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Running of the BrideZillas!

Today was the annual Bridal Dress/Gown sale at Filene’s Basement in Union Square.

It’s (one of) NYC’s equivlents to the Running of the Bulls in Spain/

The craziness is said to rank up there with the Barney’s Warehouse Sale.

The event is such a site to be seen, that it was broadcast live on the Today show. 

Suddenly, this afternoon, I get an email from The Sister, telling me to watch the above link.  Guess who was one of those crazed shoppers at Union Square….Her.

(No, The Sister has no plans to get married anytime soon.  She went to help out one of our cousins who is getting married in a few months).

Still….the fact that she was part of that crowd… just goes to show the contrast between myself and her.

Further coverage:

Gothamist: The Brides ran Union Square Today
Fiene’s Basement: FAQ on the event

Bothering the neighbors

My gym is located on the first floor of a building, but the floor/”basement” beneath it happens to be occupied by a (semi-fancy) women’s clothing store.

Apparently the store (probably both its employees and patrons) didn’t like the sound of iron hitting the floor above.

So the gym this week installed a new “extra” layer of flooring/padding under the squat rack, power rack and free weight area to muffle the noises.

The floor is really rubbery, and when speaking with the building super the other day (for an unrelated reason) he was saying that now his worry is that the weights will be bouncing off the floor and hitting the windows.  Eh.  But at least the shoppers will be happier.

As for us liftiers….it’s so, so, so much nicer to be able to drop the weight at the end of a set of deadlifts.  Double bonus for the bumper plates that have recently appeared at the gym!

Canal Street Crackdown

City shuts down 32 vendors in Chinatown for fake goods
In reality, this will do very little to fight the market of knock-off goods.  The laws of economics are still going to be the controlling force–there’s a large supply of the items coming from China (and elsewhere) and there’s still a lot of demand, (especially amongst tourists) for these fakes.

Furthermore, there’s always going to be the suckers who think that they’re buying the real thing.

Workout notes

Started week 5 of JV’s TBT today.  It was a low weight day (65% of 1RM), but the set-rep scheme was diabolical.  2×18!

Yeah….definitely predicting a bad case of DOMS tomorrow…