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Post-party stories

So everyone was back at the office today, and more stories from the party Sat. night came out…

First, the birthday girl got mad when she found out that the rest of us didn’t have to pay $8 for a mandatory coat check (I got in at $3, a few people a hour later at $4). Either way, $8 for a coat is absurd.

Second, the cost of a beer was even worse than at Yankee/Shea Stadiums or MSG. Then the stories of how the girls got drinks cheaper than guys (figures) or how depending on the time/bar how much the drink cost (stupid).

Third, oh, the things people didn’t even remember….

Another night out

So the party last night was…eh…

Get to the club to find out there’s a sudden new “cover charge” (which they’re wasn’t supposed to be for us on this guest list). Then one of the doormen tried to sell me on bottle service (not happening).

Get into the club, pay the cover, then the coat check fee, and go look for my friends. No one is there. Then I’m pointed down a stairwell to a lower floor, which is half a tiny room with the DJ and opposite it, a room with a garage band on stage. The room looked to be made out of rough cinderblocks. Needless to say, this wasn’t a good sign.

WAit around a while, and as I begin to contemplate leaving, two friends arrive. [Mind you–the birthday celebrant who is throwing the party has yet to arrive]. We hang out for a bit, but still nothing noteworthy. Then after what seems like an eternity, the garage band finishes playing and the DJ starts. However, it’s really nothing special. Eventually the b-day girl arrives, and proceeds to get mad with the club’s management for all sorts of broken promises (on their end). So I stayed for a little longer, but by then it was way too late for me to be out, and back home I went…

Definitely wouldn’t visit that club again…

Clubbing again

Going out again this evening (yes, two weeks in a row, believe it or not) for a co-workers birthday party.

Off to another club this evening….
(which is why I spent most of the day today sleeping and/or sedentary).

Delivery Window

Today’s frustration had to do in part with the Food Emporium.

We ordered from their website a few days ago, items for an important meeting. Said meeting was at 1pm. The “Delivery Window” was to be between 19am-12pm.

12pm rolls on in–where’s the groceries? 12:15…nada. A call to the national HQ at 12:20 “we’ll get back to you”.

12:45 after making a mad dash down the block to a local grocery for some last minute items (and the coffee from the neighboring Dunkin’ Donuts)….the items magically arrive. Still no call back from the headquarters.

Meanwhile, less than 15 minutes to get food and coffee set up…

But how does one explain delivering something almost an hour outside of the delivery window?

Thank goodness for the weekend….

They kvetch too much

City Employees that is…they’re constantly whinning about things that are common place in the private sector. The latest example is hand-scanning time clocks.

These clocks are becoming more commonplace in buisnesses, as they reduce both fraud and make the payroll department’s job easier (automatically calculated time cards vs. manual)

Yet, the city employees and their unions have decided to use this as the latest thing to complain about. *Rolls eyes*

The Y-Chromosome

Anotnher department, which is literally all female, at work had me purchase them an AV laptop cart thingy for an internal project.

The package came today, and four of them opened it, and took a glance at the contents and the instructions. Simultaneously, I was walking by (on another task) and they stopped me to ask where we keep the screwdrivers.

I asked them what size they wanted and if ti was a flat head or phillips.

All four of them stared at me blankly.

I proceeded to volunteer to build the cart for them, resulting in a sigh of relief from all of them. Not only that, it’s a win-win situation–they get their cart, and I get the pleasure of building something!

My (female) supervisor later asked me why I was builiding something in a vacant office. I told her the story, and said, that essentially, it’s also a lot of fun for me to assemble/construct things. Probably has something to do with my Y-Chromosome–or in other words–it’s a “guy thing”.


One of the things as a male working in a mostly female environment is that you get to learn a lot about the way the opposite gender thinks. In the end it still makes no sense–but you gain some insight into their thought process.

Today’s subject was guys who can cook–where the females all went on to say how they’re suckers for guys who can cook. One went so far as to say even if a guy could make a grilled cheese sandwich (that’s a pretty low standard, no?).

So is it true, do women like a man who can cook?

After action report

Well the event was more fun than I expected.
Once I ran into some people who I knew (who weren’t working the event that is) things went a lot smoother for me.

Of note, I need to learn how to dance…badly. (The sister got all the dance genes).

The club really started hoppin’ when the doors opened to the public. It went wild from there.

We even spotted Hyun, of Top Chef fame at the club!

It’s way past my normal bedtime…..time to go to sleep…

They teach more than this in day school…

The Easter story following the Last Supper is not included a Sunday School curriculum.

In DAy School we learned that Easter was about Christians marking Jesus dying and being resurrected at least. (The details were obviously omitted). After having that little blip inserted to our lessons, we focused back on the more important matter of Passovier in our curriculum.

Still no rational explanation however, for Peeps.

Mixed Messages

There was a sign in the gym this morning, announcing that the gym was going to be hosting a “Martini Workout” which is followed by consumption of martinis.

James Bond would not be impressed.

Of all things to consume after a workout–alcohol?!?!?!

Obviously this workout has a loyal following, but it’s not for me.

Heavy squats and deads here I come!