leftovers up…)

Pie anyone?

College Football: Nothing makes sense

LSU just lost in 3OT (again), falling to an unranked Arkansas, continuing this year’s topsy-turvey season.

Ever since week one, when Michigan was upset by Appalachian State, nothing has been predictable.

In fact, it would be interesting to see the pre-season week by week predictions that ESPN ran on SportsCenter, and see how they compared to what has really happened.  [Anyone got a link?]

Two big games tomorrow too, UCONN vs. WV and Mizzo vs. KS

Black friday observations

So apparently, there was a line outside Best Buy (86 and Lex) that stretched past Park Avenue this morning.

Circuit City (86th between 2nd and 3rd) has had a line to get into the store for, oh, 5+ hours already (at some times, reaching 2nd ave)

Post-meal wrap-up

Well, if anyone wants, we’ve definitely got lots of left overs!

The sister (with some assistance from me) whipped up: a turkey breast, 2 pumpkin pies, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, green beans and applesauce with cranberries.

Seeming that there were only two of us eating (and I’m not a big eater at that), we’ve got leftovers (except for the green beans)

How was everyone else’s feast?

Pre-Turkey Planning

So the sister and I are going to be here for Turkey Day (a/k/a Thanksgiving), cooking for ourselves.

The Sister has a whole menu planned, me on the other hand, thinks it’s overkill.  (Our diets have traditionally been different–her loving sugar and my not).  Nonetheless, we’ll be cooking.

No plans on our part to attend the parade.  Not only would it involve going cross-town, but all the clueless tourists who’d be there–a disincentive.

In addition to cooking, we’re going to work on figuring out how to decorate this place.

And tomorrow is a HIIT day for me….oh boy….


From the NYT Magazine this past Sunday: The Sleep Industrial Complex
A good and interesting read, even for someone like myself who works in the industry (obligatory disclaimer), it’s one view of things from the outside.

Oh, and the Select Comfort mattresses mentioned in the article are extremely comfortable to sleep on, having slept on one before.