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Workout report

So I’ve switched workout plans from HGM to a version of Waterbury’s TBT plan.

The main reason for abandoning HGM was that phase IV was only upper body in focus, and it would’ve been too difficult to accomplish with my gym’s equipment/layout.

The TBT plan is a full-body workout again, which I like, and it’s pushed me hard (again–that’s a good thing).  How can you go wrong with a workout that involves a form of squats, dead lifts and bench pressing?

They said it….

A female co-worker on working with females:

“You see, the problem with working with women is that there’s two sides to them.

So an office with three women, would actually be like working with 6 women.

And when it’s that time of the cycle, it’s like 3 women, so you’d have 9…

What do you think Jaws*?

Me: Oh, you don’t even want to know what I think (runs away from desk)

Saying “Jehova” at Brandeis

The alma matter is now starting to get heat from all over the country over the way it handled a complaint that a professor said a racially insensitive comment.
My take is that, even though the professor is almost totally and completely misguided politically (he’s from the Sociology department–need I say more?), the way the administration appears to have handled things is inappropriate.  Furthermore, what ever happened to “truth unto its innermost parts”?

Shaker the ghost town

Drudge links to a story on the objurgate/foreclosure crisis, which happens to be about the home town of Shaker Heights.

I think, from the few streets named in the article, I can figure out which part of town this is (Note to the AP editors, it’s Chagrin Blvd not street).

However, there’s a quote from the County Treasurer, Jim Rokakis, where he puts the blame on the crisis soley on the banks:

“All you needed was a pulse to buy a house. Some loans were written with no money down, no proof of buyer’s incomes. They did not even check what people were saying. Most of those folks were jobless,” he said in an interview.

IMHO, part of the blame does fall at the feet of the banks for taking on such a risk.  However, people need to read what they’re signing up for, before they sign on the dotted line.  That’s what seems to be missing, responsibility for not understanding the conditions of the loans.

Free at last

The family has finally left!  Now it’s time to clean up from the mess they left me with, and to eat all of the leftovers (anyone want to help with the latter?)

They’re still here

The Family is still in town…..

Had to take the little Brother to work yesterday.  We went to the gym at 0615h, and I did my lifts while getting him to actually cycle 4m.   He stayed with me at work for the day, and actually worked.  He was more efficient than some of the temps we’ve had, I can say that much!

Meanwhile, mom stayed at the Apartment all day, and literally cooked up a storm.  So much so, she crashed a circuit breaker (*why me?*) then all five of us had dinner together late last night when dad got to town.
Got plenty of leftovers I won’t be able to devour on my own, if anyone would like to help….

Now I’ve got the brother with me for today, so that means lots of trips on the Subway….

/cant’ wait till they leave

What to do?

No ideas what to do with the family while they’re here…not to mention there’s that pesky thing otherwise known as work that I have….sigh….

Suggestions are welcome

(Note: bonus points for anything that involves riding the subway, as The Brother is an avid RailFan)

The afternoon crowd

Went to the gym after work today, as I didn’t get to work until close to 11am because of my travels.

Totally different crowd than my usual morning crew.  Lots more people, including the stereotypical groups:  The semi-meatheads, the guido-wannabes, the frat boys, the squat rack curlers (!@%#$!@), cardio-crew, etc. [note, there is overlap amongst these separate groups].

Personally, I like my workouts better in the morning, when things are much less crowded.